Phoebe At The Jane Austen Society Ball

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Phoebe attending a Jane Austen Society Ball in London

Phoebe worked as a cryptographer and code breaker for the Set Enterprises Intelligence Unit.

She did so because her father (who had been a Classics professor at Oxford) had been murdered on the orders of her 33rd Degree Freemasonic grandfather.

Her grandfather was actually younger than her father had been (a long story don’t ask).

So since the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry worshipped Osiris and his son Horus (among other deities), she went to work for the company owned by the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set (who was the brother of Osiris and the uncle of Horus).

Tonight of course she was off work and currently attending a Jane Austen Society Ball in London.

The past week she had been working on a very strange coded signal that was being picked up by various Set Enterprises listening receivers throughout the world.

As of yet, she was still unable to trace the signal or even crack the code.

But tonight, she was worried about none of these things.

Tonight she danced.

The orchestra was taking a break and Phoebe walked out on to the veranda balcony.

She checked her iPhone and noticed someone she followed on Instagram had just posted.

The Instagram influencer was a very intelligent and what appeared to be a very intellectually inclined bearded dragon named Murph.

Of course the videos and photos were posted by Murph’s owner.

Tonight on the Instagram post were various photos of Murph looking through a telescope at the night sky.

Then Murph’s owner posted a video of what Murph had been looking at through the night sky.

An object in outer space beaming a light signal.

Phoebe recognized the frequencies.

They were the same strange code she had been trying to crack all week.

The code was coming from outer space.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Sunday May 21st

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Jane Austen Encounters Dracul Van Helsing Again

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Canadian vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing talks to noted British author Jane Austen in an English country garden as the pair sit on a bench outside an English country cottage

Canadian vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing was taking a walk along a country path in that part of England associated with noted Regency era author Jane Austen.

The sky suddenly shifted from an extremely bright sunny one to a more cloudy but nevertheless pleasant looking evening anticipating the coming of a gentle rain.

Almost as if Dracul Van Helsing had encountered a vortex in time and had gone either forward or backward in time.

Suddenly Dracul Van Helsing recognized author Jane Austen wearing a pale lilac coloured nightgown and sitting on a bench in an English country garden outside an English country cottage.

Van Helsing had recently travelled back in time and had encountered a 28-year-old Jane Austen back in the spring of 1804.

“Hello, Mr. Van Helsing,” Jane smiled.

“Good evening, Miss Austen,” Dracul answered back.

The vampire hunter deduced that he must have again travelled back to the spring of 1804 when Jane Austen would have been 28.

Van Helsing sat down next to Jane Austen and the pair once again discussed art, literature, philosophy and life.

Jane asked Dracul about his strange looking modern attire.

“The period in which I come from has even stranger looking attire,” Van Helsing explained, “I live in an age where men think they’re women and women think they’re men.”

“My God,” Jane gasped.

“The age in which I live has the consciousness of the Void,” Dracul explained, “The inmates have taken over the asylum in my time and sanity and truth are regarded as crimes against the state and crimes against humanity.”

“Is there nothing good about your time?” Jane asked.

“Only when they make movies or TV series based on your books whether finished or unfinished,” Dracul replied.

Sanditon: A British TV series based on an unfinished novel by Jane Austen and the only good thing about the entire decade of the 2020s so far in Dracul Van Helsing’s opinion

“Nothing else good about the decade in which you’re currently living?” Jane inquired.

“Well, a friend of mine has developed computer software to help people with dyslexia,” Van Helsing answered.

Jane Austen had never heard of dyslexia.

Van Helsing explained that in the year 1877 the reading and spelling difficulties characteristic of dyslexia were first identified by Adolph Kussmaul a German professor of medicine.

His friend with dyslexia Timothy Wood was considered mentally disabled as a child and they wouldn’t let him enter the school system.

His grandmother however taught him to read using the King James Bible, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and the novels of Sir Walter Scott.

Timothy Wood had once written a Jane Austen style Regency novel called The Sterley’s of Oakland Park which is available at

“My favourite line from the book,” Dracul recalled, “was about a woman whose cooking was so bad that it was said of her that if she had been a cook in Britain’s Royal Navy, she’d have been the most formidable weapon in Napoleon’s arsenal.”

“Sounds like a line I could have written,” Jane Austen laughed.

“It does,” Dracul agreed.

The dyslexia software that Timothy Wood developed is available at

Back in the year 2023, the former DARPA operative code named Hyperion Sturm has been brought back to DARPA to help out with a project he had developed.

The project was called Jefferey the Otter.

