Phantom of The Opera: A Poem As Sung and Recorded By Amadeus Emanon

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Phantom of The Opera: A Poem
Sung and Recorded By Amadeus Emanon

Amadeus Emanon was at London music promoter Heathcliff Dionysus Campbell’s Wuthering Heights and Glencoe Hospitality Recording Studios (owned by Heathcliff’s company Aulos Music and Recording Ltd.) to record his first album Erik’s Lament: The Agony and Ecstasy of A Phantom In The Night.

Amadeus Emanon sang this song:

Phantom of The Opera: A Lament

Oh Phantom, you are the lonely one
You loved Christine who was daylight
to your realms of darkness
She let the sunlight shine in your heart
You taught her to sing
But she taught you to love
And hers by far was the greater gift

There in your lair beneath the Opera deep
Where you lay many an hour to lie there and weep
And let the hate consume your heart like heat
Burned and singed was it making your scar look neat

For your look you thought no one could love
Depriving you of joy on earth and in heaven above
But Christine looked and she saw
but you turned away and you let her go
For in the mirror you saw just the scar
But in her eyes, she saw your very soul
But you did not see and you did not know
And your love departed by the river’s flow

Oh what music you could have made
But your heart you buried in hate’s grave
For Christine wanted to be your love not your slave
Now she’s left you and gone away
While you pine all night and long for day
The day you once had but chased away
leaving you with childhood toys you used to play
And now your soul then your music will decay.

(-A poem written by Christopher
Friday September 7th 2018)

Inspired by the character of Erik as he is portrayed in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical The Phantom of The Opera.

Amadeus Emanon as he appears on the cover of his album (making it look like he was posing with his violin in an old 19th Century style photograph)


  1. ortensia said,

    Excellent 🤩

  2. said,

    Memories brought back this evokes mixed emotions. 🙂😣

  3. Orvillewrong said,

    A tribute to the phantom!

  4. thebookwormdrinketh said,

    “and now your soul then your music will decay”… Love it! That’s a fantastic line! 💖👍

  5. Fiery said,

    And another million,”ohs” for you dearest.
    Don’t know how to articulate…
    I am fiercely, FIERCLY adoring you right now!
    Heartstrings duly pulled and making me gasp for air.

    “…For in the mirror you saw just the scar
    But in her eyes, she saw your very soul..”

    Your fiery Fiery ❤️🔥

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Thank you very much, Fiery. ❤️

      This poem was actually inspired by one of your comments a few blog posts back where you asked me to write from another part of myself that I don’t often write from.

      So I did.

      It was a difficult thing to do actually because I don’t really like the city I’m currently living in.

      And that’s the reason why I don’t often write from that part.

      It’s hard to feel romantic living in a place you hate.

      About 9 to 10 to a dozen years ago, I often wrote more posts exactly like this.

      But after my dad died 8 years ago and we were unable to find his will, I was forced to move out of the house I had lived in most of my life as the Estate sold his house.

      I moved to Edmonton (which I also hated) from Sherwood Park (a lovely little community outside Edmonton).

      I lived in Edmonton for a year and then moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where I lived for 4 years.

      I liked living in Vancouver but it was a very expensive place to live.

      The rents there were extremely high and the cost of living (food and transit) was extremely high.

      Only very very very rich people can afford to truly live in Vancouver.

      Everyone else there only survives but does not truly live.

      I eventually ran out of money living there and got evicted from my Vancouver apartment.

      I only moved to Calgary because it was the closest Alberta city to Vancouver and I could only move as far as the most inexpensive Greyhound bus ticket back to my home province of Alberta could take me.

      I wish the vampire novel I published on Amazon would become an international bestseller that I could earn money from so I could move somewhere else and buy myself a home of my own so I could write posts like the above poem on a more constant basis again.

      I’d like to move to the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which my dad and I used to visit every August from 2004 until 2008 to attend the Shakespeare On The Saskatchewan Festival (where they performed Shakespeare’s plays live on the stage in a huge big tent on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River).

