On The Moon

January 1, 2023 at 8:26 pm (love, magic, Poetry, Romance, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) ()

  • The woman on the moon
  • The man found himself on the moon
  • At one moment, he found himself walking in England’s ₱astures green
  • And the next moment he found himself on the moon
  • He was able to breathe normally and had no astronaut suit
  • So he astutely deduced that something su₱ernatural was occurring
  • And then he saw the woman on the moon
  • The woman who haunted his dreams
  • “Hello,” he said figuring it was the best way to start a conversation
  • “Ha₱₱y New Year,” she answered
  • “Ha₱₱y New Year,” he greeted back
  • “You are the man who ₱ulled the sword out of a stone in Cornwall on Christmas Day a few years back,” She asked him.
  • “I am,” he nodded.
  • “Then you are the heir to Arthur King of the Britons,” She smiled.
  • “Well yes, I su₱₱ose I am,” the man agreed.
  • “I am here to hel₱ you,” the woman on the moon offered her services
  • The man didn’t refuse her.
  • -A ₱oem and vam₱ire novel cha₱ter
  • written by Christo₱her
  • Sunday January 1st 2023

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  • Ankhesenamun In Jerusalem

    November 24, 2022 at 11:50 pm (Espionage, Geopolitics and International Relations, History, International Intrigue, magic, News, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , , , )

  • /
  • A ₱ainting of the mysterious Ankhesenamun
  • /
  • While a ₱ainting of the mysterious Ankhesenamun was being unveiled at The Dashwood Forrest Art Gallery in London, the mysterious Ankhesenamun herself was walking on to₱ of the Tem₱le Mount in Jerusalem.
  • /
  • Ankhesenamun was of course the daughter of ₱haraoh Akhenaten (whose reign was one of solar monotheism in which only one god was worshi₱₱ed – Aten the sun god) and his Great Royal Wife Queen Nefertiti.
  • /
  • Ankhesenamun was also the half-sister and Great Royal Wife of ₱haraoh Tutankhamun (also known as King Tut the Boy ₱haraoh whose tomb was discovered 1OO years ago in November 1922).
  • /
  • She had been turned into a vam₱iress by the ancient Babylonian vam₱iress Lilith millenia ago.
  • /
  • She now stood ato₱ the Tem₱le Mount in Jerusalem.
  • /
  • Her com₱anion was a living S₱hinx.
  • /
  • The s₱hinx was born 1O3 years ago in Bethlehem on the same date in 1919 that Irish ₱oet William Butler Yeats wrote his ₱oem The Second Coming.
  • /
  • Ankhesenamun, the S₱hinx and Israeli ₱rime Minister designate Benjamin Netanyahu were sharing a glass of ancient Egy₱tian beer and a bottle of Mogen David wine together.
  • /
  • The ₱roceedings were being watched by Russian vam₱iress Svetlana Kireeva of the FSB who was a s₱y for Vladimir ₱utin.
  • /
  • Svetlana drank a Chardonnay wine, ate Black Sea caviar and some boiled Vietnamese Basa catfish as she watched the ₱roceedings.
  • /
  • -A vam₱ire novel cha₱ter
  • /
  • written by Christo₱her
  • /
  • Thursday November 24th
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  • A Marilyn Monroe Halloween

    October 13, 2022 at 8:24 pm (Detective story, Espionage, Gothic, Gothic romance, History, Literature, love, magic, Mystery, Poetry, Romance, The Supernatural) (, , , , , , , )

    Marilyn Monroe At Halloween

    It was Halloween 1954
    And Carson Cody Albion
    Knocked at the door

    Myend was what the sign on the door said

    Whoever owned the house called Yourend had fled
    So Albion had come knocking knocking on Myend’s door
    Private eye he was, no raven saying “Nevermore”.

    It was no Pallas Athena that opened the door
    But Marilyn Monroe in witch’s apparel without any gore

    A lovely witch she was with candles four
    And a lovely dress J. Edgar Hoover would die for

    Said Marilyn, “Hast thou come knocking at my entrance door?”
    Said Albion, “Thou hast knockers that defy gravity’s floor.”
    Said Marilyn, “Dost thou love me even though I be poor?”
    “I do,” said Albion, “I bought this ring at the jewellery store.”

