Jack O’ Hare On Saint David’s Day: A Short Poem

March 1, 2017 at 7:42 pm (Children's Story, Comedy, Humour, Poetry, Religion) (, , , , , , , )

Jack O’ Hare On Saint David’s Day: A Short Poem

Saint David’s Day today
Saint David the patron Saint of Wales
Some whales landed on Welsh shores
this Ash Wednesday 2017
claiming him as their Saint

Jack O’ Hare the wild rabbit ate some Welsh rarebit
in celebration.

-A short poem
written by Christopher
Wednesday March 1st

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Halloween Is The Scene: A Poem

October 31, 2016 at 3:32 pm (Children's Story, Fantasy, Folklore, Ghost Story, Poetry) (, , )

Halloween Is The Scene: A Poem

Halloween is the scene
pumpkins orange, Martians green
from headless horseman to flying witch
to skull and crossbones lying in the ditch
It’s a very macabre night
designed to give one lots of fright
ghosts and goblins and ghouls galore
Candies and apples handed out at the door
In the graveyard, not a soul can be found
only the spectre of a giant hound
Sherlock Holmes is now on the scene
and Moriarty is turning green
he’s eaten too much candy trick or treating
and now he’s purging his insides, his heart still beating
Count Dracula stands and laughs
while Frankie and Wolfman are taking baths
Happy Halloween and to all a good night
your horror movie bill is quite the fright!

-A Halloween poem
written by Christopher
Monday October 17th

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Haiku About The Great Pumpkin

October 29, 2016 at 3:16 pm (Children's Story, Comic Books, Folklore, Poetry) (, , , , , , , , , )

Haiku About The Great Pumpkin

Lives in pumpkin patch
rises on Halloween night
Linus alone sees

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The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek: A Poem

March 31, 2016 at 7:45 pm (Book Reviews, books, Children's Story, Poetry) (, , , , , )

The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek: A Poem

When I was a boy, there was a book that I thought was rather neat
It was The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek
George was the introverted dinosaur’s name
A great prehistoric fella not seeking fame
He wrecked a small passenger airplane on the ground
mistaking it for pterodactyl- a hypothesis unsound
He met 2 kids and had exciting adventures
He never ran into a T-Rex’s Polygrip dentures
And finally one day he said good-bye
The two children started to cry
And deep into the canyon and off into the sunset he went
Prehistory had met modern in a time well spent.

-A poem written by Christopher
Thursday March 31st

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Hey Little Groundhog: A Poem

February 1, 2016 at 9:10 pm (Children's Story, Nature, News, Poetry) (, , , , )

Hey Little Groundhog: A Poem

Hey little groundhog, rise up from your sleep
lift your head from the hole and give us all a peep
Hey little groundhog, yes I’m calling you
we all want to know, is this winter through?
On that Candlemas morning, we’ll be watching you
you’re the prognosticator we’ll be listening to
Will it be 6 weeks?
Or early bathing streaks?
We’ll keep our eyes on you
and hope your shadow
isn’t coming out too.

-A poem written by Christopher
Monday February 1st 2016
In a personal message
To the groundhog
when he emerges
to see signs of his shadow
tomorrow February 2nd
Groundhog Day

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Jack O’ Hare At The North Pole: A Poem

December 6, 2015 at 8:12 pm (Children's Story, Folklore, Humour, Poetry) (, , , )

Jack O’ Hare At The North Pole: A Poem

The rabbit’s name was Jack O’ Hare
he hopped on by a polar bear
He was in the land of midnight dark
listening to the cry of husky bark
His fur now white as Arctic snow
he was a hare who travelled to and fro
Now he was headed to the North Pole
Santa’s toyshop his distant goal

He came to a town with lights aglow
that reflected off the midnight snow
the town’s lights were made of bright candy cane
there was one that stood on every lane
He came to a barber shop with a barber pole
and said to himself “That is the North Pole”
He heard Santa’s voice ringing across the snow
chortling a crisp snowy “Ho-Ho- Ho!”
They were words to which Kim Kardashian might take offense
even though her butt caused the Internet so many dents

