Pan Goatee’s Raspberry To Calgary White Women

December 8, 2016 at 6:34 pm (Poetry) (, , , , , )

O Calgary white women, thou art ugly
Dogs should do to you what they do to a tree
why do Neo-Nazis think they’re the superior race?
Between their ears must lie quite the empty space.

Anybody whose women are so ugly
Master race they cannot be.
Meghan Trainor sang Mama told me, don’t worry about your size
These fat ugly slobs don’t as they down Big Mac, Coke and fries

Jack Morrow noted Edmonton archivist and historian said of Alberta this province
if it weren’t for black and Asian women, we’d have no real women here- makes sense
fat ugly white slobs who blot out the sun as they waddle down the street
who would surely if they stepped on- crush an elephant’s feet
in terms of competing with Goodyear blimp for size and girth
they’d win hands down- all bets off for what it’s worth

These fat ugly slobs told by Oprah- be proud of the way they look
but their appearance would drive Hannibal Lector to cease being a cook
Black women and Asian women wisely reject Oprah’s advice
an ugly appearance is similar to having head lice.

-A poem written by Pan Goatee
after a recent visit to Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Thursday December 8th 2016


  1. Bioman aka Microman said,

    It worked – I’ve been recommended to the First Biotechnology/Bio-engineering ever!

  2. Bioman aka Microman said,


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