King Arthur At The Movies

May 12, 2017 at 4:10 pm (Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Film, Literature, Movies, Mythology, Personal essays, The Supernatural) (, , , , , , , )

The movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword opens in theatres today on what is the 80th Anniversary of the coronation of King George VI as King of Britain (which happened on May 12th 1937).

I’m sure there is no correlation between the two events- the release of a movie that I gather is a real turkey judging from reviews I’m reading at the Rotten Tomatoes film web site and the coronation of a man who was a great and heroic king (in contrast to his brother the Nazi sympathizer King Edward VIII who abdicated the throne for what he thought was a great piece of tail Mrs. Wallis Simpson).

To mark the occasion, I’m posting here two photo montage music videos I made about King Arthur at the OneTrueMedia video making site (an online video making site that sadly no longer exists) and then posted to YouTube.

The 1st King Arthur photo montage I made back on January 24th 2009:

The 2nd King Arthur photo montage music video I made (which was called Merlin, Morgana and Arthur using images from the famous TV series called Merlin) I made back on July 21st 2009:

Here are links to a few chapters I’ve written in my series of vampire novels that pertain to the Arthurian legend:

King Arthur and The Vampire Horus:

Sunset Over Camelot:

Morgana Before Dawn:

Arthur’s Sword and The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

-A personal essay
written by Christopher
Friday May 12th 2017.

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Haiku About Homelessness

February 26, 2017 at 4:47 pm (Commentary, Culture, Personal essays, Poetry) (, , )

Without home no hope
People view you with contempt
that’s what really hurts

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Snow Falls Like Raindrops: A Poem

February 22, 2017 at 5:44 pm (Life, Nature, Personal essays, Poetry) (, , , )

Today a snow fall
The snow fell like raindrops in suspended animation
Not a typical snowfall
but a magical mystery show of snow flakes looking like raindrops
and hitting the ground
much like a film of raindrops falling being put in slow motion mode

Snow flake falls
slow slow
burst of bubbles in the frozen air
dancing up and down to an unseen melody
of joy and laughter

Amidst this snowfall and its silence
one hears the still voice of God
I have found a new place to live
Last week I thought I had become an outcast
Last night I slept outdoors on a park bench
in the cold and the snow and the wind
for the first time in my life
I had become homelessness
in its most feared fashion
Today a meeting with someone
and I’m moving into a new place tomorrow

How quickly life can change within 24 hours
As I told a friend in Germany yesterday via email
“I now have the feeling God wants me to spend a night
in the cold- the damp frozen cold
If it happened to baby Jesus in the stable,
why should I be spared?”

As I told my friend, perhaps after a night in the cold
things will finally change after 7 years of Hell
the cold northern Hell of Niflheim
and the burning hot coals of Hebrew Gehenna

And so snow falls like raindrops in suspended animation
doing a slow motion dance of bursting bubbles
and magic wonderland
heralding that after the darkness
will finally emerge the light

-A poem written by Christopher
Wednesday February 22nd

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Homeless and Suicidal In Calgary

February 17, 2017 at 7:50 pm (Personal essays) ()

My regular readers will notice that I haven’t updated for a couple of days.

I do not often talk about personal matters in this blog.

I mostly like to concentrate on my vampire novel chapters, my short stories and my poems.

I try to live on a housing and medical benefits income (which amounts to a little over $750 a month) since I was diagnosed by my doctor last summer as being medically unable to work.

I did move into a place of my own last October but unfortunately my landlady/roommate had an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to excessive bathroom cleanliness and I didn’t keep the bathroom clean enough for her liking even though I tried my best.

I was handed an eviction notice this past December 1st which meant I had to be out on New Year’s Day this year.

Since I was unable to find a new place to move into, I had to go into a homeless shelter.

I decided to try a homeless shelter closer to the Church I attend rather than the homeless shelter I lived in from July until October last year (where I wound up after being evicted from my Vancouver apartment last July due to my inability to pay the exorbitant rents that Vancouver landlords now charge).

I entered this particular shelter at 2 PM New Year’s Day and by 9 PM, I had picked up my belongings and ran out of the shelter.and to the house of a woman who attended my Church.

I asked if she would drive me to the homeless shelter I had been in from July until October of last year.

The reason?

This shelter closer to my Church- 95% of its clientele were crackheads I could discern.

