What’s Been Happening In This Writer’s Life

March 7, 2022 at 11:32 pm (Life, Personal essays)

Well I’ve finally found a new place to live.

I moved out of the room in the trailer where I was living Thursday night February 17th.

Because a new owner was taking possession of the trailer on Friday February 18th and he didn’t want any roommates or tenants.

So I stayed at a friend since then.

I didn’t think it was going to take me so long to find a new place but it did.

One of the reasons I suspect was I didn’t have an up to date smart phone that could operate on a contemporary cellular mobile service.

I have since discovered during this time period that nobody reads emails anymore.

They just rely on phone- either chat or text messaging.

I had sent emails to a few friends asking for help finding a new place or even if they knew of someone with a recent smart phone they no longer use that they could give me to put a new sin card in.

But I never heard back from any of them.

And landlords I emailed, I never heard back from any of them save one.

And he’s the one whose place I’m now in.

During this time I was without a permanent place to call home, major news happened.

Canada’s would be Neo-Stalinist tyrant Justin Trudeau and his Nazi/Communist hybrid hag henchwoman Chrystia Freeland proclaimed an Emergencies Act and then backtracked when they realized the bill would be defeated in the Senate.

But the diabolic duo still haven’t returned the money they seized in political dissidents’ bank accounts.

Then Putin invaded Ukraine.

All this stuff would have normally captured my full attention but it did not because I was busy looking for a new place.

Well now I’m in one.

And ready to take on the world.

Which is awash and overflowing with villains.

And where very few heros and heroines are to be found.


Cary Grant and Priscilla Lane are shocked to discover what senile old fool Joe Biden leaves behind on his Oval Office chair when he gets up from behind the desk

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I’m Taking A Break From WordPress For A While

January 16, 2022 at 10:02 pm (Life, Personal essays)

Starting tomorrow I’ll be taking a break from WordPress for a while.

Earlier this month, I got an email from my social worker that they’ll be cutting off my government disability pension.

Without this, I won’t have any money for rent or food.

Trying to do something about this has been affected by other things.

A week or so ago the water pipes in the trailer I’m in burst so there was no running water for a few days.

My roommates do not take hot showers but I do so I was going crazy over not being able to take a shower.

Then the electricity in the trailer went out the day a plumber came to fix the pipes.

We thought it was a fuse in the trailer but it turned out to be a power outage in the whole neighbourhood.

The outage lasted two days before it was fixed.

Apparently power outages had been occurring all over southern Alberta in that time period.

According to an article I read written by Medicine Hat-Cypress Hills Independent MLA Drew Barnes (who was unceremoniously booted out of the governing United Conservative Party caucus by Alberta’s Neo-Fascist tyrant Premier Jason Kenney for daring to oppose vaccine mandates), the outages were caused by the previous brainless semi-Marxist socialist New Democratic Party government of Rachel Notley (whose last name should really be pronounced Nutley) who decided to shut down the number of coal powered plants in Alberta that previously produced electricity and make use of what is called “clean green renewable energy alternatives”. It turned out that the “clean green renewable energy alternatives” so beloved by Rachel Nutley, California’s living dead zombie Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Pachamama worshipping Communist Pope Francis don’t produce as much watts of electricity as those old coal powered plants.

I had sent my social worker an email asking to explain why my government disabilty pension is cut off but I haven’t heard back from her and it’s been a week.

For those who wonder why I don’t phone her, it’s because I can’t afford to get on a mobile phone network because my disabilty pension is so little but it is enough for food and rent.

I rely on free wi-fi in the places where I rent in order to be able to communicate with the outside world via my ancient smart phone and antiquated tablet.

So now hopefully that the water and electricity is back on and working in the trailer, I can now see if I can get reinstated on my government disabilty pension.

Dealing with government bureaucracy is always a major pain in the ass so I’m going to have to concentrate on dealing with that.

Which means no time to spend researching geopolitics, current events, history and literature in order to write my vampire novel geopolitical satire chapters and my poetry.