    The curtain and the veil in the temple tore
    Baskerville hound lost its footing in the moor
    Only PH Unbalanced remained a colossal bore
    But the rest of the cosmos rejoiced encore

    What sorcery is this that has done this for?
    Love’s beating heart yet beats some more
    A tale to be told like in days of yore
    Albion entered the house as cats and dogs and rain doth pour.

    -A Carson Cody Albion poem
    and Halloween poem
    written by Christopher
    Thursday October 13th

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    Pan Goatee Makes The Calgary Evening News

    July 16, 2022 at 8:53 pm (Aesthetics, Avatar Speaks, Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, magic, Sorcery, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , )

    Proposed mural for the Catholic Church’s Synod on Synodality in the Canadian province of Alberta

    “Good evening,” the Calgary Evening News anchorman wore an I’ve Been Vaccinated 5 Times Button as his skin peeled off and his hair fell out while reading the news, “A fat ugly blimp, her moronic low IQ boyfriend, a couple of other uglo women and their uglo female progeny were beheaded and cut up into 999 trillion pieces each in a southeast Calgary Dollar store tonight. Authorities strongly suspect world famous genetically created satyr serial killer Pan Goatee was involved as beheading uglos and morons and cutting them up into 999 trillion pieces each is generally his signature modus operandi. Another fat ugly blimp was beheaded and cut up into 999 trillion pieces while waiting to cross the street to get to a Dollar store at another location. Authorities suspect Pan Goatee was involved in that beheading and dismemberment as well.”

    The anchorman stopped to put his right eyeball back in its socket after it had popped out.

    The anchorman continued, “Tomorrow the 2022 Calgary Stampede will come to an end with a Drag Queen Pancake Breakfast and Sing-A-Long. Among the Drag Queens performing will be Ms. Karla Marx a Communist drag queen. The Calgary Stampede has certainly come a long way since its inception over 100 years ago. Once strictly for white heterosexual pronoun fascist male misogynistic cowboys (to quote our beloved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau), today it is a rainbow display of unity in diversity.
    And speaking of unity in diversity, here is the award winning mural for the Synod On Synodality to be hosted by the Roman Catholic ArchDiocese of Edmonton, the Diocese of Calgary and the Diocese of Saint Paul in Alberta.”

    “It was designed by Ms. Gaius Femalus Undefinedus Transgenderus,” the anchorman added.

    . . .

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) was meeting with an aide to discuss his upcoming trip to the Canadian province of Alberta.

    “Unholy Father,” his aide said, “an entity that’s a demon buffalo head would like to meet you to discuss interfaith dialogue.”

    “And where should I meet him?” Bergoglio wanted to know, “At the site of a former residential school where I’ll be saying “I’m sorry” to First Nations peoples, at Sacre-Coeur Church in Edmonton where I’ll be saying “I’m sorry” to First Nations peoples or at the Lac St. Anne pilgrimage where I’ll be saying “I’m sorry” to First Nations peoples?”.

    “That’s a good question,” his aide answered, “I’ll ask my Reiki massage therapist and tarot card reader who’s been acting as a medium channel for him.”

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Saturday July 16th

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    This Neo-Plato’s Republic Is A Satanic Dystopia and Harry Potter’s Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge’s Mainstream Media Is Fighting To Preserve It

    October 14, 2021 at 11:00 pm (books, Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, Literature, magic, Mythology, News, Politics, Sorcery, Technology, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , )

    British MP Renfield R. Renfield was giving a Thursday night podcast.