Jack O’ Hare said hello
While elves were feeling mellow
they sang a happy song
this little elvish throng
and Jack when he dropped off his Christmas list
stopped to give Mrs. Claus a merry kiss
This caused Santa to fly into a jealous rage
leaving open the reindeer cage
and the flying reindeer were off in a jiff
causing Santa to undergo another tiff

As Santa sent his lasso into the midnight sky
Jack O’ Hare said good-bye
There was Santa on the moon
tripping over fork and spoon
as the cow mooed a cowshed tune.

-A Jack O’ Hare poem
written by Christopher
Sunday December 6th

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Haiku About The Tiger and The Bunny Rabbits In A Friend’s Garden

July 28, 2015 at 9:18 pm (Children's Story, Entertainment, Nature, Poetry) (, , , , )

Haiku About The Tiger And The Bunny Rabbits In A Friend’s Garden

He’s friendly tiger
likes little bunny rabbits
he will not eat them

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The Teddy Bear Called Pollygo: A Poem

May 25, 2015 at 6:30 pm (Children's Story, Humour, Poetry) (, , , , )

The Teddy Bear Called Pollygo

There was once a teddy bear called Pollygo
how he got his name? does anyone know?

I know, said the professor with specs on his nose
as he admired the spiral galaxy patterns on his toes,
he put down his nail polish and adjusted his tie,
wiped his glasses as a tear drop fell from his eye.

‘Twas not so long ago, the professor said,
as little Stanislaus lay in his bed,
his aunt entered his bedroom through the door
and put a teddy bear by the bed on the floor.

The aunt smiled and said, That’s a gift for you, little Stanislaus
for helping us to milk the family cow.

She left the room and closed the door
and Stanislaus looked at the teddy bear on the floor.

But alas! Polly the parrot
He could not bear it
this little teddy on the floor
competition for his little amour.

So Polly shouted, Teddy looks stupid! Teddy looks stupid!
Then flew over and sat on the statue of Cupid.

Furious Stanislaus shouted, Polly go!
And the parrot scattered like a buckshot ridden crow.

And from that day onward the teddy bear was known as Pollygo
so now follow the story as along I go.
The Professor continued his tale
as outside his living room window jumped up a whale
for the professor had a beach front home
and his windows were cleaned daily by sparkling sea foam.

Now when Stanislaus grew up and joined the Army
and ended up perishing in Lake Killarney
Pollygo came to live with me
he was my constant companion for tea
even though not a single drop ever passed his lips
All the while I was taking constant sips
So possibly a tea toddler he was not
but not even a whiskey seemed to hit the spot

It seemed that neither food nor drink he would touch
and as for physical exercise- he did not much.

So Pollygo sits there up on the shelf
looking the part of a wee furry elf.

But his exploits are many
and my thoughts for a penny
Someday I will tell you them all
But meantime I’m late for the town’s costume ball.

-A Narrative Poem
About Pollygo The Teddy Bear
written by Christopher
Friday May 22nd

Stay tuned to this blog for more poems about the exciting exploits of Pollygo the Teddy Bear.

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Cinderella: A Poem

March 24, 2015 at 7:29 pm (Children's Story, Commentary, Entertainment, Folklore, Movies, Poetry) (, , , )

Cinderella: A Poem

Cloudy gray skies
across the land lies
in truth for today
and in metaphor sad to say
it seems that magic is gone from the world
technology has spread unfurled
the sense of wonder has been lost
but we’re too busy to see the cost
dashing along the street
busy hands and busy feet
phones at our fingertips
speakers have replaced lips
“Love” and “courage” are only words
a flight of fancy like passing birds.
A unicorn- what is that?
Talk of fairies- we say scat!
For we’re all grown up you see
don’t talk to us as if we’re only 3.
That age is past!
Magic wands- get out fast!
Carriages don’t grow from pumpkins
you mistake us for country bumpkins.
Enchanted balls and glass slippers
we talk like drunken skippers
whose ships have crashed on the rocks
leaving us to haunt these docks.