I have taken a break from WordPress a couple of times in the past but on those occasions I was suffering burnout and needed to refresh my mind.

This time I’m still brimming with ideas to write about but I need to concentrate on getting my government disability pension restored in order that I can continue to have food and shelter.

The assholes at the Calgary Dream Center (that alleged charity that supposedly helps homeless people get back on their feet which explains why they kicked me down) had been giving me a hard time the past 2 years.

Now that I’m away from their nefarious Mark of the Beast influences, Alberta Social Services now wants to give me a hard time by cutting off my government disability pension.

So I don’t know when I’ll be back on WordPress.

If I can get my government disability pension restored, then I’ll be back on WordPress.

Contemplating the sad announcement that I’ll be taking a break from WordPress for a while.

-A personal essay written by Christopher
Saturday January 16th 2022

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Just Another Day In Paradise (I’m Being Sarcastic)

November 26, 2021 at 10:03 pm (Aesthetics, Culture, Life, Personal essays, Vampire novel) (, , )

One of my favourite songs from the 1980s was Phil Collins’ Just Another Day In Paradise.

Anyhow in this paradise of 2020-2021 (where a virus is worshipped as a god determining our lives, our jobs, where we go, who we associate with and what we do), I started off the day being banned from Facebook for a remark I made comparing today’s Austria to that of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Anschluss Austria.

I didn’t know Facebook CEO Snark Suckaturd (as my friend Daniel calls him) was on such good terms with Austria’s current Fascist pig chancellor Alexander Schallenberg but I guess these two must be playing a game of Roll Me Over In The Clover while engaging in Buttocks Cuddles on the Emerald Isle of Ireland.

Then after being banned from Facebook, I was then formally evicted from the homeless shelter I’m in by the end of this month.

So it’s two days before my birthday and less than a month before Christmas and I know not where I’ll be spending December.

On the plus side, I offended some Nazi asshole.

Someone had reblogged my post from yesterday Towards Christmas on their site.

Some whining, snivelling, diaper wetting and pablum puking Nazi crybaby took issue with my lines

“People have always tried to prevent Christmas
From Judea’s King Herod
To Hitler who called it Julfest the Winter Solstice”

The Nazi crybaby snivelled in his comment on the re-blog,

“This is both condescending and unfair.”

It’s best to hear that comment in one’s mind as being spoken in the lisping limpwristed pansy like voice of writer Truman Capote.

For it probably was.

The guy is probably about as fruity as Ernst Rohm and his Brownshirts were.

It may be condescending and unfair but it’s also historically accurate.

Hitler did change the name of the December holiday from Christmas to Winter Solstice Festival during the early 1940s.

So get over it you Nazi asshole.

He then whines and snivels about “Idiot deracinated Americans”.

I don’t know who he’s talking about but I’m a Canadian proud of my Irish, Scots and English heritage.

He talks about “husks of people” possibly referring to his own unique eunuch status in life.

I never knew that today’s Nazis were as big whining snivelling crybabies as today’s Cultural Marxist ‘woke’ brainless zombie youth but apparently they are.

Both need to be taken behind the woodshed to be paddled into real manhood.

. . .

Today’s vampire novel chapter:

Pan Goatee went for a walk down to the park.

Yesterday during his walk he had encountered a fat ugly blimp.

No doubt the blimp had been given permission by her genetic creator Dr. Anthony Fauci to wander around ruining people’s days.

Goatee had beheaded the fat ugly blimp and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

Then on his way back to where he was currently staying, he saw another pair of uglos so beheaded them as well.

Hoping not to run into uglos today did not happen.

A hideous repulsively ugly uglo was trying to walk on the ice on the river.

Goatee beheaded the ugly looking gargoyle remarking, “If you’re going to walk around on the ice as repulsively ugly looking as you are, do the world a favour and fall in.”

He then cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

On the way back to where he was staying, he ran into another ugly woman so beheaded her as well and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

“When is Fauci going to be tried with crimes against humanity?” Goatee wondered as he wiped the blood off his astral laser machete.

