Byzantine Vampiress Theodora Declares War On Erdogan

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The Byzantine vampiress Theodora in a shipping magnate’s apartment overlooking Istanbul’s Golden Horn harbour.

The Byzantine vampiress Theodora (who in her mortal life had been the Byzantine Empress Theodora the wife of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian the First also known as Justinian the Great) was sitting in the apartment of a Greek shipping tycoon (who claimed to be a Turkish shipping tycoon and had changed his name from Greek to Turkish) that overlooked Istanbul’s Golden Horn harbour.

Theodora was looking calm and serene despite the upsetting news that she had heard today.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (a man whom Theodora referred to as the “Sultan of Hemmorhoids”) was going to change the Hagia Sophia from a museum back into a mosque.

The Hagia Sophia had been built originally back in 537 AD as a Byzantine Orthodox Christian Cathedral and basilica by Theodora’s husband the Emperor Justinian.

The Greek name Hagia Sophia means in English Holy Wisdom.

Then in 1453 when the Byzantine Empire’s capital of Constantinople (what is now called modern day Istanbul) fell into the hands of the Ottoman Turks led by Sultan Mehmed II, Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque.

It remained a mosque until 1934 when it was turned into a musem by modern Turkey’s secular leader Kemal Ataturk.

Now Erdogan who fancied himself a would-be Sultan of a revived Ottoman Empire and the would-be Caliph of a revived Islamic caliphate planned to turn the Hagia Sophia back into a mosque.

In a victory for Erdogan, Turkey’s top administrative court the Council of State had recently anulled the site’s museum status.

So Erdogan was now moving full speed ahead (against the fiery hot-blooded iceberg that was the Byzantine vampiress Theodora) in turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

Now Theodora wanted Erdogan overthrown, Constantinople turned back into the capital of a revived Byzantine Empire and Hagia Sophia restored to being a Christian cathedral and basilica.

To that purpose, she had called a high-ranking Greek army officer (whose Theodoran code name was Dimitrios) and a high-ranking Russian Army officer (whose Theodoran code name was Alexis) to this apartment to discuss their plans.

“I may have trouble getting much of the Greek Army to our cause,” Dimitrios remarked as he sipped a glass of Ouzo.

“I likewise might have trouble getting much of the Russian Army to our cause,” Alexis remarked as he sipped a glass of vodka.

“It seems,” Theodora sighed sadly, “that the only people who manage to get things organized and done these days are the Communists. A PLA engineered bioweapon manages to leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and send the whole world into chaos. The Communists in the WHO continue to manage or mismanage the chaos. The Communist controlled United Nations wants to impose a global Marxist government as the “new normal” in the post-Covid world while a Communist Pope in the Vatican cheers them on. Most U.S. Democratic party politicians in America covertly (and in many cases overtly) seek to turn that country into a new Soviet Union with Antifa and Black Lives Matter operatives acting as the insurrectionary terrorist vanguard of the emerging Soviet state.”

“Well, if you could get Hades and Persephone to release the ghost of the great Byzantine general Belisarius to lead the attack on Istanbul, this would probably get my country’s Army behind the cause,” Alexis noted.

Dimitrios added that this would likewise be the case with the Greek Army.

“Well, I’ll try to get Belisarius released but not his legal advisor the historian Procopius,” Theodora sipped a glass of champagne.

Byzantine vampiress Theodora: Will try to get General Belisarius’ ghost released from the Underworld

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Friday July 10th


  1. Anonymole said,

    Bram Stoker spoke about Americans in Dracula regarding Quency Morris, “if America can breed more men like that they will become a formidable force in the world.” This was in 1895 or so, years before the US had to rise to the occasion of World War.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Yes, there were lots of Quency Morrises back in the 1890s.

      They helped produce what was called the Greatest Generation – those who went through the Great Depression of the 1930s and the War years of the 1940s.

      • Anonymole said,

        I thought it prescient that Stoker would mention that, which, now that I think about it, was out of placeโ€”heralding country that way.
        Regardless, Dracula remains a bore. I’m skipping gobs of dithering dathering and useless fluff.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        That’s probably a good thing.

        I think I mentioned it’s been years since I read Bram Stoker’s novel.

        But I seem to recall there were boring parts to it.

  2. (@duniamisteri666) said,

    very good article

  3. Judy Kim said,

    I love how you merge truth and art, thereโ€™s genius in your writing๐ŸŒน

  4. David Redpath said,

    Perhaps Donald Trump should take
    a page out of Caliph Erdogan’s book
    (that’s the book of how to distract
    your subjects from a disastrously
    incompetent job at handling the
    Covid-19 pandemic) and reinstate
    Salem, Massachusetts, as a place
    for burning witches? The TV rights
    alone would rake in enough money
    to secure any future vaccine
    exclusively for the US.

  5. Kritika said,

    Felt like I was watching the Leonardo Da Vinci series. Awesome writing.

  6. Jessica said,

    My new hated word “new normal” Grr…๐Ÿ˜ก

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