The Mirror and Its Loveliest Reflection

January 3, 2023 at 9:28 pm (love, Poetry, Romance) (, , )

  • There is no more beautiful reflection in a mirror
  • Than the reflection of love
  • -written by Christo₱her
  • Tuesday January 3rd
  • 2023

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  • On The Moon

    January 1, 2023 at 8:26 pm (love, magic, Poetry, Romance, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) ()

  • The woman on the moon
  • The man found himself on the moon
  • At one moment, he found himself walking in England’s ₱astures green
  • And the next moment he found himself on the moon
  • He was able to breathe normally and had no astronaut suit
  • So he astutely deduced that something su₱ernatural was occurring
  • And then he saw the woman on the moon
  • The woman who haunted his dreams
  • “Hello,” he said figuring it was the best way to start a conversation
  • “Ha₱₱y New Year,” she answered
  • “Ha₱₱y New Year,” he greeted back
  • “You are the man who ₱ulled the sword out of a stone in Cornwall on Christmas Day a few years back,” She asked him.
  • “I am,” he nodded.
  • “Then you are the heir to Arthur King of the Britons,” She smiled.
  • “Well yes, I su₱₱ose I am,” the man agreed.
  • “I am here to hel₱ you,” the woman on the moon offered her services
  • The man didn’t refuse her.
  • -A ₱oem and vam₱ire novel cha₱ter
  • written by Christo₱her
  • Sunday January 1st 2023

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  • A Marilyn Monroe Halloween

    October 13, 2022 at 8:24 pm (Detective story, Espionage, Gothic, Gothic romance, History, Literature, love, magic, Mystery, Poetry, Romance, The Supernatural) (, , , , , , , )

    Marilyn Monroe At Halloween

    It was Halloween 1954
    And Carson Cody Albion
    Knocked at the door

    Myend was what the sign on the door said

    Whoever owned the house called Yourend had fled
    So Albion had come knocking knocking on Myend’s door
    Private eye he was, no raven saying “Nevermore”.

    It was no Pallas Athena that opened the door
    But Marilyn Monroe in witch’s apparel without any gore

    A lovely witch she was with candles four
    And a lovely dress J. Edgar Hoover would die for

    Said Marilyn, “Hast thou come knocking at my entrance door?”
    Said Albion, “Thou hast knockers that defy gravity’s floor.”
    Said Marilyn, “Dost thou love me even though I be poor?”
    “I do,” said Albion, “I bought this ring at the jewellery store.”

    The curtain and the veil in the temple tore
    Baskerville hound lost its footing in the moor
    Only PH Unbalanced remained a colossal bore
    But the rest of the cosmos rejoiced encore

    What sorcery is this that has done this for?
    Love’s beating heart yet beats some more
    A tale to be told like in days of yore
    Albion entered the house as cats and dogs and rain doth pour.

    -A Carson Cody Albion poem
    and Halloween poem
    written by Christopher
    Thursday October 13th

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    September 28, 2021 at 10:45 pm (love, Poetry, Romance) (, , )

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    An Intersection of Time

    April 10, 2021 at 10:58 pm (Film, Ghost Story, love, Movies, Music, Poetry, Romance, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , )

    The year was 1929.
    The bride was waiting for the wedding to begin.
    She looked behind her.
    And noticed one of the candles had burnt out.
    Was this an omen she wondered?
    Was she making the right decision?
    Was her life about to become like that burnt out candle?

    Amadeus Emanon was standing on the stage of an empty nightclub.
    The nightclub was closed due to Boris Johnson’s lockdown.
    But Amadeus felt at his best when performing on a stage.
    He may not be able to sing to people in the club.
    But he felt he was able to sing to ghosts.
    The ghosts of the past.
    The ghosts of the present.
    And the ghosts of the future.

    The ghosts of the present.
    People alone and isolated.
    And fading away
    Under an iron curtain
    That had descended all across the globe.

    The ghosts of the future
    If there was a future
    Those whose anguished cries could not reach the present
    As the darkness fell
    And everything was void
    and waiting for that moment
    Of the spoken Word,
    “Let there be light.”

    Ghosts of the past.
    In a distant theatre box
    Amadeus saw a woman in silhoutte
    A bride
    Looking back at a burnt out candle
    As if she was looking at an omen.

    Amadeus began to sing
    And sang to the woman
    To the bride…

    Moon River, wider than a mile
    I’m crossing you in style someday
    Oh dream maker
    You heartbreaker
    Where ever you’re going I’m going your way
    Two drifters off to see the world
    There’s such a lot of world to see
    We’re after the same rainbow’s end
    Waiting round the bend
    My huckleberry friend
    Moon River and me.

    Amadeus lowered his head
    The song was finished
    The spot light was fading
    And it was as if the singer
    Was waiting for the applause

    That never came.

