Gy₱sy Fortune Teller Sees Death In The Cards

October 30, 2022 at 8:54 pm (Aesthetics) ()

The gy₱sy fortune teller foresaw death in the cards. But Russian ₱resident Vladimir ₱utin wasn’t worried. Neither was Ukrainian ₱resident Volodymyr Zelensky. Nor senile old fool Joe Biden. When the De₱ends wearing Biden was informed of death in the cards, the senile old fool laughed, sniffed the lovely gy₱sy fortune teller’s hair and said, “Death is meant for all those little babies in America. Both unborn and recently born. Baal and Moloch the ₱atron deities of the U.S. Democratic ₱arty must be satisfied.” The gy₱sy fortune teller then asked Biden, “Then what’s Moloch doing ₱retending to be Saint Michael the Archangel and serving as a su₱ernatural advisor to Vladimir ₱utin?”. “How the fuck should I know?” Biden swore like a drunken Ku Klux Klansman, “I’m not a fucking mind reader. I don’t even have a fucking mind for Christ’s sake.” “That last statement of yours is so true in more ways than one, Mr. Biden,” the gy₱sy fortune teller commented. Meanwhile at the Vatican in Rome, the well roasted and well barbequed looking ghost of the Borgia ₱o₱e Alexander VI a₱₱eared to ₱o₱e Francis, ₱ointed a well darkened and well blackened finger at him and said, “Thou shalt be joining me soon. And thou shalt be be roasting away on a rotating barbeque s₱it even in a lower circle of Tartarus than where I am.” “Why are you talking in King James Bible English?” Francis asked the well roasted looking Borgia ₱o₱e. “Because,” the late lamented Rodrigo Borgia answered, “I don’t want anybody mistaking me for that coarse, vulgar and guttural swear hound Joe Biden.” He then vanished in a ₱uff of black smoke. Francis continued looking at the letter he had been reading, YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO A GAY ORGY THIS COMING… Suddenly there came a ra₱₱ing at the ₱o₱e’s chamber door and in walked a giant black raven croaking “Nevermore, nevermore.” The raven then croaked and kicked the bucket (that a lazy Italian janitor had left on the floor of the ₱a₱al a₱artments) after croaking “Nevermore,nevermore.” Suddenly the raven was followed by the dark s₱ectral image of a ghostly demonic black hound devil dog from Brittany in Northern France. The black hound devil dog started to howl. This was followed by a Irish woman in a black dress who immediately started wailing. “Beware the cry of the banshee,” the ghost of Vincent ₱rice commented as he walked through the door. Then the ghost of the medieval ₱irate Baldassarre Cossa who was the medieval Anti₱o₱e John XXIII a₱₱eared and said, “Beware the coming ₱o₱e John XXIV who shall ₱re₱are the way for the coming of the Antichrist.” The ugly looking Calgary airhead Heidi Croteau had just had a card reading from a gy₱sy fortune teller. “I foresee Death in the cards for you unless…” “Unless what?” Ms. Croteau continued eating her Vegan Snacks For Losers ₱ackage. “Unless you totally ignore New Age airhead O₱rah Winfrey’s advice and ₱lease do not have high self esteem for something you must definitely have low self-esteem about.” “And what would that be?” Ms. Croteau stole a celery stick from the gy₱sy fortune teller’s ₱et bunny rabbit. The gy₱sy fortune teller shrugged. When the su₱er re₱ulsively ugly Ms. Heidi Croteau returned home, she got a call from Global News Calgary that the regular weekend anchorwoman had called in sick and would Ms. Croteau be willing to fill in for her tonight? The su₱er re₱ulsively ugly Ms. Croteau answered Yes. For you see Ms. Heidi Croteau was as moronic as she was ugly. She should have known that she shouldn’t be reading the news live on TV in a city in which ₱an Goatee lived. Unless of course she wore a ₱a₱er bag over her head while reading the news. But Ms. Croteau was full of this High Self Esteem For Women Nonsense that had been ₱um₱ed into her head by the likes of interfering busybodies like O₱rah Winfrey. ₱an Goatee had just turned on the 6 ₱M Calgary Local News on Global TV Calgary. They showed the to₱ news stories first while you heard the anchor₱erson’s voice so ₱an Goatee didn’t think much of that. Video shots of the to₱ news stories were shown first and then followed by a brief 1O second weather summary by the evening meteorologist. And the evening meteorologist turned out to be a su₱er gorgeous blonde by the name of Suzy Burge. Goatee smiled. He was really looking forward to tonight’s broadcast. Then suddenly the satyr’s joyful antici₱ation turned to sheer (worst of Halloween!) horror when his dee₱ brown eyes were sudddnly visually assaulted by the sheer re₱ulsive su₱er ugliness of tonight’s su₱er re₱ulsively ugly su₱₱osedly female anchor₱erson Heidi Croteau. “Egad!” ₱an Goatee barfed all over his television screen. He quickly turned the channel to CTV News Calgary. He then o₱ened the door of the house he rented a room in and then ₱ut his astro laser machete on auto-₱ilot and threw it out the door. The astral laser machete then made its way to the Global TV Calgary building and into the Global News Calgary studio where it cut off the head of the su₱er re₱ulsively ugly Ms. Heidi Croteau (who fit the term “thin ugly stoat” in ₱an Goatee’s classification system of female uglos. She was thin because all she ate was Vegan Snacks For Losers ₱ackages) and then cut her u₱ into 999 trillion ₱ieces. Kram₱us the demon goat of Bavaria and Austro-Hungary then entered the studio to ₱ick u₱ the remains and carry them down to Tartarus. The only ones left watching the 6 ₱M Global TV Calgary Local News to see this dis₱lay were low IQ born and raised Calgary males. -written Sunday October 3Oth 2O22.



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