Daydreaming On A Lake

June 3, 2021 at 10:22 pm (Poetry) ()

She lay on the beach
Not far from her parents’ cabin
And viewed the wide expanse of lake
She noticed a cabin on the other side
Not far from the lake pavilion

In her mind she imagined the cabin
Was owned by the King of the Goblins
And that at dusk the Goblin King
had surfboarded across the lake
And stolen her baby brother

Her parents she imagined
Were in the nearby village
Having dinner
So it was up to her the tall Warrior Princess
To rescue her brother

To aid her in her quest
She found a magic piece of driftwood
Whose end lit up and cast dancing sparks of light
That lit up the night sky

A glowing butterfly
Beaming with luminescence
Lay on her fingers
Likewise guiding the way

A magic swan was on her right
Guiding her in the direction
of the Goblin King’s cabin
Not far from the pavilion

Through the tall reeds of the lake she strode
With her spark emitting piece of driftwood
Her glowing butterfly and companion swan
Her dress sparkled silvery
In the enchanted dusk of blue and purplish red colours

She entered the Goblin King’s cabin
“Bright light!” Bright light!”
When he saw the spark emitting
Piece of driftwood.

The glowing butterfly landed on his nose
Goblin King shrieked, “More bright light!”
And went and hid under his bed
In the dark

She put her baby brother
On the back of the swan
Who carried him back to her parents’ cabin
As she strode alongside

She opened her eyes
This would be a magical night she thought
A night where she’d be the Warrior Princess
Who would fight and triumph over the Goblin King

-A narrative poem written by Christopher
Thursday June 3rd 2021.


  1. Suma Reddy said,

    That’s so amazing, beautiful n lovely Chrish. Picture perfect narrative. I loved it from heart.

  2. Kritika said,

    She would surely. Once could turn the troubles into a goblin and win over them. This is interesting.

  3. bradsbooks said,

    Beautiful story. Very creative. I could visualize it easily. I like the illustration too…enchanting.

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