Mephistopheles and The Billionaire

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Mephistopheles and The Billionaire

An American billionaire stood in his home with a glass of wine in his hand.

He was startled to see a demon standing there.

The demon seemed to radiate an aura of class and seeming elegance.

He did not have grotesque or ferocious features but from the expression on his face, he seemed to have the most sinister look that the billionaire had ever encountered in a demon.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“I guess you haven’t seen me before,” the fallen angel helped himself to a glass of port, “you’ve mainly had contact with Baal and Baphomet the patron demons of the U.S. Democratic Party. I, however along with the demon Mammon, am one of the two patron demons of the U.S. Republican Party. I am Mephistopheles.”

“The fallen angel to whom Faust sold his soul?” The billionaire inquired.

“I must someday thank Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe for all the free publicity they have given me,” Mephistopheles smiled, “otherwise most would probably never have heard of me. I needed a scientist’s soul at the time and so I sought Faust’s.”

“Baal is patron demon of child sacrifice, Baphomet is patron demon of sexual perversion and abominations, Mammon is patron demon of greed but what are you, Mephistopheles, patron demon of?” The billionaire asked.

“I am the patron demon in charge of promoting racial and ethnic hatred,” Mephistopheles smiled and pointed at the TV screen.

The sound was mute but the visuals were of CNN showing rioting and looting in various cities across the U.S. ostensibly as part of protests protesting the murder of Afro-American George Floyd by white policeman Derek Chauvin who kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds; 2 minutes and 53 seconds of which occurred after Floyd became unresponsive.

“You know,” Mephistopheles examined a rare vase on the mantelpiece, “I’ve been told of the reaction of Charles Manson the hippy commune leader of the group known as the Manson Family as he’s busy roasting away on his barbecue spit down in Tartarus. As you know, dear old Charlie was hoping to start a race war by arranging for the Tate-LaBianca murders of August 9th and 10th 1969. This he knew because he imagined the lyrics of the Beatles song Helter Skelter told him so. Sadly for poor Charlie, the Tate-LaBianca murders never led to the apocalyptic race war he was wanting. And now thanks to policeman Chauvin’s murder of citizen Floyd, the race war for which dear old Charlie always longed may have finally started. I heard Manson wept tears of joy as he was turning over on the open flames just below his spit when he heard the news of what is currently happening in America in the last week of May 2020. Sadly for dear old Charlie, all those tears weren’t enough to put out all those flames.”

“There’s a Hell?” The American billionaire seemed surprised, “I’ve met Pope Francis on a few occasions and he assures me there is no Hell.”

Mephistopheles said nothing but put the vase down and just smiled.

He stood gazing at a replica of a Basil Hallward portrait painting of Dorian Gray.

“The racial tensions in America are now coming to a head and this Covid-19 pandemic has produced the flammable material necessary for the final spark,” Mephistopheles smiled, “This lockdown of two months plus people losing their jobs as the economy tanked has managed to produce a substantial mass psychosis. Psychosis and stupidity had already hit most of the leaders of the world first when this pandemic started. That’s why they made all the numerous bad decisions and stupid statements they did which just aggravated their populations’ anxiety and approaching mental breakdowns. Unlike King David or King Solomon, they never bothered getting down on their knees and asking the Creator of the Cosmos for wisdom and guidance in this matter. Instead they forbade gatherings in places of worship all over the world. You can’t have people talking to the Creator of the Cosmos in public. Citizens must render on to Caesar what is Caesar’s and in this century also render what is God’s on to Caesar. On this, politicians of all political stripes seem to agree. As for America, you’ve had numerous people spitting, coughing and sneezing on Asians for months since a certain leader kept blaming the Chinese people themselves for the virus and numerous folk who followed the pronouncements or should I say the tweets of this leader took matters into their own hands or should I say out of their own mouths and noses. And then the numerous tensions between whites and blacks that have gone on for centuries since slavery was first introduced as an institution in the American colonies. And then of course self-proclaimed “real Americans” have often hated or regarded with contempt those of a Latin American background. Even though California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Colorado, Nevada and even Utah was land that white Americans originally stole from Mexico. To say nothing of the land white Americans stole from Native American tribes.”

“Are you here to give me a history lesson?” The billionaire asked uneasily.

“No, I’m here to proclaim the possible end of America,” Mephistopheles smiled, “It was in July 1620 that the Mayflower left Plymouth, England carrying Puritan pilgrims to eventually arrive in what is now Provincetown Harbor in November 1620. That marked the beginning of what became known to history as America. Now 400 years later it appears that America has been tried in the balance and found wanting.”