The shelter I had been in from July until October last year had maybe 2% crackheads.

This shelter promised on its signs A Safe and Sober Environment.

Although the shelter had changed somewhat since my return this past January.

Now I discovered they had a client population of about 5 to 10% crackhead.

Of course they won’t let you into the shelter if you’re stoned (I didn’t have to worry about that since I neither smoked, drank nor took drugs all my life) but for crackheads of course, the chemicals will stay in their brains long after they’ve been on their trips which makes them the irrational pharmaceutical and chemically created psychopaths that they are.

I discovered how the clientele had changed back on January 3rd when I had only been in the shelter two days and had my iPhone stolen from my left pants pocket while I slept with my pants on on my mat.

There was also a lot more aggressive behaviour among the shelter’s inhabitants as a result of the increase in crackheads at the shelter.

I tried to avoid the crackheads as best as I could.

I did observe their behaviour but at a safe distance.

Then this past Tuesday night- Valentine’s Day- of all nights this crackhead asshole attacked me on my mat claiming that I had stolen his drugs.

I told him, “I don’t do drugs, asshole” as I fought him off

We finally got up in our struggle and I punched him in the face.

He must have been more aware than I am of how the cameras operated at the shelter because he immediately started carrying on like a big sniveling crybaby, “Waaaaugh! Staff, help me! This guy hit me!”.

Because the cameras do not look directly down on the mats, they can only see what people do standing.

So of course since the only punch that showed up on the camera was the one I had thrown while we were standing, I was the one who ended being suspended instead of the crackhead asshole who started it all.

And then the really ironic thing was that while I waited in the waiting room for the staff to bring me my belongings from my locker in a bag, the crackhead asshole’s ex-girlfriend had a drug overdose (I remember when she was his girlfriend, he treated her really badly and she’d always run crying to her father who also stayed in the shelter) and so was also brought down to the shelter entrance waiting room.

When I left the shelter with my plastic bag containing my belongings to walk to the bus stop across the street, I looked back and a fire truck with a respirator unit and an ambulance were pulling up to the shelter.

The whole scene almost struck me as being a metaphor for Western society today. I was the one being forced to leave the shelter while the asshole crackhead who started the whole fracas was allowed to stay- the same asshole crackhead whose abused ex-girlfriend was being rushed to hospital on a drug overdose.

There really doesn’t appear to be any justice in the world.

I had a Hell of a nightmare trying to find a place to stay this past Tuesday night.

I finally had to rent a hotel room (the cheapest turned out to be $97 a night which really isn’t cheap in my opinion) because I didn’t want to go to any other homeless shelter which has a higher percentage of crackheads than the one I had just left.

I’d rather throw myself into the Bow River than do that.

I’ve been suffering with severe clinical depression ever since my dad died from cancer 7 years ago.

I was finally diagnosed with this condition by a doctor in Calgary this past summer.

I have been seeing a mental health counselor the past few months.

I already had an appointment yesterday to see her at 2 PM and I thought this was timely because I’ve been feeling very suicidal ever since I was thrown out of my shelter this past Tuesday night. I’d rather die than wind up in a shelter with even more crackheads.

When I got there at the clinic at 1;45 PM to see my mental health counselor (15 minutes ahead of my 2 PM appointment), I was handed this piece of paper by the receptionist, “Dear friends, I am leaving the clinic. I have found new opportunities elsewhere. Yours truly,Nikki.” She had left the clinic’s employ 3 days earlier.

So with my usual on-going series of bad luck that has been going on continuously in my life ever since my dad died of cancer 7 years ago, my mental health counselor had up and left her job just when I needed her the most.

So I checked out of my motel today.

I can’t really afford to stay there any more nights.

Sadly the people at my Church have lives and big families of their own and they don’t have the ability or means to let me stay at their places for awhile.

I don’t know where I shall spend tonight.

I have no idea.

I don’t really want to go to any other homeless shelter.

I’ve had it up to here with crackheads.

Maybe I will throw myself in the Bow River.

I don’t know.

This is not a work of fiction tonight like my other writings, my dear readers.

This is the grim God’s honest truth.

Although God seems to have walked out of my life at the moment.

And only the Devil remains.

If you’re a praying individual. please pray for me, my dear reader.