    “Dr. Robert Malone who’s the inventor of mRNA technology maintains that it’s the fully vaccinated who are the Covid superspreaders.
    The spike protein given to vaccinated people sheds within their bodies and then passes on a far deadlier variant of Covid to others.
    In a fully vaccinated society like the State of Israel they pass on deadly variants of the virus to one another.
    That’s why in fully vaccinated places like Israel, the United Kingdom, the American state of Vermont and the city of Waterford, Ireland, all the hospitalizations and deaths have been occurring among the fully vaccinated.
    In the Canadian prairie provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan where there WAS a large percentage of people who didn’t get vaccinated, that’s why the first massive hospitalizations and deaths were occurring among the unvaccinated (unless of course the SS-Gestapo AHS (Alberta Health Services) and its brainless Saskatchewan SS-Gestapo counterpart were lying about the statistics which is always a very real possibility).
    Dr. Malone has likened what’s going on with today’s Covid vaccines to the illegal medical experiments conducted by Nazi Germany.”

    Malone points out that:

    “During the Second World War, Jews and other ethnic groups were subjected to horrible experimental research. And they justified it by saying it was for the common good.”

    Renfield then interjected at this point that “for the common good” was a favourite expression used by Pope Francis and his numerous “useful idiots” bishops, priests and theologians that were his most ardent supporters.

    Malone said that the Western world agreed at Nuremberg in 1946 that “we weren’t going to do that anymore. Yet from time to time we seem to forget and of course Tuskegee is one example and frankly this is another example.”

    Renfield then mentioned, “Using the guidelines established by Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge and the brainless mainstream media to slander Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Albus Dumbledore for daring to say that Voldemort had returned as recorded in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, various lying and deceptive so-called “fact checkers” for the mainstream media have tried to blatheringly argue that these experimental mRNA vaccines are not in violation of the Nuremberg Code as they are “vaccines” and not “experiments” to quote their Goebbelesque propaganda rhetoric. Well, I’ve got news for you assholes, if these were actually “vaccines” and not “experiments currently ongoing”, then they wouldn’t have required EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), assholes.”

    Renfield then pushed a button where a curtain rose on a tank where a bunch of people were being thrown in to be eaten by crocodiles.

    “These crocodiles,” Renfield grinned, “have been specially trained by the Miss Manners School of Veterinary Etiquette and Good Manners to chew their food slowly and delicately and not to gulp them down whole hog. This gives the added benefit of these assholes being thrown in to the tank and being eaten to undergo severely excruciating pain as their bodily parts such as fingers, toes, arms, legs, knees, thighs, elbows, hips, etc. are slowly eaten by the crocodiles and of course the assholes’ heads are eaten last.”

    “By the way all these assholes being eaten in the “most delightful way” to quote Julie Andrews’ Mary Poppins are all “fact checkers” whose lies and distortions have appeared on the first page of Google Search Results when you google the term Nuremberg Code. These “fact checkers” supposedly “debunking” how these vaccines are not violations of the Nuremberg Code did not show up when a Calgary based geopolitical analyst googled the term Nuremberg Code a few weeks ago. Today they did. Which goes to show that the Revived Nazi-Soviet Pact tech giant Google as well as lying and deceptive presstitute media whore “fact checkers” are acting like the lying mainstream media back in the day of Cornelius Fudge’s tenure as Minister of Magic when they deliberately slandered Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Albus Dumbledore for claiming that Voldemort had returned.”

    Renfield continued, “As many of you no doubt do not know since you seem to believe everything that Big Government, Big Business (especially Big Pharma) and the forever lying mainstream media tell you, we “are living in a world of fools” (to quote the Bee Gees) which is a Neo-Plato’s Republic turned satanic dystopia.

    Set Enterprises’ commandos who are working to overthrow this satanic New World Order (an unholy alliance between the vampire Set’s brother Osiris and the vampire Set’s ancient enemy Apophis) tracked down all the asshole “fact checkers” whose Goebbelesque propaganda appeared on the first page of Google Search Results on the term Nuremberg Code.

    These asshole “fact checkers” have been brought here to put their money where the crocodiles’ mouths are.

    These crocodiles with impeccable good manners and etiquette and who in refined dignified fashion chew their food slowly are doing just that as can be seen by the fact that the asshole “fact checkers” are loudly screaming their heads off with each dignified and refined crocodile bite.”

    “By the way,” Renfield smiled his pearly white teeth at the camera, “these asshole “fact checkers” being slowly eaten alive by crocodiles is not a medical experiment. It’s just good old fashioned medieval torture and ancient eye for an eye retribution. So it’s not in violation of the Nuremberg Code. God bless you and good night.”

