The Sundance Saloon

August 8, 2022 at 9:26 pm (Poetry, western) ()

The Sundance Saloon was a wild place
Owned by singer Miss Melanie Grace
All the cowboys came from miles around
Just to listen to that Parisienne Can-can sound

Jacques Offenbach was quite the hit
As into sexy tights saloon girls did fit
The Galop infernal was its official name
And to its tune, many cowboys came

Who knew that Orpheus In The Underworld would produce such a thrill
As cowboys found themselves in sweat despite desert evening chill
The Can-Can girls put on quite the show
That even horses didn’t have to be told to “Whoah” !.

The dancers’ legs kicked up quite the storm
In a place where the beer was cold but the seats were warm
Many a cowpoke hoped to dally with Sally
Until they were thrown out by the bouncer O’ Malley

Melanie Grace was quite the entertainment queen
In a town where undertakers kept the streets so clean
Yes it was not usually long before the showdown
But The Sundance Saloon was better than a hoedown

-A western poem written by Christopher
Monday August 8th 2022.


  1. Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm said,

    Raining legs yeah! Thank you for the entertaining verses. 🙂

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