Dr. Marmalade Montague Investigates Causes of Sulphuric Explosions

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Dr. Marmalade Montague was a scientist who worked at Set Enterprises in London.

Even though he had no official background in science.

He had owned a bakery in Paris that went out of business during the 2020 plandemic lockdown under the orders of France’s Neo-Vichy tyrant Emmanuel Macron.

Still Marmalade Montague knew more about science than most of the so-called health “experts” who dispensed bad advice by the manure filled truckload during the plandemic of 2020-2021.

Dr. Marmalade Montague’s current project was investigating the causes of sulphurous explosions.

For this purpose he had sent Yaldabaoth the Irish leprechaun (who was the son of Sophia the Greco-Egyptian Gnostic goddess of wisdom) to the Yellowstone Caldera Supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park to pick up a sample of sulphurous contents bubbling up from the ground.

While Yaldabaoth was there using a baby bottle to pick up a sample from one of the bubbling craters, the crater had a major explosion.

Luckily for Yaldabaoth, being a leprechaun, he was immortal so the explosion didn’t kill him.

However it did put a dent into his plans to spend a night at the Moonlite BunnyRanch in Nevada as he could hardly go into the place smelling like rotten eggs.

The explosion did however kill a sasquatch who was walking by.

The sasquatch was currently in the process of litigation (a major lawsuit) against the man codenamed PH Unbalanced by Britain’s MI-6 Agency and the man considered the world’s most boring author.

The world’s most boring author had written a novel claiming that this sasquatch had murdered the world’s most boring sheriff’s deputy.

The claim was in fact true but what the sasquatch objected to was being written about and included as a character in a novel that was so unbelievably colossally boring.

He hadn’t been able to get a date since the novel was published as most female sasquatch and even a few gay, bisexual and transgendered sasquatch considered him too boring to date.

The sasquatch had gone to a City of Laramie Wyoming law firm to launch a lawsuit against the world’s most boring author PH Unbalanced filing the claim that “being included as a character in the world’s most boring novel written by the world’s most boring author had totally ruined his sex life”.

Now as a result of the sulphurous explosion, the sasquatch was dead.

Yaldabaoth after several months of showering would be able to have a sex life again.

The poor sasquatch being dead could not.

Dr. Marmalade Montague was also investigating the cause of Joe Biden’s sulphurous bowel movements alluded to into final (and end of life) reports written by some of the world’s late top secret agents in spy agencies.

For that, Dr. Marmalade Montague was using the visions of Michelangelo the psychic lobster.

Apparently back on January 28th 2021 (7 days after Biden was inaugurated having successfully stolen the 2020 U.S. Presidential election), senile old Joe had been invited to speak at a United Jewish Appeal dinner in New York City in March of that year.

He was not to be the number one speaker however.

He was to be the number two speaker (which was appropriate for Joe).

The number one speaker was to be the well known Jewish Rastafarian and self described “independent pharmaceutical manufacturer” from Australia known by the popular moniker of Uncle Ernie (assuming of course that Uncle Ernie wouldn’t be in jail in Australia “drummed up on some nefarious charges brought against him by the government” as Uncle Ernie would put it).

The fallen archangel Mephistopheles (who was one of Joe Biden’s 3 supernatural advisors along with Baal and Baphomet) had recommended to Joe that he send someone to try to find the remains of the Gadarene swine at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee and bring them to the U.S. for Joe Biden to eat the remains prior to giving his number two speech to the United Jewish Appeal dinner in New York City.

The Gadarene swine of course had been possessed by the demons known as Legion and had been sent by Jesus Christ into the swine after Jesus had successfully exorcised a man known as the Gadarene demoniac.

The swine then charged into the Sea of Galilee.

Thus acting on orders from Joe Biden, the American Deep State set about to recover the remains of the Gadarene swine at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee.

Israeli Mossad agent Anna Chador to a Tel Aviv based scuba diver: “Would you be able to dive to the bottom of the Sea of Galilee and see if the remains of the Gadarene swine are still down there and if they are to bring them up to the surface?”.

He: Yes.

Unfortunately for Biden and Mephistopheles, those agencies associated with the American Deep State such as the CIA were having a top secret convention at Area 51 (remember this was the time of the plandemic and everything and everyone was supposed to be in lockdown) and the treats at this top secret convention were Australian Uncle Ernie’s independently made pharmaceuticals.

Thus after the convention, the CIA were in no shape whatsoever to go looking for the remains of the Gadarene swine at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee.

However there were plenty of reports of sightings of UFOs and ETs at Area 51 after this convention.

Thus the spaced-out CIA outsourced the mission to the Israeli Mossad.

The task was assigned to one of Israel’s top female agents Anna Chador and after consulting with a Tel Aviv based scuba diver, a deep sea mission was undertaken and the Gadarene Swine were found perfectly preserved at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee.