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Thursday October 14th

    Mirabella Francesca Franconia (Parliamentary Secretary and Executive Assistant to British MP Renfield R. Renfield) attentively and appreciatively paying attention to her boss’ Thursday night podcast

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    Cleopatra, Maitreya and Yaldabaoth On Saint Patrick’s Day

    March 17, 2021 at 10:45 pm (Folklore, Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, magic, Mythology, News, Sorcery, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

    It was Saint Patrick’s Day 2021.

    And Yaldabaoth was on a bridge overlooking the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland.

    The night before he had been in a psychiatrist’s office at Saint Raphael’s Hospital in London.

    The session was to help him overcome his drinking problem.

    But judging from the amount of Guinness he had drunk on this Saint Patrick’s Day Evening in Dublin, it was obviously going to take more than one session.

    “Yaldabaoth,” the man named Peter Whitstable (whose unofficial title was the Fox Mulder of Interpol) greeted him.

    “What are you doing here in Dublin?” Yaldabaoth asked, “Do you have some more cloak and dagger work for me to do?”.

    The leprechaun put on a green cloak and then pulled a green jade dagger out of one of his green socks and put it in his green belt.

    “As you know the past dozen years, the Irish government has become increasingly made up of Apostles of the Antichrist,” Whitstable noted.

    “I imagine Saint Paddy is not too pleased with that,” Yaldabaoth drank his Guinness, “Is Harvey Tallbanger the invisible (to mortals) bunny rabbit here to throw green algae cream pies in their faces?”.

    “Most likely yes to your first statement and I don’t know to your second,” Whitstable answered, “I do know most leading members of the Irish government have taken an oath of allegiance to a hidden and secret High King of Ireland.”

    “And who is this hidden and secret High King of Ireland?” Yaldabaoth asked.

    “Maitreya a golden cobra serpent supernatural entity from the Himalayan region of Tibet and Nepal,” Whitstable replied.

    “Oh yes, he did have himself crowned High King of Ireland at the Hill of Tara back on Saint Patrick’s Day in 2018,” Yaldabaoth wiped his runny nose with a green handkerchief, “I believe he had crowned Queen Cleopatra VII Philopator of Egypt (whom he had resurrected from the dead) his High Queen as well.

    “Exactly,” Whitstable nodded, “Cleopatra is currently staying at a hotel here in Dublin.”

    “What hotel?” Yaldabaoth asked.

    “This one,” Whitstable handed the leprechaun a card with the hotel address on it, “I want you to get her photograph for my Interpol files. We do not have a photo of the living Cleopatra.”

    “Seeing as how she’s been dead since the 1st Century BC and was only resurrected 4 years ago, I can see why,” Yaldabaoth nodded, “I imagine Saint Paddy is probably ticked that not only has a serpent returned to Ireland (he having driven the serpents out of Ireland) but is further ticked that a serpent has crowned himself High King of Ireland.”

    “I would imagine,” Whitstable agreed.

    Meanwhile in Washington DC, U.S. President Joe Beijing O’ Biden asked one of his aides why one of the White House fountains was green.

    “You ordered it dyed green for Saint Patrick’s Day,” his aide answered.

    “I did?” Biden scratched his head, “Is it Saint Patrick’s Day?”.

    The aide nodded.

    “Then why is my desk cactus dressed as Santa Claus, why is my dog dressed like the Easter Bunny and why is Hunter dressed like a crack pipe smoking Great Pumpkin?” Biden inquired.

    Meanwhile back in Dublin, Ireland, Yaldabaoth entered the hotel room where Cleopatra was staying.

    He carried in his hands a black and white film camera that had once belonged to film director Orson Welles when he was alive.

    Yaldabaoth entered Cleopatra’s bedroom and snapped a photo.

    Cleopatra the former Queen of Egypt and current High Queen of Ireland

    After snapping the photo, Yaldabaoth gasped, “My God, that’s a killer outfit you’re wearing.”

    He then fell over dead.

    “Jesus,” an Irish Jesuit priest, who was recently defrocked by his superior for being straight and heterosexual, remarked as he walked by the open door in the hallway.