-A personal essay
vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Friday November 26th

Wishing all uglos, Nazis, Fascists, Communists and ‘woke’ brainless zombies
A very Pan Goatee Christmas

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Hugh Grant Movie Comes Alive

October 30, 2021 at 9:05 pm (Commentary, International Intrigue, Life, Personal essays) ()

Despite the title, this is a real life personal essay and not a work of fiction.

As I often told Daniel (whose WordPress user name is Hyperion and who used to write a blog here on WP called Return of Dragons before he deleted it) the reason why I write an on-line vampire novel rather than blog about personal experiences is because a vampire novel is so much more believable than what actually happens to me in real life.

Because at many times in my life, my life is really out there to use a Fox Mulder X-Files expression.

Anyways back in the 1990s, I saw a serious film that starred Hugh Grant (Hugh Grant starred in so many comedies back in the 1990s including one of my ’90s favourites Four Weddings and A Funeral) where he played a doctor.

Anyways one of Hugh Grant’s character’s medical colleagues was performing experiments on homeless people in an effort to find a cure for some disease.

The homeless people captured ended up dying after the evil doctor performed his experiments on them.

The evil doctor’s reasoning?

Well in Nietzschean Fascist semi-Nazi fashion, he saw homeless people as being of no intrinsic value to society and therefore no one would really miss them when they go.

“Besides,” the evil doctor told the good Hugh Grant’s doctor character, “this is all for the common good.”

“This is all for the common good,” is definitely a phrase currently being used by Neo-Fascist, 4th Reich Nazi and Neo-Bolshevik Communist Neo-Stalinist politicians and health “experts” in today’s plandemic times of 2020 and 2021.

This is why everyone’s civil rights were taken away and why the economy was locked down- destroying so many small businesses.

All for the common good.

Anyways as those of you who read my blog posts for the past month know, the spirit of Voldemort filled social housing agency the Calgary Dream Center kicked me out of my own community home for no good reason (other than the fact that a couple of their employees are allied with the spirit of Voldemort).

I stayed in a hotel for a while until the money ran out of my bank account.

Then a week ago Wednesday, I entered a homeless shelter where there was free WiFi for its clients.

There was no free WiFi for clients the last time I was in a homeless shelter in Calgary back in 2016 and 2017.

However last Sunday one person in the shelter came down with Covid and the ultra-paranoid AHS (which is supposed to stand for Alberta Health Services but is really a Canadian prairie province reincarnation of the old Nazi SS-Gestapo) declared a Covid outbreak.

They tested a bunch of people for Covid and those who tested positive for Covid were sent to a hotel for quarantine.

One person got out after 3 days.

He was talking to people at a table across from me in the shelter and explained he got doubly vaccinated within a 24 hour period.

That’s why they let him out after 3 days rather than the usual 10 to 14 days quarantine in a hotel.

It was that remark that inspired this personal essay.

I thought the science earlier this year (you can always tell if a person is a moron or an imbecile if they start saying the phrase “We must follow the science” with an idiotic glint in their eye as they sit glassy eyed listening to the latest satanic demonic statement from the evil mad scientist Dr. Anthony Fauci or an AHS SS-Gestapo official) said you were supposed to wait a certain time period between receiving the 1st and 2nd dose.

Now it looks like the evil satanic AHS (Alberta Health Services but really the reincarnated Nazi SS- Gestapo) are experimenting with double dosing people with the vaccine within a 24 hour period.

However since it’s homeless people they’re experimenting on- no problem as far as AHS is concerned.

They probably share the same demonic Nietzschean ubermensch philosophy as that held by the evil doctor in that Hugh Grant movie where Hugh Grant played a good doctor battling the evil doctor.

It’s that old Hugh Grant movie come to life.

-A personal essay written by Christopher
Saturday October 30th 2021.

To my friends who pray, please pray for me who’s stuck in a homeless shelter in these evil times where Nietzschean Fascism, Nazi eugenics and Soviet Stalinism reign again.