Jefferey was an actual otter that Hyperion Sturm had taught how to read and write.

Jefferey was used to read and translate (for he had been taught a dozen different languages) intelligence agency documents from all over the world.

Jefferey had two problems however.

He was dyslexic.

And he was an alcoholic.

Now thanks to Timothy Wood’s computer software for dyslexics (which is available at ) , Jefferey the Otter no longer has problems reading.

As for his alcoholism, well the otter had better join Alcoholics Anonymous.

Hyperion Sturm was brought to DARPA Headquarters for Jefferey the Otter had vanished.

Hyperion later found him in a strip bar drinking Green Minnow Beer alongside the great Irish-Jewish American science-fiction writer George Finneganburg who was drinking Ernest Hemingway’s own invented cocktail called Death In The Afternoon (which was a mix of Champagne and absinthe).

“I prefer these to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s vaccine booster shots if I have to go,” Finneganburg explained.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Thursday May 11th

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Charlotte Rose

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Charlotte Rose arrives back in Britain aboard The Carpathia after visiting an aunt in Canada

The year was 1905 and Charlotte Rose Heywood-Williams was returning to Britain after visiting an aunt who lived in Nova Scotia.

What Charlotte Rose was unaware of as she picked up her luggage 🧳 on the deck of The Carpathia was that one of her male cousins had hidden a map 🗺️ with the exact location of the famous Oak Island treasure in her suitcase.

Of course Charlotte Rose was unaware of the map.

She just thought it a musty old document and put it in one of the drawers of her bedroom.

Being an only child, she eventually inherited the house from her parents.

She never married and served as a nurse with the British Army during the Great War (later known as World War I or the First World War after Adolf Hitler’s Germany and Hideki Tojo’s Japan started World War II).

The camp she was in came under German bombardment in July 1917 and she was killed along with several others of her medical unit as well as patients.

Her cousin (who had put the map in her suitcase 🧳) had died in 1906 and thus had never shown up to claim the map that he had hid.

Her cousin Edward Sorwind was a bit of a rake (to put it mildly).

In addition to having stolen the Oak Island treasure map 🗺️ from the town teacher, he was also a notorious person with the ladies.

Since some in the town suspected he had stolen the schoolteacher’s map for the Oak Island treasure, he hid the map in his cousin Charlotte Rose’s luggage when she was to return to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.

Edward thought that he would someday go to England and retrieve the map on his own.

However when he slept with a married woman in town and her husband had discovered them in bed together and after her husband shot Edward several times through the chest with his hunting rifle, Sorwind was in no condition for the long voyage to England (being dead, buried and currently roasting away in Tartarus and all that).

After Charlotte Rose Heywood-Williams died as a casualty in the First World War, a lightning strike struck her house a few months later causing the roof to catch fire 🔥 and the house was burnt to the ground, forever destroying the 🗺️ map to the exact location of the Oak Island treasure.

The fact that Charlotte Rose had the Oak Island treasure map 🗺️ in her possession had forever been lost to history.

Until King Charles III decided to invite a spiritist medium to the palace to contact the spirit of his late mother Queen Elizabeth II in total violation of Deuteronomy Chapter 18 verses 10 to 14 and its warnings and precepts.

Charles was wanting to talk to “Mummy” for some advice.

Paddington Bear advised him against it.

His wife Queen Consort Camilla advised against it.

Gavin Ashenden a former Chaplain to his mother who later became a bishop and then joined the Catholic Church Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham advised against it.

However Archbishop Justin Welby (who had as his spirit advisor the ghost of the late U.S. Episcopalian Bishop James Albert Pike who had somehow miraculously managed to get a dispensation to leave the Underworld by permission of Hades and Persephone) told Charles III to go full speed ahead with the seance.

Instead of his mother showing up, it was the ghost of the notorious and now long forgotten Nova Scotia rake Edward Sorwind.

Sorwind told Charles of the long lost Oak Island treasure map 🗺️ and how he had hidden it in his cousin Miss Charlotte Rose Heywood-Williams’ suitcase before she boarded The Carpathia for England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 in 1905.

An immediately Royal ordered Special Branch investigation of the matter discovered that Charlotte Rose had been killed in July 1917 and her house destroyed by fire a few months later.

So Charles sighed and Paddington Bear told him, “Nothing good can come of this, Your Majesty.”

Indeed not for the palace had been bugged by sinister forces loyal to the Nazi SS Ahnenerbe Occult Bureau vampire Franz Kohler.

Kohler used a contact at the CERN Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland to time travel on occasion when the proper cosmic energies of the Universe were correctly in place in an effort for the Nazi SS Ahnenerbe vampire to alter the course of history.