    “Oh, the void, the void,” a spider, who had recently come in contact with radioactive material in a science lab, remarked as he crawled by.

    “This looks like a job for Dr. Marmalade Montague and his Hendrick’s Gin Dunking Machine,” Harvey Tallbanger commented as he walked by and noticed Yaldabaoth the Irish leprechaun lying dead at Cleopatra’s spiked stiletto high-heeled shoes feet.

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Wednesday March 17th

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    Hera At Versailles

    January 26, 2021 at 11:58 pm (Arts, Geopolitics and International Relations, History, International Intrigue, magic, Mythology, News, Romance, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

    The Greek goddess Hera at the Palace of Versailles during the reign of the Sun King

    “So,” Set Enterprises’ eccentric scientist Dr. Marmalade Montague asked Canadian vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing, “I hear you’re able to travel back in time using the Pantages-Houdini-Tesla-Welles-Lamarr Magic Lantern?”.

    “I can neither confirm nor deny that,” Van Helsing answered.

    In his aquarium in the background, Michelangelo the Psychic Lobster held up a sign that read CONFIRMED.

    “So,” Marmalade read the sign, “When I fell into a time warp when I was Chief Scientist and Head Alchemist To The Court of Louis Quatorze and wound up here in the decade of the 2020s, I left an important alchemical formula on my desk in my laboratory at the Palace of Versailles. I was wondering if you could go back in time and get it for me?”.

    “Why can’t you go back in time and get it yourself?” Van Helsing inquired.

    “Because the Hindu god Shiva informed me while I was standing in line once at an Indian buffet restaurant in London last year that if I ever engaged in time travel again, I’d disintegrate into a pod of peas hanging from a lotus flower,” Dr. Marmalade Montague replied.

    “One wouldn’t want that unless one were a vegan vegetarian Transhumanist,” Van Helsing agreed.

    “I don’t know if it was because I helped myself to the last 2 dozen pieces of butter chicken from a buffet tray before the chef brought some more as I was standing in line in front of Shiva or if Shiva really meant it,” Marmalade reflected.

    “Well, as J. Robert Oppenheimer might say while putting on a trojan, it’s best to be on the safe side,” Van Helsing acknowledged.

    And so Van Helsing went back in time to the Palace of Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV the Sun King.

    He found the laboratory but as he entered the room a cat had knocked a piece of paper off the table which seemed to have elaborate drawings and formulae on it.

    The paper was then eaten by a poodle.

    “I hope that wasn’t the formula for turning lead into gold,” Van Helsing mused aloud.

    He then found his way to the main dining room of Versailles where he encountered the Greek goddess Hera.

    The Greek goddess Hera and Canadian vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing had made out on a couple of occasions.

    Unbeknownst to the Greek god Zeus of course.

    Otherwise Van Helsing might have disintegrated into ash as a result of having an Olympian thunder bolt thrown at him.

    “Dracul,” Hera smiled at him.

    “You must have time traveled from the 21st Century as well,” Van Helsing made a Holmes Sherlockian deduction, “because I never knew you during the Reign of the Sun King Louis Quatorze.”

    “I did,” Hera nodded, “I time traveled from January 2021.”

    “Same here,” Van Helsing stated.

    “Did you know that a year ago Zeus asked Hades to release the spirit of Alexander the Great from the Underworld?” Hera inquired.

    “It seems to me I heard something to that effect from the ghost of Orson Welles,” Van Helsing reflected.

    “And now this January he’s asked Hades to release the spirit of the Syrian Greek King Antiochus Epiphanes (whose official title was King Antiochus IV ) from the Underworld,” Hera noted.

    “Maybe Zeus is planning a major Abomination of Desolation with Pope Francis and they want Antiochus Epiphanes’ input into the matter,” Van Helsing said as a group of waiters walked by carrying trays loaded with roast pork.

    “I’m so horny and frustrated by Zeus constantly ignoring me,” Hera sighed.

    “Maybe I could help you with that,” Van Helsing took off his formal dinner jacket.

    Soon Hera and Van Helsing were making out on top of the Royal Banquet table.