The bodies were raised from the depths and then flown to Washington DC.

Hell’s Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay was brought in to cook the remains at the White House.

He made pork chops out of them which he topped with his famous homemade Sriracha laced apple sauce.

Joe Biden ate all of the Gadarene swine pork chops and apple sauce leaving the other guests at dinner hungry and awestruck at the senile old fool’s ravenous appetite.

The Gadarene swine pork chops and apple sauce remained fully stuck in Joe Biden’s intestines and could never be removed (something the fallen Archangel Mephistopheles knew would happen).

The direct result of the Gadarene swine pork chops and Sriracha laced homemade apple sauce being forever stuck in Biden’s intestines would be that he would always have sulphurous explosive bowel movements.

It was fortunate that the New York Chapter of the United Jewish Appeal decided to have their dinner and speeches via Zoom due to the plandemic.

The secret service agents guarding Biden on the night of his United Jewish Appeal Zoom dinner speech were not so lucky.

In an effort to boost the profits of the pharmaceutical manufacturing investments of one Dr. Anthony Fauci, the cause of the secret service agents’ deaths was listed as Covid rather than sulphurous fumes.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday September 28th

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Hyung Grace Kwan En Route To Astana Kazakhstan

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South Korean vampire huntress Hyung Grace Kwan lops off the heads of vampires in practice and preparation for this week’s Inter-Faith Congress of Religious Leaders in Astana Kazakhstan (a city now called Nur-Sultan because current Kazakh leaders have bad taste as do most leaders in the world today).

The satanic AntiPope Jorge Mario Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) would be attending the Inter-Faith Congress.

So probably no prayers would be said in Latin.

In addition to various religious leaders attending the Congress, there would be numerous vampires and vampiresses attending.

Most pre-eminent among them would be the ancient Egyptian vampire Osiris (worshipped as a deity by the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry), the ancient Egyptian vampiress Isis (worshipped as a deity by the Grand Orient Lodge of France- the only Masonic lodge in the world that allows women to be members) and their son the ancient Egyptian vampire Horus (also worshipped as a deity by the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry).

Also attending the Congress would be the ancient Babylonian vampiress Lilith who owns a great estate just north of the Kazakh capital.

Allatallahbel the Vampiress-Priestess of Baal (who briefly took possession of the Vatican for a few years beginning on October 13th 2017) would also be attending.

As would Pachamama (the dragon woman shapeshifting demon goddess of the Incas) and the Spirit Great-Grandmother of the West invoked by a Huron shaman in Quebec City, Canada at the request of Pope Francis.

The demons Baal, Baphomet, Mammon and Mephistopheles would also be attending.

After wiping her sword clean, Hyung listened to British MP Renfield R. Renfield’s podcast.

Renfield was commenting on the amount of witchcraft and sorcery being practiced in the world today.

He noted that the Spirit Great-Grandmother of the West was invoked in Canada on July 28th and the demon bull god Baal was quite literally worshipped at the opening ceremonies of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England on the same date.

Then Renfield noted that within a month and a half of those two satanic pagan rituals, the Head of State of both countries (Canada and the United Kingdom) would pass away.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“Sadly her son Prince Charles now King Charles III is more amiable to the Great Reset agenda of the World Economic Forum,” Renfield explained, “Let us hope and pray that he’ll come to his senses before it’s too late.”

“Amen,” said Hyung.

-A vampire novel chapter
Written by Christopher
Monday September 12th

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Pan Goatee Beheads Uglos At Bus Stop As Demon Buffalo Watches

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It was a very peculiar mist in the city.

It came out of nowhere and started eating people.

As if it was an invisible man-eating plant turned to low-lying mist.

Eugenicist billionaire Bill Gates was travelling in the city incognito.

He had heard there were all sorts of weird genetic and breeding experiments going on in the city.

He was puzzled by the mist.

“I must look into this further,” he mused.

His limousine pulled up and he got in.

Nearby the world-famous genetically created satyr serial killer Pan Goatee was about to enter a donut shop.

As he looked through the window, he noticed a really repulsive looking uglo sitting there with her little brat.

The satyr decided not to enter the donut shop.

Instead he went to a bus stop to take the bus home.

As he stood there waiting for the bus to show up, Pan Goatee noticed the repulsive looking uglo with her little brat leaving the donut shop.

The repulsive looking uglo and her little brat then crossed the street and started walking in the direction of the bus stop.

“Don’t tell me that the repulsive looking uglo and her little brat are headed towards this bus stop,” Goatee said.

“All right, I won’t tell you that,” Krampus picked his nose while waiting to pick up the remains of what would most likely be the satyr’s latest uglocide and bratocide.

Krampus was quite correct.

