The Rumble In Bogota

September 8, 2017 at 3:52 pm (Geopolitics and International Relations, News, Sports, The Supernatural, Vampire novel)

The Rumble In Bogota

As Pan Goatee cut off the head of the fat ugly bitch who insisted on following him around the subway train, he checked his watch.

“The fight starts in another few minutes,” the satyr thought to himself as he kicked the head of the facially aesthetically challenged blimp out of the way.

Pan Goatee managed to reach his favourite sports bar in time for the fight to start on the television.

There was a fighter that Goatee had recently started following- a Gordon “the Black” Donnelly who fought out of San Francisco, California.

The man was a dead ringer for UFC Champion Conor McGregor minus all the tattoos and of course Donnelly was heavier fighting in the Heavyweight category.

Tonight Donnelly would be fighting in Bogota, Colombia 🇨🇴.

His opponent was a Guevara Santos a boxer who until recently was a fighter with the FARC guerrilla movement in Colombia.

Rumour had it that Pope Francis would be sitting in the audience tonight.

Cheering for the FARC fighter of course.

Pan Goatee scanned the crowd as the television cameras scanned the arena.

He did notice in one of the back rows a man wearing a white robe, a white sombrero hat, an Evo Morales designed hammer and sickle crucifix and a pair of dark sunglasses 😎.

The fight began.

Pan Goatee lit a cigar and sat back to watch the fight.

When the bartender pointed out that according to municipal law all public buildings were non-smoking, Pan Goatee decapitated him.

No one else on staff ventured to inform Pan of current municipal ordinances.

Members of a local feminist study group called The I Hate Rush Limbaugh For Telling It Like It Is Society had come in through the sports bar door to watch women’s curling on one of the giant screens.

They left when they noticed Pan Goatee sitting there.

They did not really relish experiencing what a couple of Henry VIII’s wives had once experienced kneeling on Tower of London scaffolds.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Thursday September 7th

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