From The Rooftops You Can See: A Poem

February 21, 2017 at 7:21 pm (Commentary, News, Poetry) (, )

From the rooftops you can see
the skylights of the city
From the streets down below
viewpoints can be hollow

Like Metropolis in that ’20s film of old
many a story can be told
of workers who toil down below
as elites gaze at neon glow

The city has been split into rich and poor
a boiling pot too big to ignore
the elites play and dance and sing
while others feel poverty’s sting

When despots arise, the elites are surprised
because despots arise on populist tides
blame the refugee, blame the foreigner
they’ve taken the country to death’s coroner

To be out of a job or just getting by
weakens your mind to accept a lie
The elites feel self-righteous and proud
yet it is they who let these things be allowed

If they had truly governed for us all
then Tyranny wouldn’t now threaten a wall
Despots must fall we can only say
but elites should know, they caused Hell to pay

-A poem written by Christopher
Tuesday February 21st


  1. righteousbruin9 said,

    Canada went through it, and now its our turn. The snobs indeed have no one to blame, except themselves.

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