Mephistopheles stood up and showed himself out.

The billionaire fiddled with the remote and turned to another channel.

The 1972 musical drama Cabaret with Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey and Michael York was being shown.

It was the scene in a German beer garden where a Hitler Youth member sings,

… “But somewhere a glory awaits unseen 
Tomorrow belongs to me
Tomorrow belongs to me…”

-A vampire novel chapter 
written by Christopher
Saturday May 30th


  1. Jessica said,

    Oh my gosh, the police murdered that afro-american 😔 Just when racism seems to get a little better it’s again stomped down… I kind of like Mephistopheles look though 😁

  2. George F. said,

    The rage and psychosis was present long before the virus.

  3. George F. said,

    Yes, we are watching it end…

  4. Jo said,

    That bad, huh? While I hope that the murder of George Floyd will bring change, I hope it won’t be devastating for the US.

  5. Dracul Van Helsing said,

    Yes, hopefully there will be no destrruction

  6. Aishwarya.K.G said,


  7. selina333333333 said,

    with United Nation’s Peacekeeping here in Syria, I have important issues to discuss with you. please kindly write me back via my email ( for more details

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      I hear the Middle East is becoming more and more of a powder keg with Israel’s Netanyahu saying he’s going to annex a whole bunch of territory in the West Bank this coming July 1st.

  8. thekeystonegirlblogs said,

    Wonder who the billionaire was?

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      It’s Bill Gates.

      When I first started writing this, I had imagined a point in the conversation where I would drop a strong hint that this was Bill Gates.

      But as often happens while I’m writing, the characters and the conversations start veering off in a direction all on their own.

      • Jo said,

        Bill Gates?!!!! I thought it was Trump! I need to read it again…

      • Jo said,

        At first, indeed the billionaire seemed too smart for a certain someone, but then… “The billionaire fiddled with the remote and turned to another channel.” That’s Trump! 🙂

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        No, I don’t think Trump would have heard of Faust.

        Plus he has only met Pope Francis once.

        And I think all men pretty well fiddle with the remote.

      • Jo said,

        Maybe, but not after someone proclaims the end of America as we know it. That’s sheer indifference. But what do I know? I’m not a man. 🙂

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        That statement wasn’t reported in the Canadian news media.

        Did Trump actually say, “This is the end of America as we know it?”.

      • Jo said,

        Noooo! I just pointed out that no one would be so casual after the conversation in your story. Well, no one except for an insensitive prick. I’m European. I don’t follow any news channel. 🙂

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        When I went back and read it again, I realized that Mephistopheles had said the comment.

        That’s one fallback with writing day after day.

        I forget what I wrote a few days ago.

        Now I see what you’re getting at.

        Trump being indifferent to Mephistopheles’ comment.

        So he just fiddles with the remote.

        Of course, I happen to think Bill Gates is an insensitive prick as well.

        Financing the giving of vaccines to girls in India and Africa and putting something extra in the vaccines to make those girls sexually sterile in order to decrease the populations in those regions of the world like Gates did show that he’s an insensitive prick as well.

        So he’d probably fiddle with the remote as well.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Plus Trump doesn’t drink (although perhaps he should. It might make him more human).

        And the billionaire stood in his home with a glass of wine in his hand.

  9. Anonymole said,

    Your pedantic expose’s continue to entertain. I can’t help but wonder what this would sound like if written less like a history lesson.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      It would probably be a blank page.

      History, mythology and geopolitical analysis have seemed to become a part of my essence.

  10. Judy Kim said,

    You’ve summed up the situation perfectly. I think Manson was a puppet of the CIA, the whole 60s psychedelic scene was started by them allegedly, free love and the drugged out/drop out mentality permanently altered families and morality. They used LSD in MK Ultra torture in the USA and in Canada too. The riots that are happening now is right on cue, perfect storm for anarchy and an excuse for militant control.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Thanks, Judy.

      I remember years ago reading a book called The Ultimate Evil by journalist and writer Maury Terry.

      The book was about a satanic cult called The Process Church of The Final Judgement that was founded back in the 1960s by an ex-Scientologist.

      But Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan (who assassinated Bobby Kennedy) and David Berkowitz (who was 1970s New York’s notorious serial killet Son of Sam) all belonged to it.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that Church all tied in to the CIA as well.

      There’s always been an amoral aspect to a lot of the CIA’s operations.

