Autumn Welcome

September 22, 2020 at 10:03 pm (Poetry) (, , , )

It was autumn
As the princess walked through the forest
Some of the leaves had turned as red
As the colour of her hair

Other leaves had turned as orange
As the colour of one of her dress sleeves
As it blew gently in the breeze
In the shadow of a beckoning tree

Still other leaves had turned as gold
As the colour of her other dress sleeve
As it glistened in reflecting the golden rays of the sun
That shone through the opening in the forest

The top part of her dress was an amazing
And beautiful array of red, orange and gold
While her bottom skirt was as green
As the grass of the summer season now left behind

A blue jay had landed on her finger
With its colours of blue, black and white
Another bird with blue head, wings and tail
Plus orange breast and white bottom
Headed for a finger on her other hand

A bird with yellow breast
And head of white, black and dark green
Nestled on a dark branch
Of a small still green tree
On her right side

Behind her a bird flew
Yet to come into view
To reveal its colours
In the rays of the golden sun
That shone through the forest opening

It was autumn
And the princess was in the forest
With her friends the birds
Forming a collage to show
That in autumn
The earth wears a coat of many colours

-A poem written by Christopher
Tuesday September 22nd
Northern Autumn Equinox


  1. Jessica E. Larsen said,

    Colorful and truly magical

  2. Sabiscuit said,

    So beautiful and serene.

  3. Fiery said,

    Beautiful and trés clever 😘

  4. shєrríє dє vαlєríα said,

    My hair is red under the sun.
    I am the only child in the family got that dark red hair and being bullied in my family circles that I am not my father’s child because of that.
    And they made fun of my too-faired skin.
    My mother has dark hair as any Asian women and she has darker skin; almost dark brown so to say …
    I was an object of ridicule and some love to point finger that I might be a witch or something …
    It still scars me until today …

    But then, I let my hair grew longer and the red is more obvious as I am older. My kids love it and they think it is a unique color because red hair is not that often. I started to learn, yet, once again just to be myself – be me.

    And yes, I love autumn as well.
    My fav. season – always.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      I didn’t know your hair turns red in the sunlight, Sherrie. 🙂

      It always look dark in your photos but I guess most cameras don’t work if you try taking a picture in the direct sunlight.

      That’s so sad you were bullied. 🙁

      I remember you said you were teased because your eyes were so dark- that you were called the one in your family who was probably closest to your distant ancestress they said was a river serpent woman who haunted the village.

      Children can be so cruel at times. 😢

      And that’s right, I forgot that autumn is your favourite season too.

      As it is mine. 😀

  5. shєrríє dє vαlєríα said,

    You know what is really stupid?
    Despite that both of my parents are Asian does not mean they are no racism happens there … It is really so stupid that I could not comprehend it at all.

    I was but a child – just slightly different.
    So what is wrong with the red hair?
    At first the docs told my parents that perhaps I was malnourished and that I have not enough nutritions of some sort.

    Then, it came out to be that my father’s side of the family has had some sort of European’s blood ties so many eons ago. Who knows, right?
    I was never really look THAT Asian to some.
    Here in Germany for example many were asking me if I come from Turkey or Italy.
    Odd, really.

    But, to have that experience being bullied because you are different as a child, scars you for a long time. It took me my adult years to learn to ignore and accepting that THEIR IGNORANCE are their weaknessess … And I am right on Ignorance, right? Not blissful at all …

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      No, ignorance is not blissful at all.

      And I once watched a Japanese movie where a Japanese woman had red hair and that was her natural colour.

      I was told by someone who visited Japan that there was a region of Japan he visited where some of the citizens did have natural red hair.

      • shєrríє dє vαlєríα said,

        I have an uncle who married an Irish woman and she has red hair. I know that there in Ireland there are many that are red hair. Beautiful red beauty, to my opinion.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, there are a lot of beautiful redheads in Ireland. 🙂

  6. Dave Williams said,

    A vibrant play of colors.

  7. Autumn Welcome — Dracul Van Helsing | Vermont Folk Troth said,

    […] Autumn Welcome — Dracul Van Helsing […]

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