Return To Field of Dreams

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Return To Field of Dreams

Marcus Shimbiro had a dream
When as an 8-year-old boy 
he left his native Kenya
For the U.S.
He wanted to become a baseball player someday 
He did excel at sports and particularly at baseball 
In high school, he was hitting home runs 
The same way he downed ice cream cones
with a vengeance 

But then came that fateful day 
He fell off his neighbour’s roof 
While helping him paint it
And broke his arm and his leg 

His arm and leg eventually healed of course 
But he was not the same player ever again
He could no longer run
Or hit a home run.

Angry and bitter a few weeks before graduation
He borrowed a friend’s car and headed for Iowa
Why Iowa?
Because it was the home state of the Field of Dreams
That famous 1989 sports fantasy movie with Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones
About the Iowa corn farmer who plows part of his corn field 
To build a baseball field
A field on which Shoeless Joe Jackson 
And 7 other famous 1919 Chicago Black Sox players play

On that field in which Shoeless Joe and 7 others played
Was a player named Archibald “Moonlight” Graham
Who played one game for the New York Giants in 1905 
but never had a turn at bat
Corn farmer Ray Kinsella (Costner) 
and author/writer Terrence Mann (Jones) drive to Minnesota 
Where they learn that Graham was a physician who had died years earlier
During a late night walk, Ray finds himself transported back to 1972
Where he encounters the elderly Graham (Burt Lancaster) who says he left baseball for a satisfying medical career
During the drive back to Iowa,
Ray picks up a young hitchhiker who introduces himself as Archie Graham
and says he wants to be a baseball player 
Eventually, Graham gets the chance to play baseball with Shoeless Joe and other baseball greats in the Field of Dreams
But at a critical point in the game, Graham leaves the field of dreams 
To administer emergency medical aid 

Graham makes his choice 
To be a doctor after all.

And now Marcus Shimbiro torn with rage at having his dreams dashed 
Was trying to find this Field of Dreams of film-lore
To play baseball 
Or at least find out what he was to do with his life 

It was nighttime 
and as he drove by a corn field
He was shocked to see baseball players playing ball in the field 
He pulled in
And sat with the other spectators 
And watched the greats of baseball play the game 
Shoeless Joe Jackson, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio and many others

He was shocked to discover Dr. Archibald Graham sitting next to him 
offering him a hot dog and a coke
“Too bad about your fall, Marcus,” Graham remarked as he ate his own hot dog.
“It is,” Marcus frowned, “it’s not as if I could be a doctor like you not having baseball to fall back on.”
“Who says you can’t be a doctor?” Graham looked at him.
“I don’t have the marks or the aptitude for it,” Marcus answered.
“But you are good at observation and analysis and above all, perseverance, you may not get flying colours right away but with your observation and analysis and perseverance, you might spot something others have missed and that might make all the difference in the world someday,” Dr. Graham noted, “Ever hear the fable of the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise won the race in the end.”
“But that’s just a fable and a fairy tale,” Marcus pointed out, “That doesn’t happen in the real world. Most of the time, it’s the hare that wins and not the tortoise.”
“Most of the time that’s true, Marcus,” Graham agreed, “But often it’s at the most critical junctions in the world and in history that the tortoise wins the race. And at such times, the hare is usually not a foe but a friend. And it usually turns out to be one race where the hare was happy to see the tortoise win.”

Marcus looked at Graham.

He wasn’t quite sure what Graham meant by those words but somehow deep down inside himself, he felt they were important.

“So, do you think I should go into medicine?” Marcus asked.
“I do, Marcus, I do,” the elderly doctor patted him on the shoulder.

And seconds later, Dr. Graham, the players, the spectators and the baseball field were gone.

And all that was left…

… Was an empty corn field.

Marcus Shimbiro went into science and into medicine.
He didn’t always get the best marks.
But he studied hard and learned from his mistakes.
And developed a profound sense of analysis and insight.
He didn’t think he was good enough to treat patients but he went into research.
Using his memory and his insight and analysis in that line of work.

And then one day in the year 2020, 
analyzing data and keeping track of things he and his numerous colleagues all over the world were doing,
Dr. Marcus Shimbiro discovered…

…. the vaccine for the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

We can all dream, can’t we?