Pan threw his astral laser machete at the obnoxious duo.

The machete beheaded the repulsive looking uglo and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

It then beheaded the uglo’s brat and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

Krampus had already packed up the remains and put them in his sack for delivery to Tartarus by the time the bus arrived.

As the bus pulled up, two fat ugly looking blimps then proceeded to get off the front of the bus.

“You may not want to leave just yet,” the Demon Buffalo remarked to Krampus as the former, in cannibalistic Italian film festival fashion, ate a buffalo flavoured popsicle and the latter was just about to enter the multidimensional portal to take him to Tartarus.

Sure enough Pan Goatee beheaded both fat ugly blimps and cut them up into 999 trillion pieces each.

He then decided not to get on that bus and instead took a bus headed the opposite direction.

The Demon Buffalo joined the satyr on that bus and sat next to him.

As the Demon Buffalo worked on a crossword puzzle, he asked Pan, “I gather those four uglos you beheaded at that bus stop back there were genetically created by the Spirit Great-Grandmother of the West (leader of the Circle of Spirits so beloved by Pope Francis and his Canadian Catholic hierarchy) using interbreeding between walruses and sasquatch?”.

“That is correct,” Pan nodded.

Eventually after taking the long way around, the satyr got home.

Later he decided to go to a nearby grocery store to see if they had finally brought in the particular brand of cold meats that he loved.

Pan hoped they weren’t being permanently replaced by Bill Gates recommended bugs and insects.

Tonight they were in so Pan bought a few packages.

He walked to a bus stop to take the bus home.

He stood at the bus stop enjoying the evening air.

When lo and behold, another repulsive looking uglo (this one of the caucasian and not aboriginal First Nations variety) decided to show up showing her ugly face for the world to admire.

Pan did not feel any admiration for her facially aesthetically challenged face as can be seen by the fact that he beheaded her and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

Goatee once again took a bus headed in the opposite direction.

The Demon Buffalo once again sat next to Pan while holding a copy of the latest edition of the Serial Killers’ Almanac that he had been reading.

“I take it,” the Demon Buffalo commented while reading up on the serial killing statistics for Iceland, “that the uglo you beheaded back there was part of the experimental genetics program being overseen by the Norse trickster god Loki and Dr. Anthony Fauci involving interbreeding between female stoats and moronic low IQ human males?”.

“That is correct,” Pan nodded.

. . .

Ever since Thursday September 1st 2022 (the 83rd anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland) in which senile old fool Joe Biden had sacrificed a previously unknown (to him) daughter named Liberty to the Greek goddess Artemis (in an effort to save NASA’s latest moon rocket program) and then gave a Nazi fascist Stalinist Evil Galactic Empire speech in Philadelphia, Joe was being advised by the ghosts of both Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

On that fatal (for Liberty) morning of Thursday September 1st 2022, the ghosts of Theosophist leaders Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Annie Besant and Alice A. Bailey had negotiated a peace treaty and a renewed Nazi-Soviet Pact between the ghosts of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.

The man selected to enforce this renewed Nazi-Soviet Pact on the world was senile old fool Joe Biden.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday September 7th

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Pope Francis Adopts Witches’ Calendar To Promote Season of Creation

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Samhain Cardinal Salaman was reading the latest directives from Pope Francis.

Pope Francis was ordering that all Vatican linked institutions must turn over their accounts to the Vatican Bank by October 1st 2022.

“What’s up with that?” Cardinal Salaman wondered.

He then read a report from a Vatican Jesuit spy in Washington DC.

According to the Vatican Jesuit spy, Joe Biden sacrificed some unknown young woman to a statue of the Greek goddess Artemis while a NASA big shot named Dr. Nachash Naga sang the Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah.

“I think that particular Jesuit spy must be eating too many magic mushrooms,” Cardinal Salaman sipped his coffee.

He then read another directive from Pope Francis.

Francis had just proclaimed a new season called the Season of Creation which runs from September 1st to October 4th.

Interestingly enough the Southern Hemisphere Spring/Northern Hemisphere Autumn Equinox falls smack dab in the middle of the Season of Creation.

Which leads one to speculate that Pope Francis had borrowed his idea for a Season of Creation from the witches’ wiccan calendar.

Francis seemed to be heavy into practicing witchcraft these days.

A number of years back he had opened a Catholic World Youth Day by carrying a witch’s stang into the assembly.

Back on October 4th 2019 the Pontiff presided over a ceremony in which an idol of the Inca demon goddess Pachamama was brought into the Vatican.

Then on July 27th 2022, Francis listened with his hand over his heart as a Huron-Wendat shaman invoked the Spirit Great Grandmother of the West who was the leader of the Circle of Spirits.

