Sherrielock Holmes Invited To Mermaid Art Exhibit

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Sherrielock Holmes was wearing an exquisite turquoise evening dress. She had been invited to an exhibition of paintings of mermaids done by artist Charmaine Olivia at a new London art gallery- The Dashwood Forrest Art Gallery.

Her escort for this evening would be her great-grandson Dr. Cadbury Rocher. Of course she would not be introduced as Cadbury’s great-grandmother at the Exhibit Opening Night Party. People might talk.

For Sherrielock Holmes (who was Sherlock Holmes’ lesser-known twin sister) had turned immortal one fine day back in the 1890s when she had eaten a special blend of Lingzhi Supernatural Mushrooms prepared for her by her boyfriend later husband Dr. Louis Rocher (who was Dr. Cadbury Rocher’s great-grandfather).

Sadly her love Dr. Louis Rocher did not prepare and eat a bunch of Lingzhi Supernatural Mushrooms for himself. For whatever reason, he decided to wait to eat the mushroom elixir of life. When the Great War (later known as the First World War) broke out in 1914, Dr. Louis Rocher (who was himself a French citizen) was recruited to work as a research scientist for the British Defense Department preparing Weapons of Mass Destruction to be used against the Kaiser’s Germany and its allies.

The German Intelligence Service hired an American named Bush (this was prior to America’s entry in the war as an opponent of Germany) to search for Dr. Louis Rocher’s Weapons of Mass Destruction but he was unable to find them.

Never one to say die, Bush took the Deutschemarks anyways and returned home to the United States where he opened up a couple of businesses- the Mother of All Drunkards’ Pub and the Baghdad Cafe. Rumour had it that Bush sired a family of U.S. politicians who were about as equally successful at finding Weapons of Mass Destruction in the future.

When Dr. Louis Rocher’s numerous childhood friends died as soldiers fighting in the trenches of France, Dr. Rocher decided to come out from the safety of a British government laboratory and join the fighting himself.

He first tried to join the French Army but was turned down for having lived so many years in Britain. He then tried to join the British Army but was turned down for having been born and raised in France.

Finally Dr. Louis Rocher was able to join the newly formed RAF where he served as a fighter pilot. Dr. Rocher ended up being shot down and killed by the Red Baron aka Baron Manfred von Richthofen in April 1918.

As Dr. Rocher’s Sopwith Camel went streaming down in flames towards the ground, the scientist-fighter pilot lamented, “Poor Sherrie. I guess I really should have eaten those mushrooms after all when I had the chance.”

Baron von Richthofen happened to overhear Dr. Rocher’s remarks as he flew by.

“Gee,” the Red Baron thought to himself, “those must have been awfully tasty mushrooms if they were the last thing on his mind before he left this Earth.”

A day later, the Red Baron in his scarlet coloured Fokker Triplane was wondering to himself where he could purchase those tasty mushrooms that had so gripped the final thoughts of his French RAF opponent.

The Baron was so distracted by his thoughts of mushrooms dancing in his head that he neglected to notice the Canadian pilot on his tail.

Von Richthofen ended up being shot down and killed himself.

“It looks like that will have been the last plate of sauerkraut and eggs and sausage that I’ll ever have,” the Red Baron contemplated his final breakfast as he went down.

Sherrielock Holmes was absolutely devastated when she heard the news of her husband Louis’ death. She was so upset that Sherrielock who was a dominatrix by profession ended up thoroughly tomatoing the buttocks of one of her clients British Prime Minister David Lloyd George when he came calling.

It was quite the long interval before Lloyd George took his seat in the British House of Commons again.

And so with thoughts of Lloyd George’s tomatoed bottom and mermaids’ fishy tails and “what a lovely pair of coconuts” human female tops, Sherrielock sat by the door and waited for her great-grandson and evening escort Dr. Cadbury Rocher to show up in the family limousine.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Saturday January 7th


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  2. thedarknetizen said,

    Nice Stuff! XD

  3. velvetscreams said,

    Lovely…totally enjoyed this😘😘😘

  4. ortensia said,

    Brilliant…..but I really feel for poor Loyd George tomatoes bottom😂

  5. George F. said,

    Incredibly enjoyable! And, I will now go forth and name a pub the following: the Mother of All Drunkards’ Pub!! Hysterical!!

  6. David Redpath said,

    Like a dominatrix in leather,
    this ties your engrossing
    storyline together …
    better than a golden drop
    of mushroom elixir.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      LOL !

      Very true, David.

      Sherrielock does seem to have become the key to my storyline
      which makes things extremely fine.

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