And hope… is the knowledge that sometimes dreams can become reality.

-A narrative poem written by Christopher
Wednesday April 8th 2020.


  1. Grandtrines said,

    Reblogged this on Orthometry.

  2. Grandtrines said,

  3. Grandtrines said,

    Reblogged this on Grand Dreams.

  4. Kritika said,

    Agree with your words.
    Thank you for sharing the story.

  5. Aishwarya.K.G said,

    Wow. That was intense!🔥

  6. Judy Kim said,

    Very cool poem, I think it was better than the film 🙂

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Thank you, Judy. ❤

      That’s quite the compliment – even better than the film. 😀

      Many thanks indeed. 🙂

  7. Jessica said,

    Is this a true story???
    If not, well okay… yes we are all allowed to dreams. Sweet beautiful dreams… love this poem 🙂

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Thank you, Jessica. 🙂

      No, it’s not a true story but I wish it was.

      Back in 1990 during the 1st Gulf War, after Saddam Hussein of Iraq pulled his troops out of Kuwait, he ordered his army to set fire to all the Kuwaiti oil wells before retreating.

      All of the experts at the time said it would take at least 2 years before all the burning oil well fires would be capped.

      But a tiny oil well fire fighting company from Red Deer, Alberta (just north of Calgary) by the name of Safety Boss managed to go in and put out all the fires within 8 months.

      Now all the experts are telling us that a vaccine for Covid-19 won’t emerge for another 12 to 18 months.

      And all the national leaders all over the world are saying the same thing.

      But if that’s true, that means quarantine won’t be lifted for another 12 to 18 months.

      But national leaders don’t mention that because their citizens will start freaking out.

      There’s a lot of hiding things from the public as well as outright propaganda going on in these times.

      Mental health is probably bad enough now around the globe in most homes.

      Another 12 to 18 months of this and the world’s entire population will be downright bonkers.

      But maybe there’s a researcher out there who will be to the Covid-19 coronavirus what Red Deer’s Safety Boss oil well firefighting company was to all the massive oil well fires set in Kuwait by Saddam’s Iraqi Army.

      I think the more people pray to God for an end to this virus, the quicker that will happen.

      The more people use this time of home isolation to watch Netflix or binge watch some silly TV show, the longer this pandemic will last.

      • Jessica said,

        Wow did not know about that fire. I applaud the people who stopped it.

        Yes, I believe too that government is exploiting something out of this pandemic lockdown. I’m a homebody but it’s starting to take a toll on me. I have no strong need to get out but I hate the idea that I have no freedom to step out when I want. 12 to 18 months more sounds like torture.

        I do pray that some clever researcher out there make a quick breakthrough without being stopped. They (whoever they are) might because they want people to be extra panic first 😕

        Though I’m guilty for passing time watching series and reading book 😂 but I make sure to do some writing 😆

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, that independent clever researcher would probably be stopped by the likes of Bill Gates.

        I hear Bill Gates is currently financing 7 different types of vaccines.

        I wouldn’t trust any vaccine Bill Gates financed.

        It would probably contain the Mark of the Beast talked about in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13.

      • Jessica said,

        Yep. Exactly that. Well, to be honest I’ve never been awe by Bill Gates at all 😦

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        I’ve never been awed by Bill Gates either.

  8. odell01 said,

    The movie Field of Dreams is so powerful that even thinking about driving to Iowa and seeing athletes in the fields is graceful. The movie is unusually good. I also like thinking about James Earl Jones as a writer.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Field of Dreams was probably one of my favourite movies from the late 1980s.

      I thought James Earl Jones was magnificent in his part as author Terence Mann.

      I always liked James Earl Jones.

      He had a magnificent speaking voice.

      In my opinion, Orson Welles, Richard Burton, James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman had/have the best natural narrative public speaking voices of all the actors in English speaking cinema.

  9. annieasksyou said,

    Gave me the chills, Christopher.

    And it’s not far off base. Increasingly, we’re hearing stories of African Americans—many of them women—who achieved breathtaking accomplishments against great odds.

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