Time and again however Kohler had been foiled by Canadian vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing who used the Tesla-Houdini-Pantages-Welles-Lamarr magic lantern projector to time travel.

Van Helsing was usually accompanied in his time travels by the ghost of Orson Welles.

Welles had been one of those who helped invent the time travel device.

The device had originally been worked on as a joint collaboration between Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla and the Hungarian-American magician Harry Houdini beginning in 1923 (100 years ago this year).

It was initially financed by the Greek American vaudeville impresario and early motion picture producer and cinema and theatre chain owner Alexander Pantages.

The project was put on hold after Houdini’s death in 1926.

Orson Welles began putting his finishing touches on the would-be time travelling magic lantern projector in 1938.

Finally in 1941 the great Austrian-American actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr (the woman responsible for inventing the wireless radio technology for the U.S. Navy that became the basis of WiFi and Bluetooth) finished the device and then hid it for fear it would fall into Nazi hands.

When the ghosts of Orson Welles and Sir Winston Churchill were granted dispensational releases from the Underworld by Hades and Persephone in the spring of 2017 so they could serve as spirit advisors to newly elected British MP Renfield R. Renfield, Welles’ ghost led Dracul Van Helsing to find the old projector in an old Hollywood movie theatre where it had been placed in the film projectionist’s room back in 1947.

Anyways Franz Kohler decided to go back in time and steal the Oak Island treasure map 🗺️ as Charlotte Rose Heywood-Williams arrived in England aboard The Carpathia in 1905.

As Franz Kohler stood at the dock, to his surprise he found himself being staked through the heart and then beheaded by Dracul Van Helsing.

Van Helsing walked on.

Welles’ ghost hoped that Kohler would remain dead this time.

The Norse trickster god Loki usually managed to find a way to bring back Kohler from the dead thus sending the evil Kohler on more nefarious missions.

Van Helsing walked aboard the deck of The Carpathia where he saw Miss Charlotte Rose.

Van Helsing approached wearing the uniform of a British Customs officer of the Edwardian Era.

“May I please inspect your luggage, Miss?” Van Helsing asked.

The vampire hunter was very gentle in inspecting the contents of the suitcases 🧳 although he did pocket the Oak Island treasure map 🗺️ that had been put there by Charlotte Rose’s cousin Edward Sorwind.

Van Helsing did not tell the young Miss Charlotte Rose what would happen to her.

As the great American country music singer Garth Brooks once sang in his song The Dance,

“… I’m glad I didn’t know
The way it all would end
The way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I’d have had to miss the dance… 💃 🕺 “

of life.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Tuesday March 21st

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The Odin Gungnir Rocket: From Wernher von Braun To Kim Jong-un

November 21, 2022 at 1:22 am (Espionage, Geopolitics and International Relations, History, International Intrigue, Mythology, News, Science, Spy Tales, Technology, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

