And Yet Still More Goings On At The Vegreville World Deities’ Geopolitical Summit

January 31, 2021 at 11:52 pm (Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, Mythology, News, The Supernatural, Vampire novel)

This was the final night of the Vegreville World Deities’ Geopolitical Summit.

It was supposed to be an entertainment evening.

And the Vegreville All Polka Music Band was going to play an evening of Don Ho Hawaiian songs.

“Who came up with that idea?” Athena asked Artemis.

The Greek god Eros (Cupid is his Latin Roman name) skulked out one of the Vegreville Elks Club hall side doors when that question was asked.

He had a sudden urge to see if there was a special on winged shoes and bows and arrows at the Vegreville All Night Grocery Store.

Qanon who was a Japanese transgendered god and the patron deity of a Buddhist temple in Kyoto Japan had only just arrived at the Summit an hour earlier.

The Japanese drag queen deity had some of his luggage containing his most valuable kimonos misplaced at the Edmonton International Airport and waited around until they finally showed up.

Then the taxi ride from Edmonton to Vegreville along Highway 16 had been slowed by fog as well as a streaker wearing a Santa Claus beard who was running along the side of the highway.

Qanon was supposed to be in charge of the entertainment for this evening but seeing as how he was late, Eros (Cupid) stepped up to make last minute arrangements.

Qanon the Japanese transgendered god of a Buddhist temple in Kyoto was a Kwan Yin impersonator (in fact Qanon was a masculine version of her name).

The immortal princess Kwan Yin was venerated as the Buddhist goddess of mercy in some branches of Buddhism throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Qanon claimed to be her even though he wasn’t.

Qanon was undoubtedly inspired by some cross-dressing Japanese samurai noblemen several centuries ago and so he showed up at a Buddhist temple in Kyoto claiming to be Kwan Yin.

The monks quickly discovered that Qanon wasn’t Kwan Yin when he took a shower inside the facility and sported a piece of equipment that the Egyptian god Osiris lacked.

Nevertheless the monks adopted Qanon as the patron deity of their temple.

Kwan Yin was supposed to be a goddess of truth and virtue.

Qanon on the other hand was a god of deception who gave out false and misleading information.

There were other attributes associated with Qanon such as capturing images in art form.

In 1934 in Japan a 35 mm camera with a focal plane based shutter was invented and called the Kwanon (named after Qanon).

This camera marked the beginnings of the huge Japanese multinational corporation known to the world as Canon Inc. the maker of Canon Cameras and Canon Copiers and Canon Printers (Canon being derived from the name Qanon).

Of course there was another group- a movement in fact that took its name from Qanon- and that group was called Q-Anon.

Q-Anon taking its que from Qanon (who was a god of deception giving out false and misleading information) was a Neo-Bolshevik Communist psy ops operation in America claiming to have inside information about the workings of the American deep state and occasionally giving out some kernels of truth but mostly false information and prophecies that never came true.

The aim was to discredit all conspiracy theorists (of whom British MP Renfield R. Renfield once pointed out, there were a few conspiracy factualists among them) so that when the day came that a stooge of the global Neo-Bolshevik Communist movement occupied the White House, anybody who pointed out that obvious fact would be discredited.

Qanon arrived on the scene at the Vegreville Elks Club hall and the entertainment had already begun.

“Who arranged for an All Polka band to play Don Ho Hawaiian songs?” Qanon asked in horror.

Cupid crawled along the floor carrying a bag of potato chips with him.

However Qanon saw one of his ideas had been implemented.

The Entertainment Evening Chair for the Chair Deity of this year’s summit had a vibrator attached at the back to give this year’s chair deity a relaxing back massage as they watched the final evening entertainment show.

Loki- this year’s chair deity- entered the hall.

Qanon saw to his horror that Loki was walking backwards because his head was on backwards.

Loki sat down on the chair with his front so he could watch the show since his head was on backwards.

The chair’s vibrator then kicked in and Loki went into orgasm.

The Greek goddess Athena leaning against a faux Grecian pillar put up by the Vegreville High School Rugby Club.
Athena: “I never thought I’d live to see a Norse god go into orgasm at the sight of an All Polka Band playing Don Ho Hawaiian songs.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Sunday January 31st

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