Norse Goddess Freya, The Future King Edward VIII and Carson Cody Albion Private Eye

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The Norse goddess Freya in a London hotel in 1931

Carson Cody Albion worked as a Private Eye in New York City in the early 1930s.

He’d later move to New Orleans and be a private eye there.

Then he’d move to Los Angeles and be a Private Eye there.

After breastfeeding on the breasts of the Syro-Phoenician goddess Atargatis, he became an immortal and he’s still alive today.

This December he has now moved to Tokyo to become a Private Eye since California has fallen under Neo-Bolshevik Communist rule under its Neo-Stalinist Gov. Gavin Newsom.

After Japan rejected VacciNazism (the ideology believed in by almost every country on Earth in this plandemic year of 2021), Albion decided that Tokyo was the place for him.

90 years ago Albion was a private eye in New York City.

He had been hired by the Norse god Odin to come to London in December of 1931.

Odin with his good eye (well it would be his good eye wouldn’t it? notes the ghost of Christine Keeler who as a young model was caught up in the John Profumo spy scandal of 1961 at the height of the Cold War) had read a note written to his wife Freya in which she had been invited to a meeting in a posh London hotel room by Edward the horny old Prince of Wales (who would become the future King Edward VIII on January 20th 1936 and later abdicate the throne on December 11th 1936 in order to marry that well drilled piece of tail Mrs. Wallis Simpson).

Odin was busy trying to help his illegitimate son Adolf (Odin had pulled a Zeus back in the late 1880s and had an affair with a married Frau) become the next Chancellor of Germany and so couldn’t spy on the meeting himself.

Odin hired a New York City private eye for the job rather than a London private eye since a London private eye might be bumped off by Britain’s Special Branch.

Albion hid behind the curtain of the hotel room and waited.

The first to enter was Edward Prince of Wales.

The Prince of Wales had recently written an American style Country and Western music song and proceeded to sing it, “Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way…”

He wondered how long it would take for that song to become a hit on America’s country music charts.

He then went into the bathroom to get himself ready.

The Norse goddess Freya entered the room and went and stood by the chaise lounge.

Edward exited the bathroom wearing only his Napoleon Bonaparte image emblazoned boxer shorts.

Albion stepped up from behind the curtain and flashed… his camera.

“Holy shit!” The Prince of Wales exclaimed, “A Fleet Street photographer.”

The Prince of Wales went running from the hotel room wearing only his Napoleon Bonaparte image emblazoned boxer shorts.

“I was looking forward,” Freya sighed, “to an evening of what the Italians call amore.”

Meanwhile Edward Prince of Wales had run into the hotel kitchen where he got hit in the eye by a big pizza pie.

He was so shocked that he dropped his drawers and mooned everyone present.

“Perhaps I can help,” Carson Cody Albion moved closer.

Norse goddess Freya: Spends a moonlit evening in London with a private eye

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Friday December 17th


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