1930s Revisited

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Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr as a young woman Hedwig Eva Marie Kiesler in Vienna Austria

In the mid-1930s, she ended her unhappy marriage to Fritz Mandel a wealthy Austrian munitions manufacturer who sold arms to the Nazis and fled to the U.S. where she signed a contract with Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios under the name Hedy Lamarr.

A personal life in a chaotic decade.

Canada in the 2020s meanwhile is starting to resemble the Austria and Germany of the 1930s with very few places to flee to unlike that decade.

Just as Adolf Hitler passed the Enabling Act in 1933 to deal with the aftermath of the Reichstag Fire, so Canada’s budding dictator Justin Trudeau passed the Emergencies Act (which enabled the federal government to seize bank accounts) because a bunch of truckers and their families had set up bouncy castles in the streets of downtown Ottawa.

To pass the Emergencies Act, Trudeau counted on the support of Neo-Bolshevik Communist Supreme Idiot NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

Both Liberal and NDP backbenchers (who had expressed their concerns about the loss of rights under the Emergencies Act) quickly fell into line and kissed the asses of their respective leaders when the vote was called.

None of these Liberal and NDP backbenchers would ever make it as subjects in a book like John F. Kennedy’s Profiles In Courage.

They had shown that they loved their jobs more than their country.

A disgusted American gentleman who lived just this side of the Vermont-Quebec border remarked, “Castro lived 90 miles from the U.S. His bastard soy-boy son is just 1 inch away.”

In London, British MP Renfield R. Renfield commented, “The Canadian Parliament has approved the gay Canadian Hitler’s rise to Dictator. I’m sure Joe Biden gives a crap.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Tuesday February 22nd


  1. Hyperion said,

    I can honestly say that my 40 years serving my country as a soldier and researcher, I have never been so worried about the fate of the Americas. Our continent from the Arctic circle to Antarctica is aflame in destitution and tyranny, the very thing I dedicated my life to prevent. The US has very similar emergency powers and we can all see how easy it is to justify crushing the souls of the citizenry for the most lame of reasons or to invade a sovereign nation on a ridiculous pretense of history. We hold ourselves in mental slavery and expend our life’s energy for convenience of the Neo-Bolsheviks. What history has proven over the last 30,000 years is there comes a day of reckoning for every evil deed. The people of the world do not wait on gods and prophets to collect the debt.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Yes, there will come a day of reckoning for the puppetmasters behind the scenes.

      God’s justice may grind slowly but it does grind.

  2. Giannis Pit said,

    Since the debate was serious, I would humbly say that the comparison of the fascist Hitler with Trydeau is, to say the least, unfortunate! There is certainly evidence of authoritarianism in all these decisions but comparing them to Nazi practices is unhistorical.
    Finally, I do not understand what the Bolsheviks have to do with this whole story. Unless we are constantly looking for culprits to bear sins.
    Good evening.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      I was a History major in my first two years of University until I switched over to Philosophy as a major.

      I’ve studied the origins of the Third Reich.

      The Holocaust and the evils of Hitlerism did not arise in a vacuum.

      Nor did Hitlerism really come across as evil right away.

      It was the Enabling Act of 1933 that allowed Hitler to consolidate dictatorial powers to himself.

      Canada in 2022 with the proclamation of the Emergencies Act is the same point that Germany was in 1933 with the passage of the Enabling Act.

      You’re juxtaposing the evils of the Third Reich in the years that followed up until 1945 with the current situation in Canada.

      It is your analysis that is ultimately unhistorical.

      For it is imposing the later years of the Third Reich on to the current historical situation in Canada.

      I’m not doing that.

      I’m comparing the current historical situation in Canada to Germany in 1933 with Hitler’s passage of the Enabling Act.

      So the two parallels may not ultimately unfold the same.

      Something may happen that will cause Trudeau to lose power.

      Trudeauism if it does emerge as an ideological totalitarian system may not take the exact same route as Hitlerism.

      I don’t think Trudeau is anti-semitic although he did accuse a Conservative Opposition Jewish woman MP of “standing with the swastika and the Confederate flag” something that even the Canadian Federal Liberal Party Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons ruled as “abhorrent remarks” which they were.

      As for Bolshevism, you’re speaking from your perspective in Greece across the Atlantic and across the Mediterranean with no knowledge of what’s been happening in Canada the past 30 years.

      Most of today’s youth in their 20s and even many in their 30s think like Communists.

      I doubt they’re many of them card carrying members of the Communist Party but their worldview is Marxist-Leninist.

      I’ve studied the history of Communism and sadly today’s young people in Canada in their late teens, 20s and 30s think like the Bolsheviks of old.

      I blame it on the education system which I should have paid more attention to the past 30 years but since I had no children of my own, I didn’t.

      In my own province of Alberta, children in school were taught to be “transgendered, queer and Communist”.

      40% of Alberta schoolchildren identify as transgendered and/or queer – a number I find absolutely astonishing.

      It’s been brainwashing and not education that’s been going on in my province for the last 30 years.

      Trudeau himself has a Marxist-Leninist bent.

      The direction Trudeau’s dictatorship will take may and probably will be not the same as Hitlerism.

      But its beginnings when one looks at it historically are the same.

      Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933 allowed him to take dictatorial powers for himself.

      Trudeau’s passage of the Emergencies Act may well do the same if he isn’t stopped.

      No dictatorship runs exactly the same course- whether it’s Idi Amin in Uganda, Peronism in Argentina, Franco in Spain, Salazar in Portugal or even Col. George Papadopoulos in Greece.

      Dictatorships do not always run the exact same course towards its middle and its end.

      But every dictatorship has a beginning.

      And it usually always almost has to do with some emergency whether real or contrived.

  3. Seoul Sister said,

    Pedo Trudeau son of Castro has to go! He knows that everyone knows who and what he is: a racist, pedophile, dictator and another “great reset” puppet of the NWO.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Exactly, Judy.

      It’s like what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said about the dictatorship that ran his country,

      “They knew they were lying.
      We knew they were lying.
      They knew we knew that they were lying.
      We knew that they knew that we knew they were lying.
      But they continued to lie anyway.”

      The same applies to Pedo Trudeau son of Castro.

      He and everybody else knows exactly what he is.

      • Seoul Sister said,

        Solzhenitsyn said it perfectly. Canada and the US have been living in a regime for awhile but it’s just more obvious now. Lies and more lies.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, the entire political, social and cultural structure of Canada and the U.S. has been built on lies for at least the past 50 years.

        It’s only now since the plandemic has happened that some people have started to wake up and see that.

        Sadly the vast majority of people are still asleep.

        Not taking the vaccine was the equivalent of taking the red pill in the Matrix movies.

      • Seoul Sister said,

        They’re planning on making the red-pilled lives more miserable, the great reset is still on schedule. Many unjabbed are Christian, persecution of Christians makes lucifereans especially happy.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        It does.

        By not taking the vaccine and later the Mark of the Beast, the Luciferians shall know them (the Christians).

      • Seoul Sister said,

        I’m starting to think the vax is the mark, I’m sure there will be new versions, the patch etc

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, there will be new versions of the vaccine and the patch – all will be used as methods of control.

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