The Spirit Great Grandmother was known by various names such as Spider Grandmother in Navajo, Hopi, Apache and Pueblo traditions. She was the pre-Columbian Teotihuacan Great Goddess. She was called Toci Yoalticitl by the Aztecs. She was called Ixchel by the Mayas.

Samhain Cardinal Salaman fell asleep and dreamed he was visiting a misty marsh he often visited in his boyhood.

In the middle of the misty marsh was a vampiress witch who was celebrating Pope Francis’ new Season of Creation.

-A vampire novel chapter
Written by Christopher
Thursday September 1st

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The Demon Buffalo Sends A Text Message

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The Norse trickster god Loki was getting increasingly ticked off that genetically created satyr Pan Goatee was bumping off his (Loki’s) genetically created female uglo offspring.

So much so that demons allied with Loki were playing interference with the traffic lights at the intersection where the bus that Pan Goatee was riding was stopped.

The demons held up the traffic lights even longer than usual.

Finally when the light finally turned green, the bus was unable to quickly turn left because a couple of slow moving pedestrians (at a traffic corner that rarely had any pedestrians) were being outraced by snails as they crossed the street.

To make matters even worse for Pan Goatee, the slow moving pedestrian bimbos were also a couple of super repulsive female uglos.

Pan opened the bus window across from him, put his astral laser machete on auto-pilot and threw it out the window.

The astro laser machete then beheaded both of the super repulsive female uglos and cut them up into 999 trillion pieces each.

Loki did an impersonation of Joe Biden doing a major blow out in his Depends diapers when he heard the news that Pan had beheaded a couple more of his ugly uglo female progeny at the satanic demonically controlled traffic crossing.

The rest of Pan’s afternoon bus trip went off without incident.

However later that night Pan went out for an evening bus trip and on the way back home Pan saw the same purple and pink haired uglo getting on board the bus as he had beheaded and dismembered last night.

“What I thought I had killed you last night, bitch,” Pan reached for his astral laser machete, “Quite inconsiderate of you not to stay dead especally when Krampus carried your remains to the lower circles of Tartarus.”

Unbeknownst to Pan, the evil mad scientist Dr. Anthony Fauci (an ally of Loki) had genetically created a clone of the purple and pink haired uglo.

So after the original had been beheaded and dismembered last night, Dr. Fauci had arranged for the uglo’s clone to board the bus at the same uglo bat time in the same uglo bat neighbourhood.

The genetically cloned uglo was now being beheaded and cut up into 999 trillion pieces.

After the beheading and multiple trillion dismemberment of the uglo clone, Pan Goatee received a text message from the Demon Buffalo of Buffalo Lake and Lac Ste. Anne.

Said the Demon Buffalo, “Here’s more information about the Great Western Grandmother who was invoked by a Huron shaman at the Citadel in Quebec City last week in the presence of satanic AntiPope Francis, his retinue of bishops and cardinals as well as the pale faced (as opposed to black faced) Justin Trudeau. The Great Western Grandmother who’s called Spider Grandmother in the folklore and traditions of the Hopi, Zuma, Navajo and Pueblo peoples.
The Great Western Grandmother is also called Toci Yoalticitl (“Our Grandmother The Nocturnal Physician”) by the Aztecs.
She is apparently an earth goddess who inhabits the sweatbath according to the Aztecs.
She was called Ixchel by the Mayas (she appears as a supposedly good alien being in New Age writer Madeleine L’ Engle’s book A Wrinkle In Time) and she has 4 symbols in 4 different colours – red, white, black and yellow which are associated with the 4 different segments of the Universe.
The name Ixchel means “Rainbow Woman” which is probably why the sodomites and transgenders adopted the rainbow as their symbol and why Pope Francis’ Vatican is so prone to displaying the Pride rainbow.
Interestingly enough on her head Ixchel wore a serpent and the pattern on her skirt was of bones in the form of a Cross.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written Thursday August 4th

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Pan Goatee Beheads Fat Ugly Blimps Possessed By The Spirit of Spider Grandmother

August 3, 2022 at 9:29 pm (Aesthetics, Folklore, Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, Mythology, News, Sorcery, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) ()

Pan Goatee was given a ring by the Demon Buffalo that was able to detect individuals that were possessed by the spirit of Spider Grandmother a goddess who ate naughty children according to Navajo folklore.

Earlier this afternoon Pan Goatee was out walking when a fat ugly blimp crossing an intersection tried to walk in front of him.

Goatee beheaded the fat ugly blimp and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

The incident was recorded on camera by a Jesuit spy for the Vatican.

However there was no indication according to the Demon Buffalo ring that the now beheaded and dismembered fat ugly white blimp was possessed by the spirit of Spider Grandmother.

This evening Pan Goatee was at a grocery store buying bread and cold cuts.

He was in line at the till when a couple of fat ugly aboriginal blimps came behind him.