-A real-life personal essay
written by Christopher
Friday February 17th

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Theft In A Homeless Shelter

January 4, 2017 at 6:04 pm (Commentary, Crime, Life, Personal essays) (, )

Due to the misfortune of having rented an apartment from a whacko crazy nut job landlady/roomate, I got evicted from my apartment this past January 1st.

The past couple of nights I’ve been living in a homeless shelter in Calgary.

Last night, my iPhone was stolen from my pants pocket (while I slept with my pants on) by some individual who’s obviously a total scumbag.

Every short story, poem and vampire novel chapter I wrote the past 4 years was in the Notes section of that iPhone.

Now it’s gone. 😦

Needless to say, I’m feeling totally devastated at the moment.

-A personal essay
written by Christopher
Wednesday January 4th

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When Old and Dear Friends Die: A Poem

December 27, 2016 at 6:16 pm (Commentary, Obituaries, Personal essays, Poetry) (, , )

When Old and Dear Friends Die: A Poem

When old and dear friends die,
it is a feeling hard to describe
Gray seems so much grayer
And light seems so much darker

Hearing of your passing this afternoon my dear friend
has quite literally knocked the wind out of me
And what makes it harder is we never met in person
We blogged at the same blogging site
meeting back there in 2007
We talked on-line
And we chatted over the phone
But we never met in person

You were a social networking rock of stability for me after my dad died back in 2010
phoning me, emailing me and asking me how I was doing.

I never realized how much my writing had impacted you
until you asked me to be godfather to your daughter Nyssa when she was born back in 2011
You obviously picked up and sensed from my writing that I was a fellow human being to be trusted
in asking me to be your daughter’s godfather

And now poor little Nyssa will be turning 6 this coming January 1st
And starting the New Year without her beloved Daddy 😦

I never got to India to see you, my friend
You were going to show me around your beloved country
Now if I ever visit your dear land, my contact with you will be to lay a rose at your grave or urn

But I will always be there for your daughter Nyssa
I remember you said that to me once on the phone, “Christopher, promise me that you’ll always be there for my daughter Nyssa.”
And I did.
And so I shall.

Au revoir, my dear friend.
Until we meet for the first time in person in God’s paradise.

-A poem written by Christopher
Tuesday December 27th 2016
in honour of his friend Amit Dhawan
who passed away this morning
in Delhi, India.

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I’m In A Homeless Shelter

July 27, 2016 at 1:46 pm (Life, Personal essays) (, , , )

I’m In A Homeless Shelter

Well I’ve spent the past 5 nights in a homeless shelter in case any of you have been wondering where I am.

I got evicted from my Vancouver apartment last week because I had no money to pay the rent this month.

That was the end result of not being able to find a job for 18 months from January 2015 to last month June 2016.

So I begged money to buy coffee so I can be in a cafe with free wi-fi to post this entry since my mobile phone company cancelled my service last Friday July 22nd because I hadn’t paid them in 3 months (counting pennies to pay my rent).

-A painful personal essay
written by Christopher
Wednesday July 27th 2016.

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It’s Never Easy: A Poem

July 20, 2016 at 4:57 pm (Life, Personal essays, Poetry) (, , , )

It’s Never Easy: A Poem

It’s never easy leaving the place one’s called home for 4 years
It’s funny how when one leaves a certain place
It’s the good things that you liked about it that come flooding to the forefront of your mind
while the bad things go to the back
leaving one feeling sad
Unfortunately the rents here got way out of control
and misfortune seemed to reign over me when I was here
I don’t know what will unfold at my new destination
It’s a scary feeling
The unknown
I just hope God is watching over me
and it will be all right in the end.

-A poem written by Christopher
Wednesday July 20th 2016
upon leaving Vancouver, British Columbia

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An Urgent Appeal To My Readers

May 9, 2016 at 5:38 pm (Commentary, Culture, Life, Personal essays) (, , , , , )

An Urgent Message To My Readers

For those of you who enjoy reading my blog- my vampire novel chapters, my poems, my short stories and my personal essays, I have an urgent message for you.

Help keep this website on the air- or- on the Net as it were.

Regular readers of my blog know that I’ve been diligently searching for a job for the past 16 months and still have not been hired.

Last month, I set up a Go Fund Me page to help me with the desperate financial straits I’m in.