Vril Society mystic Maria Orsic who lived in the days of the evil Third Reich.
Only the George Soros-Bill Gates-Klaus Schwab-Dr. Anthony Fauci 4th Reich Revised Nazi-Soviet Pact would be more evil she foresaw.

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Preferring Cats To Covid and Also Cigarettes

October 24, 2021 at 10:12 pm (Commentary, Life, Personal essays) ()

Well yesterday the homeless shelter I’m in suffered a Covid outbreak.

This is why I was leery of going into a homeless shelter in the first place (even one like this that has free WiFi for its clients plus only 4 to 5 people per room) because I had heard that homeless shelters are Covid superspreaders.

But once I had run out of money in my bank account for a hotel room, I had no other choice.

Alberta Social Services will only send me next month’s disability cheque until I actually have a place to rent.

So tonight a friend from the Spanish language Church I occassionally attend drove me over to a place to rent I had heard about from another acquaintance.

It was a trailer in a trailer court.

It was a rather nice looking trailer.

I’d have a couple of other roommates.

Plus cats.

Six cats.

I do love cats.

As soon as I entered the trailer, a cute little black kitten ran towards me, meowed and rubbed her head against me.

“I hope you like cats,” said the owner of the trailer.

“I do,” I nodded.

“That’s good because we have 5 others,” said the trailer owner.

I wouldn’t mind six cats.

The only thing that made me decide not to take a room in the trailer was the over 3 dozen cigarette butts I counted in the trailer’s living room ashtray which appeared to be recently smoked.

I have a terrible allergy to cigarette smoke.

So I’m still in a homeless shelter for now- and one unfortunately with Covid.

And trying desperately to find a place to rent so I can get my disability cheque from Alberta Social Services for next month and once again build up money in my bank account that I lost from having to rent a hotel room because the Wicked Witch of Voldemort threw me out of my community house.

October 24th 2021.

I think I’d much prefer attending the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with Alice, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare than living in Calgary during a plandemic-pandemic.

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God Vs. The Void

October 20, 2021 at 9:28 pm (Life, Personal essays) ()

Please read the blog post I wrote last night called J’Accuse -The Calgary Dream Center-There’s Something Rotten In The State of Denmark (Calgary).

This isn’t a real blog post per se.

Just an emergency appeal.

Regular readers of my blog know that I was unceremoniously kicked out of my community housing association co-op community house earlier this month for no good reason.

I thought I had money in my bank account until tomorrow.

It turns out I ran out today.

Please keep me in your prayers as I don’t know what I shall do.


The above was how I started my blogpost this morning.

The title I called it then was An Emergency Appeal.

I had run out of money in my bank account.

I couldn’t stay in a hotel another night.

Wasn’t sure where I’d spend tonight.

Well a whole bunch of strange things happened to me today.

Including people coming up out of the blue and telling me, “Don’t throw yourself in the Bow River.”

How did they know I was seriously considering throwing myself in the Bow River and ending it all?

Anyways tonight I’m in a new homeless shelter in Calgary (one that didn’t exist the last time I was homeless in 2016 and 2017).

4 or 5 people to one room instead of a big hall with a whole bunch of sleeeping bags on the floor.

And they have free WiFi for their clients.

Something they didn’t have back in 2016 and 2017 the last time I was homeless here.

So I changed the title of this post to God vs. The Void.

A friend of mine in Bavaria- she believes in God.

A friend of mine in Los Angeles- he believes in the Void.

Although if he hangs around me too long (cyberspacingly speaking), he may have to start reconsidering his position.

October 20th 2021.

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J’ Accuse- The Calgary Dream Centre- There’s Something Rotten In The State of Denmark (Calgary)

October 19, 2021 at 11:10 pm (Commentary, Life, Personal essays) (, , )

As a geopolitical analyst who writes a vampire novel to serve as an instrument to teach people about geopolitical events and current world affairs, I could be writing about any number of geopolitical stories and current events tonight.