“Good thing for them that they’re behind me,” Pan Goatee thought to himself.

However one of the airheaded fat ugly blimps took her cart and moved in front of Pan Goatee.

So Pan beheaded her with his astral laser machete and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

Her airheaded fat ugly blimp friend did the same with her cart getting in front of Pan Goatee.

So the satyr likewise beheaded this rude fat ugly blimp and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

The Demon Buffalo ring (given to Pan by the demon buffalo of Buffalo Lake and Lac Ste. Anne) glowed a fiery red and a startling green indicating that both fat ugly aboriginal blimps had been possessed by the spirit of Spider Grandmother (a goddess who had been invoked last week by a First Nations shaman at the Citadel in Quebec City when the satanic AntiPope Jorge Mario Bergoglio and some of his Canadian bishops and cardinals had been present).

This incident was likewise recorded on camera by a Jesuit spy for the Vatican.

Pan then waited at a bus stop for his neighbourhood bus to show up.

As he was waiting at the bus stop, a fat ugly aboriginal blimp and her low IQ moronic aboriginal boyfriend showed up.

The Demon Buffalo ring flashed a fiery red and a startling green indicating that the fat ugly blmp was possessed by the spirit of Spider Grandmother.

So Pan beheaded the fat ugly blimp and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

The ring also indicated that the low IQ aboriginal male was possessed by a demon of stupidity – a demon that seemed to possess the vast majority of white and aboriginal males in the City of Calgary.

Surprisingly the demon of stupidity did not seem to affect East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, African and Caribbean or Latino males.

Thus this demon of stupidity was obviously guilty of racial profiling and should be hauled in front of a politically correct and very “woke” human rights commission.

Likewise a demon of ugliness seemed to affect a very large and vast number of white and aboriginal females in the City of Calgary but not many East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, African and Caribbean or Latina females.

So the demon of ugliness was likewise obviously guilty of racial profiling and should be hauled in front of a politically correct and very “woke” human rights commission.

The bus arrived and Goatee boarded it.

Three bus stops down a fat ugly white blimp with pink and purple coloured hair boarded the bus.

The pink and purple hair did absolutely nothing to improve the fat ugly blimp’s appearance.

So the satyr beheaded the pink and purple hair coloured fat ugly blimp and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

There was no indication that this fat ugly blimp was possessed by the spirit of Spider Grandmother.

But the Jesuit spy for the Vatican recorded the incident anyways.

Back at the Vatican, Pope Francis issued a statement expressing his concern that fat ugly blimps possessed by the spirit of Spider Grandmother were being beheaded and dismembered by Pan Goatee.

Some practical joker in one of the Vatican departments translated the papal statement into Latin and posted it on-line almost causing the pontiff to have an aneurysm.

-A vampire novel chapter
written Wednesday August 3rd

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Pan Goatee Beheads Yet Another Uglo At The Dollar Store

August 2, 2022 at 10:34 pm (Aesthetics, Folklore, Geopolitics and International Relations, Horror, International Intrigue, Mystery/horror, Mythology, News, Sorcery, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, )

Pan Goatee managed to survive the August 1st long weekend without seeing a single uglo.

But it’s the 2nd day of August and a repulsive looking uglo once again has to put in an appearance in the local dollar store.

Pan Goatee was down at the local Dollar store.

There was once again only one cashier working tonight but that was okay because there was only one person ahead of him and he only had one item.

A bag of potato chips.

But sadly for Pan Goatee, the would-be potato chip purchaser was a total moron.

He did not know how to tap his card on the machine to make a purchase.

5 minutes later the imbecile somehow inadvertently managed to successfully tap the machine and a potato chip purchase was made.

The moron then left the store.

Goatee went up to the cashier and put his bottles of Lemonade and Diet Pepsi down.

Even though there was no other customers an airheaded cashier came and opened up another till.

And lo and behold a repulsive looking uglo (of the thin ugly looking stoat like variety) arrived and got in front of Pan Goatee to head to the newly opened airhead’s till.

The uglo had a female friend with her.

The repulsive looking uglo said in a squeaky squealy high pitched voice to the airheaded cashier, “Did anyone ever tell you that you’re pretty?”.

“Well too bad the same couldn’t be said about you, bitch,” Goatee commented as he beheaded the uglo and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

He then beheaded the uglo’s friend for being a friend of the uglo.

He then beheaded the airheaded cashier for opening up a new till right at the front of the straight line of cash registers allowing the repulsive looking uglo to get in front of him.

After the satyr finished cutting up the latter two into 999 trillion pieces each, Krampus arrived looking suntanned and burnt to a crisp from his tropical Hawaiian vacation to carry the remains of Pan’s victims down to the fiery flames of Tartarus.

