A Poem In Honour of Shark Awareness Day

July 14, 2016 at 4:46 pm (Humour, News, Poetry) (, )

A Poem In Honour of Shark Awareness Day

Mabel was a tree hugger
She loved hugging trees
Everywhere she went, she hugged trees

Mabel was a great conservationist
She read the papal encyclical on the environment Laudato Si both backwards and forwards
She had heard that today was Shark Awareness Day
A day for promoting the protection of sharks from extinction

She hurried down to the beach to see if she could spot a shark
She spotted a Great White a few miles out from shore and swam towards it
She gave the Great White Shark a hug in honour of Shark Awareness Day

As Frank and Joe stood on shore watching the spectacle and its aftermath,
Frank remarked,
“I wonder if that Great White Shark’s mother ever warned him not to chew his food so quickly.”

“Well if she did,” Joe answered, “he sure isn’t following her advice.”

“I guess we can scratch Mabel’s name off the list of Definite Attendees at next week’s club luncheon,” Frank remarked.

“Reckon we can,” Joe nodded, “I really don’t feel much like swimming today.”

“Neither do I,” Frank agreed, “I really don’t feel ending up like someone’s just desserts.”

-A narrative poem
written by Christopher
Thursday July 14th


  1. Phoenix Risen said,

    Loved this!

  2. Natasha Pea said,

    I was sick with cold and was reading all day yesterday. I read a book called “Surrounded by Sharks”, it was about a boy who got pulled away by the current and found himself in the ocean, 3 miles away from the beach where he spent almost the whole day and sharks tried to eat him. It was a pretty cool story! And I wasn’t even aware of the shark awareness day.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      I guess your subconscious was aware that it was Shark Awareness Day and had you read a book on the subject. 😀

      • Natasha Pea said,

        haha maybe! I just recently picked it up at Barnes and Noble because it was on the way to check out and was only $7, I figured it can be my summer-themed read.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        That’s definitely a summer-themed read all right.

        A book to read while safely on shore. 🙂

      • Natasha Pea said,


      • Dracul Van Helsing said,


  3. Shark Awareness Day – Jennifer Nichole Wells said,

  4. Hyperion said,

    Sometimes we can love something too much and it consumes us. That usually cures the problem. Another witty vignette, Chris 😀

  5. ѕнєяяιє ∂є ναℓєяια said,

    Ugh! Good that I have never have to face with a shark. I don’t do swimming in the sea and I don’t surf either. But I do find some other kind of sharks ONLINE when I surf the sea of In-TerNet … Oh, yes, indeed! The most dangerous one because we do not see ’em coming!

  6. Riccardo said,

    Love this!

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