June 24th 2016: A Poem

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June 24th 2016: A Poem

June 24th 2016
Saint Jean Baptiste Day
in the Canadian province of Quebec
La fete Nationale

And in Europe
the day after the Brexit vote
Britain votes to leave the EU
Markets in turmoil
David Cameron announces his resignation
Uncertainty takes hold.

In Armenia, Pope Francis calls the Ottoman killings of Armenians in 1915-16 “genocide”
Expect Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to burst a blood vessel in his Presidential Palace in reaction any second now

In Syria, the Civil War goes on and on
The war against ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State likewise goes on and on

British politics polarized
American politics polarized
Storms and floods in Germany
Storms and heat in the U.S.

On a personal level
the job I landed after 18 months of searching lasted only 3 days
I don’t have what it takes to be a telemarketer it turns out

A friend of mine in South Africa
his life likewise in turmoil
3 members of his family struck down by drug resistant tuberculosis
A daughter of his assaulted and facially scarred for life by an ex-boyfriend

At the world level
and on a personal level
it seems everything is in a mess

When calamity happens on the world level
such as in the aftermath of World War I or in the depths of the Great Depression
that’s when monsters or heroes arise

In those years before the mid-20th Century
it was mainly monsters that arose-
Hitler, Stalin, Tojo
very few heroes
and of those heroic few
Churchill spent most of that time on the parliamentary backbenches
FDR battled the effects of a paralyzing illness that left him wheelchair bound
and then had to battle to save America from total economic and social collapse
And then had to battle Tojo and Hitler
Gandhi spent time fasting to achieve a peaceful non-violent way to independence for India

It seemed the monsters were allowed free rein most of that time
while the heroes were dragged down and burdened by problems of their own
before they could arise to fight and slay monsters

Tumultuous times in our world today
and in such tumult inevitably monsters will arise
and we are left to ask,
Where then are the heroes?

-A poem written by Christopher
Friday June 24th 2016.


  1. Hyperion said,

    What frightful news about your friend’s daughter. My heart aches because I know very well the love of a father for his daughter and to see another man do such evil spite is enough to turn one to revenge. And what of the world? Now is the time for monsters to rise because there are no heroes to stop their ascent. Only the unlikely hero can save the day because there are none standing in the light to keep the darkness away.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Yes, my friend was very angry.

      He was already having a hail stone of personal troubles.

      His wife, daughter and one grandchild coming down with drug resistant TB.

      Then the hotel where he was employed was telling him to train the 2 people who were going to be replacing him at his security job.

      Then his other daughter was attacked by her ex-boyfriend who attacked her with a broken beer bottle cutting her face, neck and head.

      She has 7 stitches and will be facially disfigured for life.

      He was naturally and justifiably filled with rage against the ex-boyfriend.

      His troubles seem to be never ending at the moment.

      And you’re right my friend, monsters are arising today because there are no heroes left in the world.

  2. doesitevenmatter3 said,

    OH my god! I’m SO VERY sorry to hear about your friend’s daughter! 😦 That is so horrible! 😦

    Sorry again to hear about your job. Praying a better job presents itself soon.
    (I did telemarketing when I was in grad school. I didNOT enjoy the job at all. )

    I was asking myself that exact question the other day….Where are the heroes? Where are the good role models? Does anyone care? A perfect time for evil and bad to take over. 😦


    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Yes, very tragic- what happened to my friend’s daughter. 😦

      Yes, sadly this does seem to be the time for evil and bad to take over the world. 😦

  3. fintaann said,

    Really interesting

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