Klaus Schwab, Build Back Better and The Great Reset

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“From Klaus Barbie to Klaus Schwab, there has been no shortage of Germanic villains in recent world history.”
-Renfield R. Renfield MP

Evil Transhumanist mad scientist engineer (both social and technical) and World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab has as the mantra for his proposed global Great Reset, “Build back better.”

The term “Build back better” first surfaced in a UN Press Release back on April 22nd of this year to mark International Mother Earth Day (a faux holiday created by the UN back in 2009).

April 22nd 1970 was the world’s first Earth Day (celebrated on the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Soviet Union founder Lenin) to mark ecological and environmental concerns.

In 2009, the UN changed the name to International Mother Earth Day under the influence of UN Teilhardian Marxist bureaucrats in order to honour Pachamama the Inca Earth Mother goddess.

French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin back in the 1920s saw Pachamama as the figure through which a synthesis of Marxism and Catholic Christianity could come about.

The Inca Empire (for whom Pachamama was their Earth Mother deity) which lasted from 1438 to 1533 practiced a form of “scientific socialism”.

After the UN Press Release for International Mother Earth Day April 22nd 2020 came out with its mantra slogan for the Great Reset “Build back better”, numerous idiotic politicians around the world adopted that slogan as their own.

Boris Johnson: Build back better.

Justin Trudeau: Build back better.

Joe Biden: Build back better. (In fact the senile old fool also adopted that mantra “Build back better” as his campaign slogan along with
“(Satanic) Battle For The Soul of A Nation” )

Klaus Schwab (at World Economic Forum meeting): Build back better.

“A camel is God’s way of letting the world know what a horse would look like if it had been designed by a committee instead of designed by God.”
-Renfield R. Renfield MP

“Build back better,” The camel said to Michelangelo the Psychic Lobster as the transport of the desert appeared to him in the crustacean’s dreams.

British MP Renfield R. Renfield was doing a Saturday night podcast examining the vision Klaus Schwab held for a Transhumanist future.

Renfield: “The Great Reset will force us to question what it means to be human,” says evil mastermind Schwab.
In the post-pandemic future, in addition to carrying a digital certificate showing that you have taken the vaccine, “people will also have to undergo risk assessment brain scans before being allowed to travel.”
In Schwab’s Great Reset society, “Humans will be given implantable microchips that will allow computers to be able to read people’s thoughts.”
These chips and the mind reading machines will be able to “assess a person’s guilt and retrieve memories from people’s minds.”
The 2002 film Minority Report with Tom Cruise Schwab doesn’t see as “dystopian but rather the next logical step in human evolution.”
So a pre-crime monitoring of people’s thoughts, a digital vaccine certificate and risk assessment brain scans before you travel, welcome to the future, especially you people who voted for the Biden-Harris ticket in the recent U.S. Presidential election.
Yes friends, Karl Schwab sees a Ray Kurzweil style “Transhumanist merger of man and machine as the next step in human evolution.”
We will have “microchips in our bodies and in our brains”.
According to Schwab, “This will change how we interface with the world and force us to examine what it means to be human.”
Machines will “read our brain waves and know our emotions in a world run by globalist technocrats”.
Mad scientist movies of the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s tried to warn us. James Bond movies of the 1960s and ’70s tried to warn us. Dystopian fiction tried to warn us. The Book of Revelation aka The Apocalypse in the Bible, particularly Chapter 13, tried to warn us.
To paraphrase Don McLean’s song Vincent, “We did not listen, we did not know how, perhaps we’ll listen now.”
And of course now is probably too late.

As Renfield concludes his podcast, a red dragon with green eyes emits a large holographic image of a mixed camel/horse hybrid over London that speaks and in an automated cyber voice says, “Build back better”.

Persephone Queen of the Underworld in the moonlight after the sun finally sets on humanity for the last time and a “Brave New World” of man and machine interface appears on Darwinian evolutionary charts.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Saturday November 21st



  1. shehannemoore said,

    An excellent chapter my friend.

  2. Sabiscuit said,

    Did a search on YouTube for “great reset“ and most of the results came back from the WEF. So really not sure why people are saying it’s a conspiracy.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      That’s right.

      The World Economic Forum, George Soros, Pope Francis and WHO’s Dr. Tedros Adhanom Gheybreyesus are quite open about the Great Reset.

      TIME Magazine even did a cover story on it earlier this month.

      Back in September, Justin Trudeau was yacking about it in a livestream to a virtual UN meeting.

      And yet earlier this week, Justin said it was all a conspiracy theory.

      • Sabiscuit said,

        I had watched the live streaming question. Justin Trudeau is a non-starter. A nincompoop. The bald faced corruption would have ended other careers. I hope this nonsense about people wearing masks indoors and legislating which family members can live in which house will finally wake everyone up.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, if the province of Quebec (which is an inherently corrupt society) were not part of Canada, then people like the Trudeaus (father Pierre and son Justin) would get nowhere in Canadian politics.

        Yes, you’re right, Sabiscuit, once people are legislated to wearing masks indoors and being told which family members they’re allowed to live with, people will finally start waking up hopefully.

  3. Unique Tales said,

    Great Post, very entertaining 😊👍

  4. George F. said,

    “Transhumanist merger of man and machine as the next step in human evolution.”
    We will have “microchips in our bodies and in our brains”….Uh, yea.
    You are well read however.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      I take it, George, you think that is a good thing.

      Once you take the digital Mark (changing your DNA from human to God (and the Devil) knows what) in a merger of man and machine that will seem to fulfill the serpent’s original lie in the Garden of Eden (“You shall not die” and “ye shall be as gods”), then once the fiery locusts with the stings of scorpions rise out of the Earth and start stinging you and all those who have taken the Mark for a long agonizing period of 5 months and you shall seek death and not find it and you shall desire to die and death shall flee from you (as recorded in Revelation Chapter 9: verses 3 to 6), then as that long stinging agony of 5 months unfolds for which is there is no relief (save when you’re thrown into the flames of Tartarus for all eternity), remember Renfield and I warned you.

  5. David Redpath said,

    Back Butter? 🤔
    Isn’t that what Marlon Brando used
    on an unsuspecting Maria Schneider
    in ‘Last Tango in Paris’ ?

  6. David Redpath said,

    After that buttering . . .
    Brando was shown the exit 🚫🚪

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      And he ended up having buttered meatballs in his mouth when he played the Godfather. 🎻

  7. Jessica E. Larsen said,

    I think I was having a nightmare while reading this chapter… my brain is bleeding 😢

  8. Kritika said,

    “A camel is God’s way of letting the world know what a horse would look like if it had been designed by a committee instead of designed by God.”

  9. muunyayo said,

    Reblogged this on muunyayo .

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