Dracul Van Helsing Meets Maria Orsic

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The Austro-Croatian mystic Maria Orsic calls out to Dracul Van Helsing from the window of her Chicago hotel room.

Dracul Van Helsing used the Houdini-Tesla-Pantages prototype magic lanterns for his time travel.

They were a type of image projecting magic lantern that projected black and white film images.

This magic lantern had been invented by the Hungarian-American magician Harry Houdini, the Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla and the Greek-American movie producer and movie house theatre chain owner Alexander Pantages working together to develop it in 1925.

Houdini claimed to have gotten the idea for this magic lantern from a magician’s assistant of his named Serena who claimed to have gotten the idea from Thoth the Egyptian god of time.

However the magic lantern still seemed incapable of allowing time travel.

Eventually the Houdini-Tesla-Pantages prototype magic lantern came into the hands of Orson Welles.

In the early morning hours of October 31st 1938 (a few hours after his infamous War of The Worlds radio broadcast), an entity claiming to be a Martian who intensely disliked the state of New Jersey (and why did Welles allow him to land there in his broadcast?) gave Welles further tips on how to tweak the magic lantern to allow time travel.

Welles’ tweaking helped somewhat but it wasn’t enough.

It remained for the magic lantern to fall into the possession of the Austrian-American film actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr (the woman who in the early 1940s invented the wireless radio technology that eventually became Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) to put the final touches on the magic lantern to make it time travel capable.

Lamarr added those finishing touches to the Houdini-Tesla-Pantages prototype in January of 1949.

Hearing the news that an evil member of the Ahnenerbe Nazi Occult Bureau Franz Kohler was still alive and anxious to get his hands on the device, Hedy Lamarr hid it in a West Hollywood movie theatre (that still exists today as a repertory theatre that plays old movies).

She informed Welles where she had placed the magic lantern.

The secret died with them.

However when Hades and Persephone allowed the ghost of Orson Welles to leave the realm of Hades along with the ghost of Sir Winston Churchill to serve as spirit advisors to British MP Renfield R. Renfield, the ghost of Orson Welles had informed Canadian vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing of its location on New Year’s Day of this year.

Dracul visited the West Hollywood repertory movie theatre on January 14th of this year where he made out with the Greek goddess Athena who was appearing in black and white on the screen.

And Dracul had been time travelling on and off again ever since.

Today in a time warp between the Chicago of a 1930s Hollywood film set and the actual Chicago of today January 31st 2019, he was summoned to enter the hotel room of the Austro-Croatian mystic Maria Orsic (who was Nikola Tesla’s secret love).

Maria Orsic invites Dracul Van Helsing in for a cosmic tantric sex encounter. Dracul obliges.


  1. Yvonne KT said,

    Elle est magnifique cette dame.

  2. Jessica said,

    Okay I take it back. Mr. Van Helsing you’re 007 with additional magic tools. Such a lady magnet. Even Nikola’s lover?

    • Jessica said,

      Correction: Nikola’s love.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, even Nikola’s love. 😂

        Funny, now that you’re reading these chapters and I’m coming back to read them again some six months later, I had forgotten how sex-filled they were.

        It kind of reminds me when I first started writing vampire novels at the Journalspace blogging site back in 2004 (those novels were lost to posterity back in December 2008 when the Journalspace site crashed and I hadn’t made any back-up to them), I remember in those early days of 2004-2005 when I first started writing and people would ask my dad, “What does your son do?”, my dad would answer, “He writes pornographic vampire novels.”

        I remember at the time thinking, “Well that’s a rather shocking thing for Dad to say. Is he being humourous or being serious?”.

        But quite possibly, some of those chapters of 2004-2005 might have been quite sex filled.

        Because coming back and reading these chapters from January of this year, if my dad was still alive (and he used to read my writing), if people asked my dad this year, “What does your son do?”, he might again reply, “He writes pornographic vampire novels.” 😂

      • Jessica said,

        Wah! 😭 I’d cry a river if I lost my work that way.
        😂 Cool dad! But aww the way you write the last part makes me feel to cry.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, June 16th 2010 the day he died was the saddest day of my life. 😢

        I guess I must have advanced by then beyond writing mere vampiric porn to writing something great because every day in the last month of his life as he was dying from cancer, he said to me, “Keep writing, Chris. Promise me that you’ll keep writing. Because your writing will be very important to the world.”

      • Jessica said,

        Aw what a sweet dad you have ❤
        Again with the cancer. My brother and father-in-law died of cancer too. Shitty world we are in. I'm sure they have the cure already, they just won't release it because a big business will stop. Just think of all those hospital machines and continues medicine they can earn from the suffering patients… sigh… sorry, can't help it each time I hear about cancer.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, cancer is awful. 😦

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