    The bride listened
    She had never heard the song
    And probably would not again
    Unless on some far off 1961 morning
    She had breakfast at Tiffany’s

    But the song gave her courage
    And inspired her to walk down the aisle
    And grasp the hand of her love
    Her huckleberry friend
    Two drifters off to see the world
    there’s such a lot of world to see

    The moon came through
    Shining through the stained glass window
    Depicting the Jordan River
    And at this nighttime service
    It shone brightly
    On the spot
    Where the one candle had burnt out

    In the far off distance
    Amadeus’ voice carried through time,
    “Moon River and thee.”

    -A poem and vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Saturday April 10th

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    December 1, 2020 at 11:31 pm (Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Gothic, Gothic romance, History, Life, love, Plays, Poetry, Romance, theatre) (, , , , )

    The old playhouse was closing
    It had a successful run throughout its long life
    As a playhouse theatre
    For 25 years
    From comedies to tragedies
    Romance to dramas
    Several hits
    And a few flops

    It was a victim of its own success
    For so many people
    Were wanting to subscribe to its season
    Of plays
    This old playhouse
    Could not seat all those who wanted to attend
    What its company of performers and directors
    Stage hands and lighting technicians
    Had to offer.

    So last night was the last performance
    In the old playhouse
    And now this 1st of December 1945
    The new playhouse with new seats
    And a much larger seating capacity
    For a much larger audience
    Would be opening its run
    Of Dickens’ classic tale
    For Christmas
    A Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol
    With Ebenezer Scrooge
    And his longsuffering clerk
    Bob Cratchit
    And Tiny Tim
    And the ghost of Scrooge’s
    7-years dead partner
    Jacob Marley
    With chains upon his feet
    And the Ghosts of Christmas Past
    and Yet To Come

    Selena was an actress

    She wasn’t appearing in A Christmas Carol
    But she had appeared in the last play
    Ever performed in this old playhouse
    The play that had finished its run last night
    Wuthering Heights
    Emily Bronte’s classic tale
    of tragic doomed love
    Of lovers who went far beyond star-crossed
    Trying to reach the heavens
    And end up
    Into the abyss.
    Of ghosts
    And knocking outside the window
    And howling winds
    And desolate moors
    And souls that are damned
    And what happens when compassion is lacking
    And revenge is always served
    Hot or cold.

    Selena had played Cathy
    The love of Heathcliff’s life
    And the woman who loved Heathcliff
    Hot love
    Passionate love
    Forbidden love
    The love only hinted at by Emily Bronte
    As if Orestes and Electra
    Had come from tragic Mycenae of old
    To perform unfinished business
    On the early 19th Century
    Yorkshire Moors

    Selena sat on coverings
    On the sofa
    Where she as Cathy
    Had sat with the man
    Who was Cathy’s husband
    But not Cathy’s love or lover
    Edgar Linton
    In Bronte’s classic tale

    And then
    As if in one magic moment
    A lighting technician
    Suddenly shone the spotlight
    On Selena
    (Who was dressed to attend
    The new theatre playhouse
    Christmas Carol
    Opening night party)
    As she sat on that sofa

    And that spotlight
    Shone on one promising young actress
    Who had performed many great performances
    In that old playhouse
    And soon would perform many more
    In a new playhouse theatre

    The spotlight would soon fade
    And the lights would come down
    For good
    on the old playhouse
    It may not have been Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre of London
    But it had been the town’s old playhouse
    Bringing joy and sadness
    Heartache and hearbreak
    To so many spectators
    And audiences over the years

    Like many old buildings
    This old playhouse
    Had character
    And thus would be missed
    And its old plays
    And many performances
    Would only be played again
    In the memories
    of the theatre
    Of the mind

    -A poem written by Christopher
    Tuesday December 1st

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    One Line Poetic Reflection After Having Watched A Hallmark Christmas Romance Movie This Evening

    November 27, 2020 at 11:36 pm (Commentary, Inspiration, Life, love, Poetry, Romance) (, , , )

    A Christmas snowfall is God’s gentle baptism of the Earth in the darkest of winter.

    -Christopher Dracul Van Helsing

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    Dawn Embrace

    September 19, 2020 at 10:18 pm (History, Literature, love, Poetry, Romance) ()

    Their kiss welcomed the break of dawn
    As morning dove sang a welcome song
    far from the far-off battle throng
    Knowing this embrace might be their last
    Let not this moment go by fast

    In each generation, evil raises its cruel slithering head
    filling so many lands with much fear and dread
    And those noble in soul must rise to the charge
    to slay that evil before it grows too large

    When evil arises, many are called to make sacrifice
    And often one’s own life must bear the price
    At times just due to fatal roll of the dice
    But for one moment, call a halt to the sands of time
    let this moment be captured in verse and rhyme

    Let one more kiss do impart
    Lest one must fall to death’s dire dart
    And return no more full of body and soul
    Leaving a grieving heart with a pierced hole.

    -A poem written by Christopher
    Saturday September 19th 2020.