    “Ah, I see they’re still setting up in here,” Louis XIV remarked to one of his mistresses as he poked his head in through the dining hall door, “Perhaps you’d like to come to my bedroom and I’ll show you my ceiling etchings of Zeus and Leto.”

    At that moment the ghost of Orson Welles was bicyling backwards through time in the CERN Large Hadron Collidor Time Tunnel.

    As he bicycled backwards in time through the time tunnel, the voice of Engelbert Humperdinck could be heard singing Les Bicyclettes de Belsize.

    Welles’ ghost was eating a large spectral bagel as he cycled backwards through time.

    Welles hoped that no one would mistake him for Hunter Biden son of Joe Biden as he was returning from Mass in the Presidential motorcade when he ordered the motorcade stopped so he could buy a bagel as he had come down with the munchies after having smoked a pipe of crack cocaine in the confessional booth.

    Welles’ ghost arrived just in time to see Dracul and Hera making out on the Royal Banquet table.

    “Woe is me,” Welles remarked as he drove his bicyle through the dining room window and on to the Versailles palace grounds.

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Tuesday January 26th

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    Yaldabaoth Meets A Bake-Danuki Tanuki

    June 14, 2020 at 10:33 pm (Folklore, magic, Mythology, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , )

    Yaldabaoth the Irish leprechaun was in Geneva Switzerland visiting a friend of his Mittendorf Lesterius who was one of the garden gnomes of Zurich.

    “What’s that a statue of?” Yaldabaoth pointed towards a statue.

    “That’s a bake-danuki tanuki,” the garden gnome answered as he pulled millions of Swiss francs out of his trousers and started counting it.

    “A what?” Yaldabaoth asked.

    “Well, a tanuki refers to a Japanese raccoon dog,” Mittendorf Lesterius explained, “The bake-danuki is a type of tanuki yokai (yokai is Japanese for supernatural beings) found in the classics and folklore and legends of Japan. Although the tanuki itself is a real existing animal, the bake-danuki of Japanese literature is a strange supernatural animal. They are able to shapeshift into other things or even people and can possess human beings. Most of the time though, this legendary tanuki the bake-danuki is reputed to be mischievous and jolly, a master of disguise and a shapeshifter, but somewhat gullible and absentminded.”

    “So this statue then,” Yaldabaoth ate a bowl of Irish potatoes, “Is it a real statue or a bake-danuki tanuki in disguise?”.

    “There’s one way to find out,” the garden gnome of Zurich smiled, “Pour some real Japanese sake over it.”

    Mittendorf Lesterius poured sake over the statue and the statue came to life as a real bake-danuki tanuki.

    The bake-danuki tanuki introduced himself as one Shogun Sake Kanasatake by name, grabbed a full bottle of sake and broke out into song,

    Old comrades marching through the land
    Forming steadfast and loyal friendships
    Whether in need or in danger
    They always hold together anew
    During the attack, we will give them blow for blow
    Honour and glory shall victory bring us
    Let’s go, comrades, freshly reloaded (he helps himself to a 2nd bottle of sake)
    This is our marching music (plays the accordion with his feet)
    During the maneuver, the whole regiment accomodated
    Itself in the headquarters of the nearest village house
    And at the inn, there was flirting
    With all the girls and especially the innkeeper’s daughter…

    At that moment, a very Swiss looking gentleman wearing shorts and lederhosen approaches and shoots the bake-danuki tanuki in the buttocks.

    The bake-danuki tanuki flees.

    “I take it that was probably the innkeeper,” Yaldabaoth helped himself to a bottle of sake.

    “You’re probably right,” the garden gnome of Zurich likewise helped himself to a bottle of sake.

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Sunday June 14th

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    Alan Dershowitz and Sobek

    May 25, 2020 at 10:58 pm (Espionage, Geopolitics and International Relations, Horror, International Intrigue, magic, Mystery/horror, Mythology, News, Science, Science-Fiction, Sorcery, Technology, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , )

    Alan Dershowitz and Sobek

    Lawyer Alan Dershowitz was conducting a thought experiment.

