A Reflection On Autumn

September 27, 2019 at 10:57 pm (Nature, Photography, Poetry) (, , , )

A Reflection On Autumn

Autumn… when the trees put on their coats of many colours 


  1. Luna(tik) Enigma said,

    Such a gorgeous image. Just leave me there to play in the leaves…

  2. Jessica said,

    That’s it? I expected a longer poem 😂 But this post is so lovely. That stunning photo takes my breath away. I can spend hours there without feeling bored.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      The photo is the poem. 🙂

      It’s actually a photo I had posted a year ago on Facebook which came up again in my past statuses of yesteryear feature that FB has.

      I had forgotten I had posted it.

      And the caption I had posted for it was quite poetic I thought.

      I was going to post a Sunshine Blogger post that you had nominated me for but my answers to your questions were taking a bit longer than I expected and I figured I wouldn’t be able to finish it in time before the clock struck midnight and it was the start of a new day and I’d have missed an opportunity to post another daily post (I’ve managed to post daily since the spring this year) so I decided to do a short post.

      And then I thought of that photo and its poetic caption so I posted it.

      • Jessica said,

        I truly love the photo. It makes sense for it to be the poem, but your captions suits it. ❤

        And when it comes to the award, don't sweat it. I actually don't mind the nominees don't post it because I will soon stop posting award after I'm done with one more. It consumes to much time and effort… and I start to be tired of it.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        I was actually giving some very witty answers to your questions and was looking forward to posting it.

        But some of my witty answers were becoming full blown comedic dramatic scenes.

        If the time hadn’t been 20 minutes to midnight but had been 20 minutes to 11 PM, I’d have probably finished writing it and posting it.

        Actually if my old stupid iPhone 4 copy and paste system didn’t work so stupidly on WordPress Classic Editor, I could have probably finished it at 20 to midnight as well.

        The trouble is when I copy and paste something from iPhone 4 Notes into WordPress edit, it forms one whole text instead of the line separations and spaces I use.

        So then I have to manually separate the text so it resembles what I originally wrote in iPhone notes.

        And that takes about 5 to 10 minutes to do.

        Then I have a few photos I planned to use to illustrate the text.

        And it takes about 3 to 4 minutes for my iPhone 4 and WordPress edit working incompetently together to upload one single photo to my edit page.

        And I had about half a dozen photos I planned to use for that post.

        So with the non-abilities of my old iPhone 4 and my WordPress edit working incompetently together, it would have probably taken until 12:30 AM until the next day to get everything posted.

        So that’s why I resorted to the photo (which is of steps at Maude Riley Park in Calgary taken a year ago last autumn by the way) and the poetic caption as yesterday’s blog post.

  3. Jerry Brotherton said,

    You have captured the essence of Autumn. A short brilliant burst.

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