      It’s a very beautiful city.

      It could best be described as the City of London, England in miniature.

      I discovered after a couple of years of visiting there, that was my dad’s opinion of the city as well.

      We had both concluded on our own that Saskatoon was very much like London but in miniature.

      Instead of a city of several million people like London, it was a city with a less crowded and more comfortable population of 300,000.

      But the South Saskatchewan River flowing through Saskatoon looks like and reminds me very much of the Thames flowing through London.

      The elegant and classy Bessborough Hotel on the West Banks of the South Saskatchewan River reminds me very much of the Westminster Houses of Parliament.

      The late Victorian and early Edwardian street lamps on the banks of the South Saskatchewan reminds me of the late Victorian and early Edwardian street lamps on the banks of the Thames.

      The bridges across the South Saskatchewan north and south of the Bessborough Hotel reminds me of the Tower Bridge and other bridges crossing the Thames to Westminster.

      There’s even a circular highway surrounding Saskatoon that reminds me very much of the M-25 circular highway that surrounds London.

      So I’d like to live in Saskatoon.

      One doesn’t have to be super rich to be able to truly live and live fairly comfortably in Saskatoon.

      It’s like living in the City of London, England but with none of London’s traffic congestion.

      • Fiery said,

        It’s so funny that you mention the North circular…just strange coming from someone here on WP who doesn’t live here . I live in London, as I think you know and it is probably the first place I LOVE living, of all the places I’ve lived. I understand your angst at not being where you want to be. I don’t know why, but I do like to hear you talk of your dad, your tone (if that’s a thing here in the virtual friendship zone we reside in) changes when you do and it’s very endearing.
        I am so touched , dearest that our conversation inspired this in some way. So very touched. I feel like we have this little surreptitious pushing of buttons going on that’s inspiring uncharacteristic outpourings…it’s brilliant. This style suits you so much and you must remember that your mind is a powerful don’t have to physically BE anywhere to allow beauty to flow through you. Use your wonderful mind to take you wherever you want to go and do whatever you want to deeply do. I do that. I am coming to realise how much power my mind has in the last few months. We are not really Physically trapped by anything …as long as our minds our wading in oceans of infinite possibilities.
        I don’t know how old you are (I am on the late side of my thirties) but I hope my philosophical vocalisations aren’t making you go…urgh what does this woman know about anything!
        Anyway. I love everything you write, but this is something else and I am glad I may have had a little role in triggering it.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        No, I didn’t know you lived in London, Fiery.

        I thought you still lived in Cyprus.

        I’d like to be able to escape into my mind and travel to places.

        But unfortunately I can’t do that here in Calgary.

        And it was in reading your comment that it suddenly hit me why I can’t do it here.

        Psychic vampirism.

        I remember about 4 years ago, I was having a telephone conversation with my friend Amit who lived in Delhi, India (his daughter Nyssa is my goddaughter).

        He asked me whether I thought there were such things as vampires- creatures who were able to elude death by sucking and drinking the blood of humans.

        I said I wasn’t sure but if there were, there probably weren’t too many of them in actual existence.

        I said however there were psychic vampires- people who have the ability to drain one of mental and emotional and even spiritual energy by being in one’s presence.

        I told Amit I had encountered a few people like that before- psychic vampires.

        I felt totally drained of energy and my life force by being in their presence.

        And it suddenly hit me while I was reading your comment- this city is full of psychic vampires.

        There are so many of them here that I didn’t realize that was it because it’s so overwhelming.


        A city full of psychic vampires.

        I didn’t know there was such a thing.

        But I never really considered the possibility until I was reading your comment just now and I suddenly thought back to the phone conversation I had with Amit 4 years ago.

        When I had encountered psychic vampires in the past, it was one or 2 of them at one time so I quickly recognized the phenomenon.

        But when there are multitudes, there are so many, one is overwhelmed and doesn’t really recognize the phenomenon.

        I’m now trying to rationalize what would be the reason there are so many psychic vampires in this city.

        Most of them are female.