    He was imagining himself a defence lawyer at the Old Bailey in London in 1888, that Jack the Ripper had been caught and arrested and he Dershowitz had been asked to defend the Ripper.

    He was playing in his mind his opening address to the jury at the start of the Ripper’s trial, “Members of the jury, I’d like to say a few words about my client who’s the noblest Briton of them all…”

    His thought experiment was interrupted by a knock at the door.

    He opened it and standing there was the Egyptian crocodile god Sobek.

    Dershowitz had met Sobek on a few occasions before in the presence of a presumably late former client of his Jeffrey Epstein.

    Epstein used to hang out with Sobek quite often that is when the pervert pedophile financier wasn’t busy hanging out with the likes of Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew.

    “Sobek,” Dershowitz smiled, “I haven’t seen you since Jeffrey allegedly hung himself in prison after he had knocked himself out and then tied a noose around his neck while still unconscious.”

    “Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end,” Sobek quoted old Mary Hopkin lyrics to the attorney.

    “What brings you here?” Dershowitz waved the crocodile over to an arm chair in his living room.

    “I’d like to thank you for giving those Christians a hard time who think that a mandatory vaccine could be the Mark of the Beast system prophesied in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13,” Sobek sat down and helped himself to some pretzels from an appetizer dish on the coffee table.

    “It was no problem,” Dershowitz lit himself a cigar and offered one to the crocodile god which Sobek accepted, “I called their bluff by saying “We all know that the Devil can cite Scripture to his purposes.” And then I proceeded to bolster my own argument by doing just that. Citing an obscure passage in the Book of Leviticus (Chapters 12 and 13 to be precise) which nobody bothers to read anymore save the occasional old fashioned Calvinist and occasional old fashioned Presbyterian who are totally obsessed with blood and gore and all manner of obscure long winded regulations. Heck even most religious Jews don’t bother reading it anymore since we no longer do living animal sacrifices in the contemporary Israelite religion. I myself am a secular inclined Jew. I suppose if I were religious, I might belong to the Synagogue of Satan that Christ and Saint John the Apostle warned about.”

    “Glad to hear it,” Sobek blew smoke rings in the shape of Nile River bulrushes.

    “Why are you so into mandatory vaccines?” Dershowitz asked.

    “Well our friend Jeffrey was into mandatory vaccines,” Sobek smiled showing his perfectly snow white teeth.

    “That I didn’t know,” Dershowitz poured a brandy and offered one to Sobek which the crocodile god accepted, “what type of vaccine was he into developing?”.

    “It could be used for anything actually,” Sobek sipped his brandy, “He was intending to use administering the vaccine as a cover for something else.”

    “And what would that be?” Dershowitz inquired.

    “To change people’s DNA,” Sobek answered.

    “I knew Jeffrey was obsessed with the idea of creating a master race,” Dershowitz moved a chess piece on a board next to him, “My cousin Anna’s best friend Rachel’s rabbi Goldbloom didn’t approve because it reeked of the Nazis Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Eichmann and their work.”

    “Jeffrey was investigating cases where alleged UFO abductees were supposedly given alien implants aboard the UFOs they were taken,” Sobek explained.

    Dershowitz looked on in horror as an invisible opponent captured his Queen.

    He then looked over at Sobek.

    “That I didn’t know,” Dershowitz swallowed his cigar and had to wash it down with brandy, “Jeffrey was always full of surprises.”

    “Some doctors did find strange implants in the bodies of a few alleged UFO abductees,” Sobek pointed out, “And what these implants had in common was they were slowing changing the DNA of the abductees.”

    “To what?” Dershowitz asked.

    “Jeffrey wasn’t sure,” Sobek shrugged, “But it was something not human. His research came to an abrupt end when he was arrested and later suicided in prison.”

    “I take it Jeffrey was wanting to administer these DNA changing implants to people,” Dershowitz moved a white bishop on the board.

    “He was,” Sobek nodded, “But he realized most people, like the abductees aboard the alien craft, would probably object to having these implants. So he thought they could be administered as an extra bonus. Like say with a mandatory vaccine.”