Poland is considering leaving the European Union (EU) having concluded rightly (in my opinion) that the EU is the USSR 2.0

Creepy Joe Biden in his most recent hair raising hair smelling video where he’s smelling the hair of a little girl says to her, “They won’t let me drive anymore so that’s why I like to smell your hair.”
What a creep! This guy should be nowhere near children. They won’t let him drive anymore. Yet they’ll let him be President of the United States.

The United States military is in a state of shock because Communist China just tested a low flying hypersonic missile capable of flying anywhere over the globe.

While the United States Military stand there looking stupified (much like their civilian commander-in-chief), Xi Jinping is probably already dancing and singing, “Taiwan, here we come.”

In Trieste, Italy, the Neo-Gestapo Police Force of Trieste brutally beat a group of peaceful protesting anti-vaccine passport dock workers who were peacefully praying the Rosary on the docks.
They fired tear gas and used batons.
A pregnant woman was beaten by police.
Tear gas was fired at women and children.

But sadly I won’t be doing any of these stories tonight to give you my latest run-in and bad treatment at the hands of the Calgary community housing association that I rented rooms from in the period from 2017 until earlier this month.

And this time, I’ll be naming names after the way I was treated today.

J’accuse the Calgary Dream Centre of acting like an insensitive obnoxious bureaucratic institution since the summer of 2019.

I’ve been watching TCM in my hotel room where I’ve been staying after I was kicked out of the community house in Marlborough where I had rented a room from the Calgary Dream Centre (and one TCM movie I watched was a 1958 movie where Jose Ferrer played Alfred Dreyfus the Jewish French Army officer who was falsely accused of espionage back in the 1890s. The name of the movie was J’Accuse taken from the name of the January 13th 1898 newspaper article entitled J’Accuse written by French writer Emile Zola in response to the Dreyfus Affair).

The money in my bank account will run out this Thursday so I won’t be able to rent a hotel room.

I have no idea what I’ll do then.

I’m not staying in a homeless shelter in the middle of a pandemic because those places are Covid Superspreaders.

I don’t want to end up dying alone in a hospital room as a ventilator is shoved down my throat.

For background I direct you to my October 6th 2021 blog post entitled No Sense of A Permanent Home Can Lead To Suicidal Feelings.

Also the October 7th 2021 blog post entitled Housing Crisis, Battle of Lepanto and Possible Chinese Communist Invasion of Taiwan.

I can’t copy and paste those links for you as I’ve lost my copy and paste function on both my ancient obsolete iPhone and my ancient obsolete tablet.

Anyhow the gist of the matter as I recall dates back to the summer of 2019.

Then I was renting a room in a Calgary Dream Centre Community House in the Calgary neighbourhood of Pineridge (where I had lived since November 2017).

The house’s social worker/case worker arrived with her boss another woman to consider the possibilty of renovating the house’s two lower floors (it was a 4-story house).

Since I occupied the bedroom on the house’s first lower floor, I was introduced to the case worker’s boss.

The case worker’s boss questioned me and wanted to know what variety of alcohol or type of hallucinogenic drug I was recovering from (as most people in the Calgary Dream Centre Community Housing Program are recovering alcoholics or recovering drug addicts).

I said neither.

I just suffered from a case of severe clinical depression brought about by the PTSD brought on by my father’s death from cancer back in the spring of 2010.

As soon as I said that, this woman looked at me with an expression of pure hatred on her face.

I guess she thought only recovering alcoholics and recovering drug addicts should be in the Calgary Dream Centre Community Housing Program to combat homelessness.

But I was told at the time I was let into the Calgary Dream Center Community Housing program back in February 2017 that they do let into the program clients who are just suffering from clinical depression not just those with alcohol or drug addictions.

For posts about that time in my life please read the blog post entitled Homeless and Suicidal In Calgary (from February 17th 2021).