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    Lakota Sioux Princess Tanaka and Her Wolf Companion

    August 8, 2020 at 10:59 pm (Folklore, Gothic, Gothic romance, love, Mythology, Romance, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , )

    The Lakota Sioux Princess Tanaka

    The immortal Lakota Sioux Princess Tanaka had several wolf companions who served as her protectors.

    Her longest serving was a wolf called Seneca who had served her ever since she became an immortal after bareback riding a rare white buffalo on the South Dakota plains back in the late 1870s.

    Seneca had been a gift to her from her Medicine Man grandfather (long since deceased).

    She had often felt that this wolf Seneca was a creature from another dimension.

    The writer C.S. Lewis in one of his Narnia books had once talked about a planet which had several trees growing on it.

    Each tree was its own separate universe or world or dimensional realm.

    Just as C.S. Lewis saw the rise of the Transhumanist movement within Science (noted in his book That Hideous Strength).

    So he foresaw the possibility of multiple worlds or multiple universes- something that modern physics now thinks possible.

    Saint Jerome who translated the Bible into Latin -a book known to History as the Vulgate – had recounted in his diary a meeting with a faun (the Roman term for satyr- a creature who was part man and part goat- part of Greco-Roman mythology).

    The faun had told Jerome not to worry.

    That he (the faun) was a creature from another dimension.

    But a dimension created by the same God that Jerome worshipped.

    For the Great High God was the creator of the whole Cosmos (and Cosmos in Greek meant the whole created order).

    So the faun explained to Jerome that there were many dimensions within the cosmos – the whole created order- not just the dimension in which Jerome’s Earth existed.

    Although the faun explained there were a group of beings called the Watchers who had created fauns and satyrs and other hybrids (recounted in mythology) in this dimension.

    These Watchers were the ancestors of the Nephilim (the giants) mentioned in the Book of Genesis Chapter 6.

    The Watchers and their Nephilim off-spring caused great evil on the Earth which caused God to send the Flood.

    When Tanaka had read Jerome’s account of his meeting with the faun, she wondered if Lewis had read it as well.

    And caused Lewis to create the faun character of Mr. Tumnus in the Narnia books.

    Tanaka reflected on her wolf protectors.

    Some were supernatural.

    Others were natural who were drawn to her.

    There was one- a white wolf with blue eyes- that Tanaka thought was in fact human.

    He was a shapeshifter.

    Out walking with this blue eyed wolf protector in the woods near the northeastern English village of Barnack (in whose village rectory the noted writer Charles Kingsley author of the book The Water Babies had spent his childhood), Tanaka sat down and looked at him and communicated telepathically.

    When the wolf answered Yes to being human, she communicated another question.

    The wolf held his head down and then looked up again with sad eyes.

    He had lost the ability to speak his own thoughts so he communicated with the lyrics of one of his favourite songs from his childhood – the song Sometimes When We Touch written by Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Hill:

    You ask me if I love you
    And I choke on my reply
    I’d rather hurt you honestly
    Than mislead you with a lie

    For who am I to judge you
    In what you say or do
    I’m only just beginning
    To see the real you

    And sometimes when we touch
    The honesty’s too much
    And I have to close my eyes
    And hide
    I want to hold you till I die
    Till we both break down and cry
    I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides

    Romance’s an honest strategy
    Leaves me grappling with my pride
    But through the years of maturity
    Some tenderness survives
    I’m just another writer
    Still trapped within my truth
    A hesitant prizefighter
    Still trapped within my youth

    And sometimes when we touch
    The honesty’s too much
    And I have to close my eyes
    And hide…

    And with that the wolf closed his eyes and walked with his head down into the woods.

    “Avalon,” she called out after him, “Don’t you want me to hold you till the fear in you subsides?”.

    The wolf came back.

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Saturday August 8th

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    Night of The Pink Moon Super Moon

    April 7, 2020 at 10:45 pm (Arts, Entertainment, Fantasy, love, Mythology, Poetry, Romance) (, , , , )

    Night of The Pink Moon Super Moon

    Never an easy time to say good bye
    As a pink toned rose moon rose in the sky
    Against the rocks the surging tide rose high

    Lovely scent of palms and South Sea air
    And at the door stood a lady fair
    Magical pink mist rose in distant cloud 
    In this paradise far from the madd’ing crowd

    Sometimes worlds meet where they embrace and not collide 
    For life is more than a merry go ride
    Heart to heart, heart to heart 
    Must kindred souls do part?

    She Mahina the Hawaiian and Polynesian goddess of the moon
    He Dracul of the earth’s mournful tune 
    Now on this night she must return home
    Else she fade away like the ocean foam

    Star crossed lovers under a rose hue sky
    Where South Sea waves splash amidst mermaid cry
    She turned around with last longing look 
    And to the heavens vanished leaving one night hunter forsook 

    -A poem and vampire novel chapter 
    written by Christopher
    Tuesday April 7th

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