I published my first novel- a Sherlock Holmes fan fiction- The Giant Rat of Sumatra back in January but sales of that particular book have been slow.

I published my 2nd book- the first in my series of 7 vampire novels- entitled The Vampiress With Amnesia earlier this month.

Hopefully sales of that book will take off.

But now here’s the crux of the matter- in order to have enough money to pay for food, electricity and my rent- I haven’t paid the bills for my Internet, my mobile phone and my land line phone for the past 3 months.

I now owe roughly $600 Canadian in total for these services for the past 3 months.

Unless I pay them as soon as possible, these services will be cut off.

If that happens, this will drastically affect my ability to get a job.

Because if I do not have a phone, employers will have no way of getting in touch with me if they do want to hire me.

And for people who enjoy reading my blog, I will not be able to post because then I’ll have no Internet access.

Public computer terminals at public libraries in Vancouver are extremely busy plus I spend most of my days searching for a job and in time in between, I can research (since most of my vampire novel chapters have a lot of historical background and current events in them) on my smart phone and then write my blog posts on my smart phone.

And then email what I have written to myself and then when I get home- I can cut and paste from my email and format what I have written on my laptop at home and then post to my WordPress blog.

That will all be gone if I cannot access my smart phone and my home’s laptop computer.

Plus no way of potential employers contacting me if I have no phones.

When my mobile needs recharging, I can still be called and also call out myself on my land line.

Therefore I ask my friends and readers to please consider donating money to my Go Fund Me page or buy one of my books- either in Paperback or on Kindle.

Here’s the link to my Go Fund Me page:

As I’ve said before, I know in these tough economic times, many people cannot afford to donate a great deal of money.

However even if they could afford to only donate $5 or $10 at one time, if enough people did that, every little bit would help.

Or if you haven’t done so already, please buy one of my books- either in Paperback or on Kindle.

Or if you have already done so, then please consider buying one of my books as a gift for a friend or family member – either in Paperback or on Kindle.

Here’s my Sherlock Holmes novel The Giant Rat of Sumatra in Paperback:

Here’s my Sherlock Holmes novel The Giant Rat of Sumatra on Kindle:

Here’s my vampire novel The Vampiress With Amnesia in Paperback:

Here’s my vampire novel The Vampiress With Amnesia on Kindle:

Some of my friends outside North America have said that the above links sometimes don’t work for them in countries in Europe and Asia.

If that’s the case, go to Amazon on-line and click on their Books department and then type in the Amazon Books search engine either

The Giant Rat of Sumatra by Christopher Milner


The Vampiress With Amnesia by Christopher Milner

-depending upon which book you want to buy-

-and then the Amazon search engine will take you right to it.

So hopefully this appeal of mine won’t go unheeded and I’ll get at least $600 Canadian to pay the 3 back months owing on my mobile phone, Internet and land line phone bills so that my service won’t be cut off.

So if you enjoy reading my blog, friends, then please consider donating to my Go Fund Me page or buy one of my books- either in Paperback or on Kindle.

And help keep this blog- on the Net!

-A personal appeal
written by Christopher
Monday May 9th 2016

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The Vampiress With Amnesia- My 1st Vampire Novel Now Published On Amazon

May 2, 2016 at 7:56 pm (books, Culture, Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, Literature, News, Personal essays, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , )

The Vampiress With Amnesia- My 1st Vampire Novel Now Published On Amazon

Hello friends and fellow bloggers, I just thought I’d let you know that my 1st vampire novel The Vampiress With Amnesia has been published and is now available for sale on Amazon.

Here’s the link for buying it in Kindle digital e-book format:

I have discovered from my friends outside North America that the above link doesn’t seem to work in countries in Europe and Asia.

However if you go to Amazon Books on-line and type in the Amazon Books search engine

The Vampiress With Amnesia by Christopher Milner

it will take you right to the book. 🙂

-Christopher Milner
author of The Vampiress With Amnesia
Monday May 2nd 2016

-The Vampiress With Amnesia

featuring the adventures of Canadian vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing, South Korean vampire huntress Hyung Grace Kwan, shapeshifting hamster/human Renfield R. Renfield, genetically cloned concert pianist Amadeus Emanon, the ancient Egyptian vampire Set, the Aztec vampire princess Qonzilqointec and of course the vampiress with amnesia.

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