Also read From The Rooftops You Can See: A Poem (from February 21st 2017), Snow Falls Like Raindrops: A Poem (from February 22nd 2017), Haiku About Homelessness (from February 26th 2017) and Kwan Yin: A Poem (from February 27th 2021).

Since that time of the summer of 2019, I noticed a change in the attitude of the Pineridge house case worker.

She kept on trying to find fault with the way I kept my room and my bathroom and everything else.

Finally in July 2020, she dropped by to say they’d soon be renovating my room and I needed to move all my stuff out of there.

I said, “I’d rather move. I’m feeling homesick for Edmonton. I’ll move back there.”

I was also angry at Calgary because Calgary’s then fat slob Neo-Bolshevik Communist Mayor Naheed Nenshi had just announced a compulsory mask policy (at the urging of Neo-Bolshevik Communist physician and demagogue Dr.Joe Vipond the 21st Century Dr. Norman Bethune of Alberta).

(Note: A Neo-Bolshevik Communist airhead named Jyoti Gondek was elected Mayor of Calgary last night to succeed Naheed Nenshi)

Of course a couple of weeks later Edmonton City Council adopted the same policy showing that Edmonton City Council is just as brainless as Calgary City Council.

But after that the house case worker was not so nosy around my room.

She must have told the Wicked Witch of Voldemort (as I call the woman who looked at me with pure absolute hatred back in the summer of 2019 when I told her I was not a recovering alcoholic or recovering drug addict) and the Wicked Witch must have thought I was moving out so laid out directions to lay off the harassment.

Then in September 2020 I was given a day’s notice to tell me that I needed to move my stuff out of my room because they were coming to renovate and put a new rug in right away the next day.

So I did it in a day.

When the house case worker put in another appearance at the Pineridge home, she asked me if I was still planning on moving to Edmonton.

I said no and a look of shock appeared on her face.

I said I was only considering moving to Edmonton because of having to move all my stuff out of my room.

If I was going to move all my stuff out of my room, then I might as well move out period I had figured.

But since I was not given several weeks’ notice that my room was being renovated and only given a day’s notice and then did it all under that timeline, there was no need for me to move I figured.

I imagine the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of Voldemort must have hit the ceiling of her office when she heard the news.

A month later a guy dropped around the house to give me a Skopec test or Skojek test or some name like that for the test where you’re asked a series of questions.

The only time I had such a test before was in the late summer/early autumn of 2017 just prior to my moving into the Calgary Dream Centre Community home in Pineridge (I moved into that house on November 1st 2017).

I thought it was strange at the time but I took the test.

Then a month later, the house case worker told me that I’d be moving into another house.

This stressed me out as I had lived in the Pineridge house for 3 years and was used to living there.

The only reason why I thought of leaving was because I thought it would take a while for them to renovate my room (it only took them 2 days).

That was November 2020 they wanted me to move out.

Then as it turned out one of my roomates and good friends in that house was becoming increasingly depressed because he was watching all the TV
news about Covid (I told him for the sake of his mental health that he should stop) and he had started drinking again.

The Dream Centre management wanted to move him into the infamous Room 502 of the Tower to dry him out.

He refused and moved into a hotel room where he began drinking really heavily.

He was taken to hospital with liver failure in December 2020 and died on January 3rd 2021.

Because of the situation with my roomate and friend, they decided I wouldn’t have to move over the Christmas holidays but could wait until sometime in the New Year.

Then in February 2021 they started pressuring me to move into another house again.

On March 3rd 2021, I was finally moved into a Calgary Dream Centre community house in Marlborough.

Then starting on October 1st of this month, they wanted me to go into a house in the Community Housing Program run by the City of Calgary itself.

I was finally given an ultimatum on Thursday October 7th of this month.

You can read about it in my October 6th and October 7th blog posts.

Today I received an email from the case worker for the Calgary Dream Center Community House in Marlborough.

So I answered her.

My email came back with the message MESSAGE BLOCKED and showed a sinister looking Orwellian 1984 style traffic light with a sinister looking red light.

What the- Let’s Go Brandon!