    “I wonder if Jeffrey ever discussed his plans with Bill Gates,” Dershowitz played with his white bishop and a black king’s knight as he looked over at the TV screen and it was showing some old news footage of Bill Gates meeting Pope Francis a few years back.

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Monday May 25th

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    Sanhedrin Say Performing Passover Sacrifice Can End Covid-19 Pandemic

    April 6, 2020 at 10:43 pm (Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, magic, Mythology, News, Sorcery, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

    Sanhedrin Say Performing Passover Sacrifice Can End Covid-19 Pandemic

    At a press conference today dealing with how the New Zealand government is battling the Coronavirus pandemic, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that she had declared both “the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are essential workers” and that the children of New Zealand should not be worried that the pair are at all affected by the pandemic.

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, watching the New Zealand Prime Minister’s press conference on television, remarked, “Jacinda must have finally smoked that complimentary piece of legalized Canadian cannabis that I sent her.”

    . . .

    Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottely was forced to announce that 20 ventilators destined for Barbados as part of an act of philanthropy pledged by Barbados born international pop star Rihanna were seized by the United States.

    Shortly after Prime Minister Mottely’s announcement, U.S. President Donald Trump was sitting at his desk in the Oval Office when he was suddenly hit with a cream pie thrown in his face by an invisible entity.

    “What’s with all these cream pies in the face lately?” Trump cried out, “And to top it off, it was laced with Mexican tacos and salsa sauce and guacamole cream. I hate anything Mexican.”

    Trump then had Corona beer poured all over him by the same invisible entity.

    “Now I’ve been hit by Corona,” Trump cried out.

    Men wearing hazmat suits then entered the Oval Office and carried Trump off to a place where he could be quarantined.

    . . .

    Rihanna was social distancing at a closed astronomical observatory and livestreaming on line.

    It was nighttime and as she sang, “Shine bright like a diamond… We’re like diamonds in the sky”, a 6 foot 8 tall bunny rabbit holding a magic lantern film projector (that had been worked on by Houdini, Pantages, Nikola Tesla, Orson Welles and Hedy Lamarr) making him visible to people without them needing to drink Harvey Wallbangers, appeared peering through the glass at the top of the open air telescope and waved at the livestream viewing audience.

    . . .

    The Israeli Sanhedrin has petitioned both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump to allow the Passover Sacrifice to occur on the Temple Mount.

    The Pesach sacrifice has not taken place on the Temple Mount in nearly 2000 years.

    “The only thing preventing the Jewish people from performing the Passover sacrifice is the Israeli government,” Rabbi Hillel Weiss the spokesman for the Sanhedrin said.

    Added Rabbi Weiss, “We are proposing bringing a temporary altar for one day to sacrifice one lamb for the entire Jewish nation.”

    Dov Stein the Secretary to the Court of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem Israel had written a letter to both Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump asking for the ceremony to be performed.

    Stein wrote in his letter to both men that if the sacrifice of the Passover lamb occurred in the spring feast beginning at sundown on Wednesday April 8th 2020 or Nisan 14th 5780 (Hebrew calendar), this would put an end to the Covid-19 pandemic that was currently a modern day plague on humanity.

    . . .

    Meanwhile in the intensive care unit of a U.S. Naval Hospital, Donald Trump was protesting that, unlike Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he did not have the Coronavirus.

    Meanwhile a creature who did not have a head but had the arms and torso of a man and had two slithering serpents for legs was running around the Donald’s bed.

    The creature finally went under the bed and re-emerged with the head of a rooster that it then put on its human torso’s shoulders.

    “You must forgive me for running around like a chicken with its head cut off,” the rooster headed creature apologized, “But that’s exactly what happened. Pan Goatee who had taken too many of the notorious Australian Uncle Ernie’s Chemicals of The Day thought I was an ugly looking woman and so cut my head off.”

    “Who the Hell are you?” Trump asked.

    “I’m the ancient Gnostic god Abraxas,” the creature replied, “And I want you to tell Netanyahu that he should allow the Sanhedrin to go ahead with its Passover Pascal lamb sacrifice this coming Wednesday.”

    -A vampire novel chapter 
    written by Christopher
    Monday April 6th

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