Dulcinea Lucia

July 16, 2020 at 10:35 pm (Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, News, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , )

The Gypsy seer Dulcinea Lucia

The Gypsy seer and psychic medium Dulcinea Lucia had left London for some of the greenery of Lincolnshire.

She was tired of a city full of people walking the streets in masks.

It was like a dystopian science-fiction novel.

Or a world where Poe’s Masque of The Red Death had spread beyond the ballroom of a castle to a large urban environment.

She felt more relaxed here in some of the green valleys and hills of Lincolnshire.

Here she didn’t have to socially distance herself because there was no one around.

The world had gone insane.

A virus seemed to have the ability to mutate itself and undergo so many different variations in such a short period of time.

And nobody seemed to find that strange.

The people who were dying the most were elderly people in nursing homes- the places that were undergoing the most stringent lockdowns.

And yet lockdowns were not saving them.

Depression, anxiety, suicides, domestic abuse on the up and up all over the world.

At least the virus could safely sing that 1970 Lynn Anderson song I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.

For indeed it hadn’t.

Here in the beautiful scenery of rural Lincolnshire, she felt safe.

Talk of the “old normal” and the “new normal” were not to be found around here.

Just a mother duck and ducklings floating tranquilly down a nearby stream.

And wild flowers blowing gently in the soft summer breeze.

As Dulcinea Lucia walked among the grasses, she wondered if she should ever return to London again.

Maybe the real virus was civilization itself.

A civilization that had long ceased to be civilized.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Thursday July 16th


  1. Kritika said,

    I thought media is just making up about the mutation of the virus. The last line is stunning and spot on.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      In Canada, they’re covering up about the mutation of the virus.

      You have to search hard to find reports of it mentioned here.

      You do see scientists and doctors saying, “”We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

      And I think, “Well if you’ve never seen anything like this before, how do you know social distancing and masks are going to work?”.

      Maybe if we’re all going to die, we should at least die happy.

      Not locked down and in isolation.

      Glad you enjoyed the last line. 😀

      • Kritika said,

        Agree with your words.
        At least die happy than die in suffocation.
        Thank you for sharing 🙂

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        You’re very welcome, Kritika. 🙂

  2. monimonikablog said,

    Perfect! Thank you for this. I hope meeting Dulcinea Lucia this afternoon in the woods when I am taking the dog for a walk.

  3. shankjoejoe said,


  4. George F. said,

    Dulcinea…sweet Dulcinea…women are always right.

  5. Judy Kim said,

    I agree too, these lines are great, “Maybe the real virus was civilization itself.
    A civilization that had long ceased to be civilized.”
    The illusion that our world politics makes any sense is now lifted, it’s obvious that our leaders are making it up as they go along with however/whatever is running the show. Masks on and off, it’s all a farce that we have to comply with but you can sit on the sidewalk at an outdoor restaurant eating food without a mask, it’s all nuts. The mutations are probably the worst aspect and who knows, possibly not naturally induced. I think it’s better to live a free/fearless life, than die a slow death in social isolation. An imprisoned life isn’t worth living, in my opinion.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      I wholeheartedly agree, Judy.

      I sometimes make up quotes that my character Renfield will say.

      And then store them in mind until I can think up an episode where the quote will suit it.

      And earlier this week I thought up up a quote from Renfield.

      Still wondering which blog post I’ll start it with.

      But the Renfieldian quote was similar to what you just said above.

      “The technocrats and ‘experts’ who run our world don’t want it to be a place where people can actually live. But a place where they can only exist.”

      -Renfield R. Renfield

      • Judy Kim said,

        That’s cool, I like that technique. Thoughts are elusive, I often write down lines too for later use; it’s interesting to me that you can write from character’s style, I always thought it was a difficult aspect of writing fiction. I used to draw simple line drawings of characters, after awhile the characters seemed to have their own personality. Creating art is an amazing thing.

        Yes, I think the technocrats and secret rulers have specific goals that benefit only them. I think knowledge really is power and they’ve been hoarding it. I still don’t understand why the majority seem so trusting of those in power. Mask fashion, coordinate your mask to match your outfit acquiescence makes me cringe. Some people might not even notice that they’ve become slaves to a big brother system.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        I remember there was a Geophysics professor at the University of Alberta who was a congregation member of the Church my dad and I attended in Edmonton.

        He once asked me, “When you’re writing, do you find that you’re able to keep the plot going under your own control or do you find the characters keep trying to take control of the story line away from you and do things on their own?”.

        I answered that they keep trying to take control of the story line and do things on their own.

        Then he asked me, “And do you let them?”.

        I answered with my head down and replied sheepishly , “I do.”

        Then his comment surprised me, “Well I’ve read that’s the difference between someone who’s a great writer and someone who’s a good writer.
        A person who’s a bad writer will have a somewhat dull storyline and characters who aren’t of much real substance. A person who’s a good writer will have an interesting storyline and characters who are always trying to take the storyline away from the author. A person who’s a great writer will have an interesting storyline to begin with but will allow his/her characters to take that storyline in directions that the author would have never considered going but in the end the storyline is even better than what he/she had originally conceived. For a great writer somehow conceives characters that are able, in a sense, to take on their own reality.”

        I always liked his explanation and his definition because then I’d be considered a great writer under the terms of his definition.

        But I realize it’s ultimately up to the literary audience and the really good honest critics and reviewers out there to decide if someone such as myself is a great writer.

        And you’re right about knowledge being power and technocrats and rulers using that knowledge to benefit themselves.

        And I too have trouble fathoming why the majority of people are so trusting of those in power.

  6. Subrata Mukherjee said,

    Great 👍

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