Kwan Yin: A Poem

February 27, 2017 at 5:42 pm (Poetry, Religion, The Supernatural) (, , , )

Kwan Yin The Radiant

In her hand she carries the lotus flower
The one who hears the cries of the world
gentle Immortal revered by Taoists
venerated as Goddess of Mercy
by Asian Buddhists

Kwan Yin also spelled Kuan Yin
or Guan Yin
The name Kuan Yin is short for
Kuan Shih Yin (Guan Shi Yin)
which means Observing The Sounds of The World
in other words she who listens to prayers

Kuan Yin or Guan Yin in China
sometimes spelled Kwan Yin in the West
In Japan, she is called Kannon
or more formally Kanzeon
also spelled Kwannon
In Korean, she is called Kwan-um
or Kwan-se-um
In Vietnamese she is called Quan Am
or Quan-The-Am-Bo-That

Years ago this writer in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia
looked at statues of Kwan Yin in a West Kelowna store
said the proprietor, “A person doesn’t choose a Kwan Yin but
rather the Kwan Yin chooses a person”.
None of the statues called to me

Tuesday night February 21st
stumbling in the cold frozen wind
homeless and without a place to stay
passing a Vietnamese Buddhist monastery
outside was a statue of Kwan Yin
or Quan Am (as she would have been called by the monks inside)

Staring at the statue
the most powerful feeling hit me
Kwan Yin was the Blessed Virgin Mary
in her Asian incarnation
how she appeared to the peoples of the Far East
This Kwan Yin was choosing me
I went up to her
and touched her hand

That night I slept outside on a park bench
in the freezing cold
but the next night I had found a place to stay

Kwan Yin- she who carries the lotus in her hand
has an Immaculate Heart.

-A poem written by Christopher
Monday February 27th


  1. CarmenAngthedrawer said,

    This poem makes us-the Buddhist proud.πŸ™
    Well, in chinese, we write it like this->θ§‚ιŸ³(guan yin) or like this->θ§‚δΈ–ιŸ³(guan shi yin).
    But, mostly we called it οΌ‚θ§‚δΈ–ιŸ³θ©θ¨οΌ‚(guan shi yin pu sa), means Bodhisattva-also the same meaning as the God who observing the sounds of the world.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Thanks for writing Guan Yin’s name in Chinese for me. πŸ™‚

      My Chinese language character writing is a little rusty these days… non existent in fact. πŸ˜€

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