        Although there are a few males.

        They say Wicca is now the fastest growing religion in North America so maybe there are a lot of them here who practice the black magic witchcraft form of Wicca since psychic vampirism is an integral part of black magic witchcraft.

        I’m just thinking about that now.

        I lived in a homeless shelter in Calgary for about 18 months after I first arrived here in July 2016.

        I didn’t get along with most people in the shelter because they were either drug addicts, alcoholics or hardened criminals of some sort or other.

        There were a few nice people in the shelter (who like myself had wound up there by the constant blows of misfortune for a long period in their life).

        The one I got along well with most was Stephen who was an artist (and had been a Theology and Divinity grad student- he was able to read Ancient Greek, Hebrew and Latin).

        In fact, he was my best friend at the shelter.

        Anyways he was telling me about the Kensington district of Calgary (Kensington was a place I had visited about 2 or 3 times before Steve told me this story- and I didn’t go back there even before Steve told me this story because I always felt totally drained of energy when I visited there and now I think that’s the reason- psychic vampirism).

        He had been in a coffee shop there when someone came up to him and said, “Hello Steve.”

        Steve was trying to recall where he had met this person but couldn’t remember.

        The fellow invited Steve back to his house in Kensington.

        Soon 11 other people joined them in the house – a mixed group of about evenly split men and women.

        The host said, “We know all about you, Steve. And we think you’re on the wrong path. You’re mistaken in your beliefs. We’d like to help you. A member of our group recently left us and we need someone to take his place. We would like you to join us.”

        Steve was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable with the conversation.

        He was also doing some mental counting and figuring in his head.

        With the host and the 11 people who suddenly showed up at the house and himself – that made 13- which is the accepted number of a lot of witchcraft covens.

        Steve decided to get the Hell out of there before he wound up in Hell (if you can forgive my penchant for telling puns with that last statement).

        So this probably explains it.

        This city is a place full of people who practice psychic vampirism.

        I’m now trying to think why that is.

        It is the center and hub of the oil industry in Canada and was a place of great wealth until the downturn in world oil prices back in 2014.

        Christ did say that one cannot serve both God and Mammon (Mammon was the ancient pagan Babylonian demonic god of banking and commerce).

        So maybe this extreme love of money for its own sake (what Michael Douglas’ character of Gordon Gekko called greed in the 1988 movie Wall Street) opened a lot of people up to demonic influences.

      • Fiery said,

        I moved back to the UK 3 and a bit years ago now. I grew up here then moved to Cyprus in my early teens , came back here for uni for 3 years, went back there and then moved back over to the UK as I said about 3 years ago.
        Oh I know psychic vampires dearest. They exist. I am sorry you’ve had to endure them. I still do but if you are strong enough, even in the smallest of tiniest of miniscule places within your soul, that tiny bright spark that can’t be darkened, and can keep that small part of you safe from them and secret from them, they’ll never truly have you.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        That’s exactly what I’ve been holding on to the past little while.

        A tiny spark of light in the overwhelming darkness. ❤️

      • Fiery said,

        You have it, love. It’s clear ❤️

  6. Jennifer Vasquez said,

    Beautiful poem!

  7. Resa said,

    I like what you write! However, I don’t totally get everything. I believe I will understand more in the future.
    I’m very happy that you blog. -Resa

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Thank you.

      Yes, it takes a while to get to know who the characters are until you’ve been reading this for a while.

      • Resa said,

        I guess I just don’t post and connect enough. This is why I’m doing the odd reblog , review, update, etc. It takes 3 – 6 months to make an Art Gown & there’s one in the making now!

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        I love the fact that you are often inspired by Greek mythology to make your gowns.

        I’ve always been enamoured with Greek mythology ever since I was a kid.

        What Star Wars or the Lord of The Rings are for a lot of people, classical Greek mythology has always been for me.

  8. Marlapaige said,

    The night consumes all who let the daylight slip away.

    In the mirror you saw just the scar but she saw your soul… that is beyond exquisite.

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