Ares the Greek god of war (who had been filling in for Krampus while the latter was on vacation) had himself now gone on vacation to Taiwan.

Which was a stupid place to be seeing as how Nancy Pelosi was there.

Goatee left the store and happened to spot the moron with the bag of potato chips who had taken so long to figure out how to tap his card on the credit/debit card digital reading machine.

“Because of your bloody goddamned stupidity in trying to figure out how to do something so simple as to tap a card on a machine, I was forced to encounter a repulsive ugly looking woman,” Goatee explained as he beheaded the bag of potato chips carrying imbecile and cut him up into 999 trillion pieces.

When Krampus arrived to pick up the remains of the beheaded and dismembered moronic imbecile, Pan threw the partly eaten bag of potato chips at the Austro-Hungarian and Bavarian demon, “Here, enjoy these. In appreciation of your hard work.”

As Pan Goatee walked down the street, he encountered the Demon Buffalo of Buffalo Lake and now (the recent papally blessed) Lac Ste. Anne.

“I was wondering,” Pan asked the Demon Buffalo, “if you knew who this great Western Grandmother opening up the Circle of Spirits was that was being invoked by Huron-Wendat First Nations shaman Raymond Gros-Louis while satanic AntiPope Francis, his retinue of bishops and cardinals, Neo-Stalinist tyrant Justin Trudeau and Canadian Governor-General Mary Simon all placed their hands on their hearts while she the great Western Grandmother with her Circle of Spirits was being invoked at the Citadel in Quebec City?”.

“Well,” the Demon Buffalo started eating nearby passers-by, “I imagine that the great Western Grandmother who was being invoked is Spider Grandmother who is an important figure in the mythology, oral traditions and folklore of many Native American cultures in the southwestern United States. In Hopi mythology, Spider Grandmother also called Gogyeng Sowuhti can take the shape of an old or timeless woman or take the shape of a common spider in many Hopi stories. When she is in her spider shape, she lives underground in a hole that is like a Kiva. A Kiva is a space used by Puebloans (the Pueblo peoples of the southwest) for rites associated with the kachina (spirit being) system. The kiva is a large room that is circular and underground and generally used for spiritual ceremonies. In the Hopi creation story, Tawa the sun god and Spider Woman (aka Spider Grandmother) the Earth Goddess separate themselves into parts to create other lesser gods, then create the world and its creatures. This is similar to the Zuni creation myth where Spider Grandmother also plays a part. In Navajo mythology, Spider Woman is said to cast her web like like a net to capture and eat misbehaving children. She spent time on a rock aptly named Spider Rock which is said to have turned white from the bones resting in the sun. In the Pueblo tradition, she is called Spider Old Woman. The Spider Woman or Spider Grandmother of the southwestern U.S. tribes is believed to be the same being/entity as the pre-Columbian Teotihuacan Great Goddess because their pictorial representations are the same.”

“Thanks,” Pan said.

“You’re welcome,” the Demon Buffalo belched after having eaten a University of Calgary anthropology professor.

-A vampire novel chapter
written Tuesday August 2nd

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La Dame Sans Merci: One Who Sang To The Devil’s Tune

July 18, 2022 at 10:19 pm (Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, News, Sorcery, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, )

La Belle Dame Sans Merci: Subject of John Keats’ 1819 poem, John William Waterhouse’s 1893 painting, Frank Dicksee’s 1901 painting and Roberto Gavaldon’s 1947 Mexican film La Diosa Arrodillada starring Maria Felix

Rev. Father Aidan Bury Saint Edmunds the Vicar of Saint Genevieve’s Anglo-Catholic Parish Church in West London was delivering a lecture tonight titled La Dame Sans Merci: One Who Sang To The Devil’s Tune.

“I call tonight’s subject La Dame Sans Merci rather than La Belle Dame Sans Merci because tonight’s subject Margaret Sanger (a woman who definitely sang to the Devil’s tune) was not beautiful in any sense of that word,” Father Aidan began.

“Many of you have probably heard of Margaret Sanger,” Father Aidan went on, “the racist eugenicist, coiner of the term “birth control” and founder of Planned Parenthood. She was an American devotee of British Fabian socialism and Bohemian sexual indulgence. All of this is well known about her. What is less well known about her is her trafficking with noxious spirits in the realm of the occult.

Margaret Sanger once wrote “If women in distress, poverty or believers in “reactionary” religions such as Christianity have children, those babies will be marked by negative spirits. Hence the need for eugenics. But if women of a “superior” sort, in contact with advanced spirits, can reproduce, they can produce a “higher” sort of child. A super-race if you will. ”

Now whether these advanced spirits are the Watchers angels of Genesis Chapter 6 and the 1st Book of Enoch or disincarnate spirits from Atlantis or Lemuria or the Ascended Masters of Theosophy and Nazism or the UFO ET abductors of modern UFO abduction theory, Margaret Sanger does not say.

