A Date With Artemis

December 4, 2020 at 11:58 pm (Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, News, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , )

Peter Whitstable the man they call the Fox Mulder of Interpol was down in the U.S. state of Georgia to investigate allegations of election fraud.

There was actual video footage of people smuggling in ballots into closed polling places after hours.

However that video evidence wasn’t enough to satisfy pro-Communist Republican officials in the State of Georgia.

W. Cleon Skousen’s 1958 book The Naked Communist said that the Communist plan was to take over at least one if not both of the two political parties in the U.S.

While the U.S. Democrats were pretty much Communist for the most part, so were a lot of U.S. Republicans.

The trouble had started with the C.I.A. Deep State.

Because the C.I.A. (then the O.S.S. during and immediately after World War II) began studying and admiring the Nazi SS psychological technology and mind control techniques, this made them prone to developing a totalitarian mind set for themselves.

Like the 1963 Vincent Price film Diary of A Madman in which Price’s character of a French judge becomes possessed by the demonic entity called a horla who had possessed a murderer he had sentenced to death, so too the American C.I.A. had become possessed by the same dark force that had possessed the Nazi SS.

It was quite easy to switch from being a Nazi/Fascist totalitarian to being a Marxist/Communist totalitarian and back again.

In the end, both Nazism/Fascism and Marxist/Communism were controlled by the same demonic forces.

Those invisible entities (fallen angels and demons) were not in the perception and world view of those with a Darwinian materialistic mindset (which was most of the world’s media, cultural and political elite), therefore they saw Nazism/Fascism and Marxist/Communism as being different ideologies rather than being two separate peas of the same pod.

George H.W. Bush was a Company man (Company as in C.I.A.).

His father Prescott Bush had been a Nazi sympathizer and had even been investigated by the U.S. government back in the early 1940s for his views.

Ronald Reagan’s first choice for his Vice-Presidential running mate in 1980 had been Jack Kemp a Republican Congressman from Buffalo New York.

However he was talked by some of his more globalist oriented advisors into naming Company (C.I.A.) man George H.W. Bush as his Vice-Presidential running mate.

Thus the anti-Communist Reagan had as his Vice-President George H.W. Bush a man who could flick back and forth from being Nazi/Fascist totalitarian to being Marxist/Communist totalitarian with the ease of a chameleon.

With this background in mind, Whitstable began his investigation.

. . .

The Vatican Cardinal Samhain Salaman was reading a report given to him by the Vatican Astronomical Academy.

Apparently the Christmas Star or the Star of Bethlehem (which is an extremely close conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn) will be able to be seen this Winter Solstice of December 21st for the first time in 800 years.

The last time such a close alignment between these two objects (Jupiter and Saturn) in the night sky could be seen was just before dawn on March 4th 1226.

So the Christmas Star will be visible this year of 2020, Samhain Cardinal Salaman thought as he closed the door of his office.

Outside two of Pope Francis’ gay secretarial aides had been doing it on the hallway floor like two animals doing it on the TV Cable Discovery Channel.

. . .

The Greek goddess Artemis was awaiting the arrival of Dracul Van Helsing.

Dracul was seeking her aid in battling Covid Communists.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Friday December 4th 2020


  1. Unique Tales said,

    Malkie, Orvillewrong has lost you. Your post don’t show up on his comments or reader.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      That is weird.

      Those WordPress gremlins are becoming worse every year.

      What is the link to his WordPress blog?

      I’ll click on it and leave him a comment.

  2. George F. said,

    Incredible hooters.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      I agree 100%, George. 🙂

      My Sherlockian powers of oberservation seem to focus on the same attributes as you do.

      I guess that’s why one of my best friends in High School and University who won the Governor-General’s Award in my University of Alberta Graduating Class that year I graduated (and later went on to win a scholarship to study at the Sorbonne in Paris) once said of me, “My friend Christopher is one horny bastard.”

      • George F. said,

        Put a pair like that anywhere near me, and that’s all I see.

  3. George F. said,

    They’re all chameleons…whichever way the money is drifting…

  4. Diana Qeblawi Travel said,

    Love ❤️

  5. Seoul Sister said,

    Some allege that Bush Sr was involved in the JFK assassination, if true, it wouldn’t shock me at all. That man was evil incarnate.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      That’s very true, Judy.

      Bush Sr. was evil incarnate.

      There were also rumours that Barbara Bush was Aleister Crowley’s illegitimate daughter.

      That would be interesting if true, because then the Bush family- one of America’s most powerful political families would be descended from the self-proclaimed Beast as Crowley called himself.

  6. Jessica E. Larsen said,

    I got nothing more to say. Everything has been said by the other who commented. Dracul that lucky man… tsk!

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