And so we stay under these skies so gray
wishing it were another day.

But Cinderella saw the world not only as it was
but as she wanted it to be
which gave her courage amidst much misery
Have courage and be kind!
Wise words from her mother’s mind.
Words she kept each day to heart
slowly working magic to impart
a prince she would impress
with her heart and mind
not just a dress.

Those who have courage and are kind
they break those dark spells that bind
it’s not that we’ve stopped believing in magic you see
it’s just that we take dark arts for the only reality.
We’ve stopped seeing “love” and “courage” as things that actually be
and only view them as fantasy
It’s not only princes but we who need to be awakened
or else this world will become ever forsaken.
Oh Cinderella! Come and kiss us all
make this world a beautiful ball
Help us once again see that wondrous magic so grand
And may courage and kindness fall across this land.

-A poem written by Christopher
Tuesday March 24th 2015
inspired by seeing the
Kenneth Branagh directed
version of
Disney’s Cinderella

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Jack O’ Hare and The Leprechaun: A Poem

March 12, 2015 at 6:01 pm (Children's Story, Entertainment, Folklore, Music, Poetry) (, , , , , , , , )

Jack O’ Hare and The Leprechaun: A Poem

In the land of Ireland roamed the bunny rabbit Jack O’ Hare
he hopped here and there across this land so green and fair
And as he made conversation with an Irish fawn
he turned around and saw… a leprechaun
The leprechaun wept, “Someone has stolen me pot o’ gold.”
Said Jack, “Who would do such a dastardly deed so bold?”
“I don’t know,” the leprechaun shrugged
his arms around a tree he hugged.
Said Jack, “I’ll help you find the thief,
this villainous villain who’s caused such grief.”
So to the rainbow’s end they went
and stood outside the little man’s tent.
Explained Seamus the leprechaun, “It was here that I slept
after downing a can of Guinness I kept.”

“What does your magic mirror say?”
Jack looked at the glass next to the sun ray.
“Me magic mirror,” the leprechaun shouted
as a four-leaf clover sprouted,
“I forgot all about it,
why I’ve lost my wit.”

They looked into the mirror and the picture unfolded,
the thief stood there with his mug shot uploaded,
“Why I’ve seen that man,” said Jack O’ Hare,
“he lives in London near the town square.”

So to London they flew
on Aer Lingus
sampling Guinness stew.
They got off the plane quite pickled
lucky for them, Customs were fickle.

They took the tube to London
and recited Kipling’s Gunga Din.
Got off the tube
holding martini with ice cube
and hailed a taxi.
Then talked to a patsy
who revealed the thief’s whereabouts
and after paying him off with Brussels sprouts
headed off to a Taylor Swift concert
and after entering without shoes or shirt
saw the thief sitting in the front row
wearing designer threads from head to toe.

As Seamus wrestled the man to the ground,
Jack jumped on the stage without making a sound,
spoke Taylor Swift to the crowd
leaving them fairly wowed,
“If you’re lucky enough to be different from everyone else, don’t ever change.”
So Jack O’ Hare hopped to the mike and sang Home On The Range.
As self-styled critics booed
and responded with gestures rude,
Taylor sang, “The haters gonna hate, hate, hate…”
Meanwhile the thief in Seamus’ hands was left to his fate, fate, fate…

Taylor sang, “Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake…”
which is what Seamus did to the thief whose body started to quake, quake, quake…
As gold coins fell by the thousands out of the thief’s pockets,
Taylor Swift threw back her own golden lockets,
“The fakers gonna fake, fake, fake…”
Meanwhile into Scotland Yard’s hands went the thievish rake, rake, rake…

Meanwhile Jack’s duet with Taylor was soon all the rage
Fans didn’t want them to leave the stage
The lucky hare got a kiss that was Taylor-made
And Seamus thought when it came to friendship, Jack’s made the grade.

-A Jack O’ Hare poem
written by Christopher
Thursday March 12th

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