It is interesting to note that the Greek word used for sorcery in the Bible is pharmakeia (from which we get our English words “pharmacy” and “pharmaceuticals”). Pharmakeia is also the word used in other books of ancient literature for abortifacient.

When Margaret Sanger came to England in 1914, she sought out and began an affair with Havelock Ellis one of the founders of the Fabian Society. Ellis was a highly influential Victorian socialist and sexual libertine who presented himself as a “scientist” merely “studying” human sexual behaviour when in fact he was more of a “sexual hobbyist” who used “research” as his fig leaf.

Ellis is attributed with coining the term “homosexual” and was one of the first people in history to express a supposedly “academic” interest in pedophilia.

Much to Ellis’ chagrin however, he was sexually impotent most of the time. So he staged elaborate orgies (using others) for his Malthusian and Eugenicist friends.

He enticed his wife into innumerable lesbian affairs which he quietly observed.

He experimented with mescaline and various other psychotropic and psychedelic drugs.

He established networks for both homosexual and heterosexual encounters.

In fact the decades of the 1960s and 1970s boldly went where Havelock Ellis had gone before.

Ellis’ most fanatical disciple was Margaret Sanger who viewed the desperate pervert as a living Saint.

Her Birth Control Review magazines were turned over to tributes to Ellis every February to mark the month of his birthday, she dedicated much of her own writings and publications to him and she invoked his name at historic international conferences she attended.

Havelock molded Sanger to his heart’s desire and influencd her ideas about sexuality.

Havelock and Sanger attended seances together where what would one day be called transgenderism (which was actually another term that Ellis coined) was discussed by the spirits present.

It was necessary for men to become women and for women to become men in order to bring about the New Age, the spirits proclaimed.

The spirits also told Sanger that a woman could provide the way for “exalted spirits” to enter the world by focusing her own and others’ thoughts on to the embryo growing inside her and she could mold that unborn child as if she were making a photograph.

So according to the spirits, pregnant women can mold their unborn children.

But women in distress, poverty or believers in “reactionary” religions such as Christianity, those babies would have negative spirits.

Hence the need for eugenics.

But women of a “superior” sort in contact with “advanced” spirits can produce a “higher sort” of child.

And one day a “super-race” can emerge this way.

Sanger thought that unleashing these new sexual energies promised by the spirits could produce a race of virtual gods on Earth making a worldly paradise.

Sanger seeing this future Aquarian Age writes,

“When the womb becomes fruitful through the desire of an aspiring love, another Newton will come forth to unlock further the secrets of the earth and the stars. There will come a Plato who will be understood, a Socrates who will drink no hemlock and a Jesus who will not die on the Cross. These and the race that is to be created in America await upon a motherhood that is to be sacred because it is free.”

Sanger saw the manifestation of a “new woman” who would give birth to the incarnation of an “inverted Christ” figure.

In her book Woman and The New Race, Sanger openly argues for the universality of infanticide and child sacrifice as “the efforts of the feminine spirit to liberate itself” literally using ancient Canaanite and pagan Greek societies as an example.

She writes of a “secret order” of radicals who see women who have abortions as “martyrs” who are making a “sacrifice” because the murder of a fetus is a “sacrament” in this order.

To conclude, Margaret Sanger’s vision is the vision of the entire U.S. Democratic Party.

It is the vision of senile old fool Joe Biden, over-the-hill flower child Nancy Pelosi and the entire Hollywood and music industry establishments.

It awaits the arrival of one “superior” child.

An “inverted Christ” child.

One that previous generations called the Antichrist.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday July 18th

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Pan Goatee Makes The Calgary Evening News

July 16, 2022 at 8:53 pm (Aesthetics, Avatar Speaks, Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, magic, Sorcery, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , )

Proposed mural for the Catholic Church’s Synod on Synodality in the Canadian province of Alberta

“Good evening,” the Calgary Evening News anchorman wore an I’ve Been Vaccinated 5 Times Button as his skin peeled off and his hair fell out while reading the news, “A fat ugly blimp, her moronic low IQ boyfriend, a couple of other uglo women and their uglo female progeny were beheaded and cut up into 999 trillion pieces each in a southeast Calgary Dollar store tonight. Authorities strongly suspect world famous genetically created satyr serial killer Pan Goatee was involved as beheading uglos and morons and cutting them up into 999 trillion pieces each is generally his signature modus operandi. Another fat ugly blimp was beheaded and cut up into 999 trillion pieces while waiting to cross the street to get to a Dollar store at another location. Authorities suspect Pan Goatee was involved in that beheading and dismemberment as well.”

The anchorman stopped to put his right eyeball back in its socket after it had popped out.