      No doubt the OSS (America’s WWII intelligence agency) bringing in a lot of SS and Gestapo officers to join the service (which became the CIA) through Operation Paperclip after the Second World War and those Nazi officials’ knowledge of social behavioural modification and mind control created an institutional mindset that’s existed in that agency to the present day. An Orwellian mindset where it’s all power for power’s sake and control for control’s sake.

      • Judy Kim said,

        That makes a lot of sense, I didn’t know about that cult or that all those killers belonged to it. I had a feeling that they were brainwashed, Manson also seemed to know how to brainwash his followers. There are many cults that seemed to have been started by the shady government and the Project Paperclip nazis perfected mind control. Ex-president Clinton admitted to it as if it was over long ago but I doubt that they ended it. Race wars to distract and divide us is so evil.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Back in 1946, Jack Parsons (founder of the Pasadena Jet Propulsion Laboratory that was the forerunner of NASA) did a series of occultic rituals with L. Ron Hubbard (future founder of the Church of Scientology) based on the rituals and ceremonies in some of Aleister Crowley’s writings.

        The name of the ritual was Babalon Working where they supposedly channeled an ancient Babylonian goddess.

        So there has been long history of both NASA and the CIA dabbling in the occult and being associated with cults.

        And now they are using race wars to distract and divide people.

      • Judy Kim said,

        They all seemed to follow Crowley! He’s so evil. Some think that he was Barbara Bush’s father, they look like twins. A meditation school I went to decades ago was founded by followers of Hubbard, (it’s not connected to Scientology but some visualization techniques seemed similar, it was based on eastern chakra meditation combined with psychotherapy, Christianity and Buddhism). It wasn’t a cult but it weirded me out that there was a Hubbard connection, I’m sure he was a Freemason.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, a lot seems to go back to Crowley.

        Anton LaVey founder of the Church of Satan and Lt. Col. Michael Aquino founder of the Temple of Set were all influenced by Crowley’s writings.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Hubbard was a Freemason.

        One of the leaders of the Process Church of The Final Judgement (I forget whether it was the founder or immediate successor) was a 32nd Degree Freemason I remember Maury Terry mentioning in his book.

      • Judy Kim said,

        Many different groups joined together, LaVey was so creepy (he was buddies with Sammy Davis Jr another satanist). Aquino is pure evil, he’s connected with the SF Presidio daycare that abused children in SRA rituals. Freemasonry is a religion even though they say it’s not, they have their compass symbol engraved on their headstones and mausoleum plaques. Satanism explains why the excessively rich are so heartless and psychotic. I wonder why the Process leader stopped at the 32nd level. Albert Pike, the satanist founder. It’s amazing that this information isn’t public knowledge.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, I wonder why he wasn’t invited to the 33rd Degree.

        Yes, Albert Pike who said, “Tell it to the 29th to 32nd Degree, the Great Architect of the Universe is Lucifer.”

      • Judy Kim said,

        He was a confederate senior officer (KKK connection?) I just looked up his photo, he looks ominous.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, he was a senior Confederate officer and one of the co-founders of the KKK.

        Although the Scottish Rite Freemasons have done a rather successful job at concealing that fact from most history textbooks.

      • Judy Kim said,

        Just one big fraternity of assholes

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,


        With their own secret hand gestures and own secret passwords.

        There was a British author named Stephen Knight who wrote a book about Freemasonry called The Brotherhood .

        In it, he had a chapter where he made a convincing case that Jack the Ripper was the personal physician to Britain’s Royal Family as well as a Freemason.

      • Judy Kim said,

        That makes sense, I think once they join they’re locked in. Judge’s especially are controlled. I wondered if the Ripper was perhaps a British royal too, the aristocratic lines seem inbred in general/perhaps insane too.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        There are some who thought that the Duke of Clarence who was Queen Victoria’s grandson was Jack the Ripper.

        Being the eldest son of Edward Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VII), he’d have eventually become king (not his younger brother who became George V) had he not ended up dying in an insane asylum while Victoria was still on the throne.

      • Judy Kim said,

        It wouldn’t surprise me if he was the Ripper, the royals seem psychotic, inbred. Their friendship with Jimmy Saville says a lot about them.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        It does indeed.

        And then there was that incriminating photo of Prince Andrew standing in the doorway with an underage girl in the front of Jeffrey Epstein’s residence.

      • Judy Kim said,

        Yes, Randy Andy was BFF with Epstein even after he was imprisoned

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, Randy Andy doesn’t seem to be of sound mind being BFF with Epstein even after he was jailed.

  11. selina333333333 said,

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