What was that about?

My house case worker had sent me a message.

I replied.

I never said anything offensive.

And for some strange reason, my email was blocked from reaching her and I get the reply MESSAGE BLOCKED with sinister looking Orwellian 1984 overtones.

That did it.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The gloves are off as far as I’m concerned.

J’Accuse the Calgary Dream Center of acting like an obnoxious insensitive bureaucratic institution.

There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark (Calgary).

And it’s the Calgary Dream Center.

The place is a nightmare.

-A personal essay
written by Christopher
Tuesday October 19th

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Housing Crisis, Battle of Lepanto and Possible Communist Chinese Invasion of Taiwan

October 7, 2021 at 11:00 pm (Commentary, Geopolitics and International Relations, History, International Intrigue, Life, News, Personal essays, Vampire novel)

Personal Note:

Well the bums at the Calgary co-op community housing association who own the house I rent a room in have kicked me out since I didn’t want to move into a house owned by the inept and incompetent City of Calgary Housing Corporation.

Fortunately I have some money in my bank account and so I’m currently staying in a room in a hotel.

I was unable to get ahold of a few people I know at the Spanish language Church I attend.

Otherwise I might have been able to stay with them a few days.

-Christopher, October 7th 2021.

Historical Note: Today October 7th 2021 is the 450th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto in which the Holy League Navy established by Pope Saint Pius V defeated the Ottoman Empire Imperial Navy of Ali Pasha.

The Holy League victory of October 7th 1571 saved Western Europe from Ottoman Turkish invasion.

Geopolitical Note: Since last Friday October 1st the People’s Republic of China has flown over 150 plane sorties into Taiwanese airspace.

Senile old fool Joe Biden announced yesterday that he and Communist Chinese despot Xi Jinping have both agreed over the phone to adhere to the Tawainese Agreement made between Richard M. Nixon and Mao Tse-tung back in the early 1970s.

Renfield is pissed off and is mad as Hell note:

“If those Gestapo from the Calgary Community Housing Association hadn’t arrived at a house just as a certain Calgary geopolitical analyst was about to watch an episode of his favourite soap opera The Young and The Restless (just when it looked like Victoria Newman was about to marry Ashlyn Locke at a wedding in Tuscany too- the bastards!), his whole day wouldn’t have been interrupted and set back by several hours and he’d have written a brilliant chapter about me comparing that Joe Biden-Xi Jinping phone call on the Taiwan Agreement to the Munich Agreement signed between Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler.”

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No Sense of A Permanent Home Can Lead To Suicidal Feelings

October 6, 2021 at 10:39 pm (Life, Personal essays)

Hi all,

Well the bozos in the Community Housing Co-op Association that I’m in want me to move into the City of Calgary Community Housing Program (a program run by the incompetent and inept City of Calgary itself) meaning that I’ll now have to move again.

I feel like I’m at the end of my rope.

It’s whenever I experience a housing crisis in my life that I start to feel suicidal.

It happened to me in 2010/2011 when my dad died and I had to move out of my dad’s house.

It happened to me in 2016 when the rent in the City of Vancouver had soared sky high and I was unable to find a job.

I came to Calgary in July 2016 where I wound up in a homeless shelter.

I experienced it in February 2017 when I was kicked out of a homeless shelter because I dared to defend myself against a drug addict who had attacked me on my mat.

I experienced it last autumn (the autumn of 2020) when the bozos running this community housing association wanted me to move from the house I had lived in for 3 years (since November 2017).

Eventually in March 2021 I moved into this one that I’m currently in and now they want me to move into a house owned by the incompetent and inept City of Calgary Housing Program itself.

Well there’s so much happening on the world geopolitical front this month that I was going to write about.

But as usual the Devil wants to screw up my housing accomodation and send me into suicidal thoughts of depression so I won’t be able to write about the upcoming geopolitical events.

-Christopher, October 6th 2021.

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Words To Consider

July 9, 2021 at 10:24 pm (Life)

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