More Morons and Uglos Beheaded: Pan Goatee Vs. The Aesthically Challenged Hybrids

September 13, 2021 at 10:42 pm (Aesthetics, Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, Vampire novel) (, , )

Pan Goatee: To take arms against a sea of uglos
And by beheading end them.

Pan Goatee entered the drug store only to be confronted by the sight of a fat ugly blimp.

“Hell to Betsy,” Goatee exclaimed, “Davy Crocket and his rifle Old Betsy definitely couldn’t handle you. I haven’t seen uglos for over a week now and now you pieces of grossly grotesque gargoyles decide to come out out of the closet again. Pretty soon, we’ll be subjected to the obnoxious spectacle of Uglo Pride parades and being forced to salute the Uglo Pride flag like we’re currently having to do with the escaped residents of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Pan Goatee beheaded the ugly looking blimp and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

The only thing that remained was the uglo’s vaccine passport that Pan Goatee cut up as well.

Krampus the demon goat arrived to collect the pieces and take them down to Tartarus.

The drug store clerk for this evening turned out to be the ugly looking blimp’s uglo looking gargoyle daughter.

Goatee cursed the aesthetically challenged eugenics of George Soros and Bill Gates and beheaded the uglo looking gargoyle daughter.

He cut her up into 999 trillion pieces as well.

As if on cue, Krampus again showed up to take the pieces down to Tartarus.

Goatee then walked down to the Dollarama store having left the drug store without purchasing anything due to the offensive spectacle of uglos.

He entered the Dollarama and walked around the aisles.

He was confronted by the spectacle of an ugly looking gargoyle with pink hair.

“What is it with you uglos thinking that by colouring your hair pink or purple, this somehow makes you better looking? It doesn’t,” Goatee beheaded the pink haired gargoyle uglo and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces, “It just makes you look uglo and stupid.”

“And speaking of stupid,” Goatee turned his attention to the pink haired uglo’s moronic looking boyfriend, “I want to see your vaccine passport card.”

The moron reached into his pocket and pulled out his vaccine passport card that had been signed by Citizen Robespierre and Comrade Trotsky.

Goatee then beheaded the moron and cut him up into 999 trillion pieces.

Krampus arrived to pick up the remains of the pink haired uglo and her moronic boyfriend and along with their vaccine passports, he carried them down to Tartarus.

Goatee left the Dollarama store and while walking through the parking lot, he encountered a fat ugly blimp, her moronic looking husband and their uglo-moronic looking son.

Goatee beheaded all three and cut them up into 999 trillion pieces each.

He remarked to Krampus who was on his way to pick up the pieces, “George Soros and Bill Gates should really be charged with crimes against humanity.”

Meanwhile in Washington DC under cross-examination from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Dr. Anthony Fauci denied that the majority of white women in Calgary were quite repulsively ugly.

Yet another Neo-Nuremberg war criminal in our midst.

At the same time the Vatican released a statement denying that Pope Francis was demonically possessed.

What Pope Francis saw through the looking glass at the bottom of the rabbit hole:


  1. George F. said,

    “…colouring your hair pink or purple, this somehow makes you better looking?
    I have meditated deeply on this. I’ve concluded that people with no talent, with a need for attention, do this type of thing to feel special. Color their hair. fly their freak flag (pick any ol’ freak flag) just to tell the world…”I may not be able to sing or dance or play an instrument or act or be CEO…but I AM SPECIAL, Dam it!”
    Kinda the same reason I blog… since, in back in my day, in my long ago childhood, dying my hair purple would have caused a lot of fist fights. A lot of fistfights.

    • voodooville said,

      It could be that they are not being allowed to do what they want (sing, dance, or play), so they found a safe alternative, which is to color their hair!

      Now that Dracula and Pan Goatee are around, they don’t have that option either 🙂

      • George F. said,


      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        I have seen one or two beautiful women in Calgary with pink, blue or purple hair.

        But that’s about it.

        One or two.

        The rest are all quite repulsively ugly.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Yes, dyeing your hair purple would have definitely caused a lot of fistfights.

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