The anchorman continued, “Tomorrow the 2022 Calgary Stampede will come to an end with a Drag Queen Pancake Breakfast and Sing-A-Long. Among the Drag Queens performing will be Ms. Karla Marx a Communist drag queen. The Calgary Stampede has certainly come a long way since its inception over 100 years ago. Once strictly for white heterosexual pronoun fascist male misogynistic cowboys (to quote our beloved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau), today it is a rainbow display of unity in diversity.
And speaking of unity in diversity, here is the award winning mural for the Synod On Synodality to be hosted by the Roman Catholic ArchDiocese of Edmonton, the Diocese of Calgary and the Diocese of Saint Paul in Alberta.”

“It was designed by Ms. Gaius Femalus Undefinedus Transgenderus,” the anchorman added.

. . .

Jorge Mario Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) was meeting with an aide to discuss his upcoming trip to the Canadian province of Alberta.

“Unholy Father,” his aide said, “an entity that’s a demon buffalo head would like to meet you to discuss interfaith dialogue.”

“And where should I meet him?” Bergoglio wanted to know, “At the site of a former residential school where I’ll be saying “I’m sorry” to First Nations peoples, at Sacre-Coeur Church in Edmonton where I’ll be saying “I’m sorry” to First Nations peoples or at the Lac St. Anne pilgrimage where I’ll be saying “I’m sorry” to First Nations peoples?”.

“That’s a good question,” his aide answered, “I’ll ask my Reiki massage therapist and tarot card reader who’s been acting as a medium channel for him.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Saturday July 16th

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Mariposa Noir

May 25, 2022 at 8:43 pm (Gothic, Horror, Short Story, Sorcery, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, )

The witch Mariposa Noir with her imp Iago in the background

Mariposa Noir had decided that she was going to behead her arch enemy the Sherrif of Tottingham with an axe.

Lord Malcolm Bellamy the Sherrif of Tottingham had burnt too many of her coven sisters at the stake.

She was always having to recruit new women to make the coven number stand at 13.

But Lord Bellamy always managed to subtract the number by raiding their midnight ceremonies and capturing her sisters and then burning them at the stake.

Most of her coven sisters weren’t as advanced in witchcraft as she was.

So they weren’t able to quickly turn themselves into ravens like she was and fly away.

Instead they were captured by Lord Bellamy’s men.

Then tried, found guilty and burnt at the stake.

“This Lord Bellamy shall pay,” Mariposa Noir stated as she picked up the axe, “he shall pay with his head.”

Her imp Iago found this statement so utterly funny for some reason that he started laughing his head off (quite literally).

“Oh, Iago,” Mariposa kicked the head out the door of the inn where they were staying and put his body in the garbage can.

Mariposa went upstairs to her room to work out the final details of her plan to ensnare and behead Lord Malcolm Bellamy the Sheriff of Tottingham.

In the meantime Iago’s head outside the inn was eaten by a brown bear who came out of the woods and his body in the garbage can was taken out and burnt along with the rest of the garbage.

So that was the end of Iago.

Mariposa Noir had one advantage when it came to ensnaring the Sheriff of Tottingham.

The Sheriff did not know what she looked like for she was able to turn herself into a raven quite quickly when Tottingham’s men arrived on the scene of her coven’s midnight ritual.

And Mariposa Noir was a beautiful woman.

. . .

Lord Malcolm Bellamy was enjoying his glass of ale when he arrived at the inn.

He instructed the innkeeper to carve himself a large piece of roast wild boar off the spit in the fireplace.

Food and drink, the Sheriff of Tottingham smiled, all that was needed to complete his evening was a beautiful woman…

The cup Bellamy had in his hands about to touch his lips froze when he saw the vision of Mariposa Noir descending the stairs.

“Oh, my God,” the Sheriff exclaimed.

“Good evening, your Lordship,” Mariposa approached.

“You’ve heard of me?” Tottingham was pleased.

“You’ve rid the county of so many witches,” Mariposa answered, “Who hasn’t heard of you?”.

The Sheriff had to agree.

“I’m afraid not much can be done with your axe whose head broke earlier this evening,” the innkeeper said as he walked through the door, “The blacksmith says you’ll probably need a new axe.”

“Very well,” Mariposa shrugged.

“What did you need an axe for?” Tottingham asked.

“To cut off the heads of some chickens,” Mariposa replied.

“That is a useful purpose for an axe,” Tottingham crowed as he nodded his head.

“Perhaps you’d care to lay your head against my bosom,” Mariposa suggested.

“An excellent idea,” Lord Malcolm Bellamy did just that, “My, what long red painted fingernails you have.”

“The better to rip your head off, my dear,” Mariposa smiled as she did just that.

-A short story written by Christopher
Wednesday May 25th 2022.

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