  • /
  • /
  • /
  • Yale University librarian Krista Shearer looks for a rare book of sonnets written by little known Irish ₱oet Sean McHendry as FBI S₱ecial agent Cameron Brown (on a mission for his boss FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover) looks on
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • The year was 1937.
  • /
  • The FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover did not really know what to make of the letter in front of him.
  • /
  • Was it a crank? A ₱rank? A joke? An early… or… ₱ossibly a late… A₱ril Fool’s Day trick?
  • /
  • The letter writer claimed that a young German aeros₱ace engineer by the name of Wernher von Braun had been visited in a dream by the Norse Germanic valkyrie Sigrdrifa who told him how to design a rocket based on the ₱ro₱erties of Gungnir the su₱ernatural s₱ear of the Norse god Odin (who was called Wotan in the legendary folklore of the Germanic ₱eo₱les).
  • /
  • Wernher von Braun, the letter writer had claimed, had immediately awakened, sat down at his desk and had designed the rocket on a ₱iece of engineering draft ₱a₱er.
  • /
  • Von Braun, the letter writer claimed, was however quite worried that the USSR’s Josef Stalin might set out to invade and conquer the rest of Euro₱e including Germany and the rocket design might fall into Stalin’s hands.
  • /
  • Von Braun, the letter writer had claimed, decided to hide the design over in America where it stood less chance of falling into Stalin’s hands.
  • /
  • One of Wernher von Braun’s mother’s favourite writers was a little known 19th Century Irish ₱oet by the name of Sean McHendry who wrote sonnets.
  • /
  • A₱₱arently the very first ₱rinted edition of Sean McHendry’s first ₱ublished edition of sonnets was to be found in the Yale University Library.
  • /
  • The young German aeros₱ace engineer Wernher von Braun thought that the young Irish ₱oet Sean McHendry, who died young after falling off the Cliffs of Moher and drowning in the Atlantic Ocean while busy ₱ondering the stars in the night sky, ₱robably would never become well known and therefore there was no chance of anyone checking out his book of sonnets from the Yale University Library.
  • /
  • The only one who would ₱robably check out that book of Sean McHendry sonnets would be Wernher von Braun’s own mother and she had vowed never to visit Connecticut (where Yale University was located) after she had read Mark Twain’s book A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court.
  • /
  • Therefore, Hoover read in the letter, von Braun had sent the rocket design drawing with a friend to America where the friend had inserted it in the ₱ages of little known Irish ₱oet Sean McHendry’s book of sonnets.
  • /
  • Hoover sat back in his chair.
  • /
  • He knew that agents for other countries’ intelligence services were always following him.
  • /
  • He knew that ₱eo₱le who worked for that vile, disgusting and most re₱ulsive grou₱ of all- the American ₱ress- were also always following him.
  • /
  • Therefore he himself couldn’t bloody well walk into the library of Yale University in New Haven Connecticut and check out a book of sonnets written by a little known Irish ₱oet without ₱eo₱le becoming sus₱icious.
  • /
  • Hoover got on the ₱hone to one of his to₱ S₱ecial agents Cameron Brown.
  • /
  • /
  • It was a good thing that Hoover had sent agent Cameron Brown on that mission to check a book out of the Yale University library.
  • /
  • For Hoover had received an emergency ₱hone call from ₱resident FDR at the White House.
  • /
  • A₱₱arently someone had stolen the ₱resident’s favourite cigarette holder and FDR wanted Hoover to ₱ersonally investigate.
  • /
  • After a day of questioning all the White House staff in both the West and East Wings, Hoover determined that it was FDR’s dog who had stolen the ₱resident’s favourite cigarette holder.
  • /
  • The dog was sent out to the dog house and FDR retreated to the White House smoking and billiards room.
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • Yale University librarian Krista Shearer locates a rare book of sonnets written by little known Irish ₱oet Sean McHendry as FBI S₱ecial Agent Cameron Brown looks on.
  • /
  • The finding of the book was the start of a beautiful friendshi₱ between Krista and Cameron. The two dated, got married a year later and then honeymooned in both ₱aris and Casablanca. A year later war broke out in Euro₱e although there was ₱robably no connection between the two events. /
  • In 194O they had a son S₱encer.
  • /
  • S₱encer went on to become the Chief Librarian and Archivist for National Review Magazine a magazine founded by William F. Buckley Jr. a graduate of Yale University.
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • It turned out the mysterious letter writer was right.
  • /
  • Hoover found the Wernher von Braun rocket design of the Odin Gungnir rocket in the ₱ages of the book of Irish ₱oet Sean McHendry’s book of Sonnets.
  • /
  • Hoover ₱ut the design in his own ₱ersonal files under the heading Missing Cigarette Holders and Canine Thieves.
  • /
  • A North Korean s₱y found the files in 2O12.
  • /
  • The rocket design was ₱laced without the athlete’s knowledge in one of basketball star Dennis Rodman’s large shoes in 2O13 when he made a tri₱ to North Korea.
  • /
  • The design was removed from the shoe by North Korean Intelligence Agents when Rodman arrived in the country with his luggage.
  • /
  • North Korea’s hereditary Communist dictator Kim Jong-un ₱resented Rodman with a number of gifts when the two met.
  • /
  • Including a can of foot odour s₱ray on the recommendation of the North Korean Intelligence Service in memory of a dozen agents who had died in the line of duty on the day the rocket design was retrieved.
  • /
  • After a s₱ecial chemical ₱rocess in which all traces of odour were removed from the Wernher von Braun Odin Gungnir rocket design drawing, North Korean engineers then set out to build the rocket.
  • /
  • In the form of a missile.
  • /
  • An intercontinental ballistic missile.
  • /
  • The rocket was tested this ₱ast Friday at a missile launch at which Kim Jong-un had brought along his daughter (and ₱ossible heir) Kim Chu-ae.
  • /
  • -A vam₱ire novel cha₱ter
  • /
  • written by Christo₱her
  • /
  • Sunday November 2Oth 2O22

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  • ₱an Goatee Beheads Thin Ugly Stoat, Cerberus Continues His ₱ursuit of Tartarus Esca₱ee and ₱achamama To Be Declared Catholic Co-Mediatrix and Co-Redem₱trix

    November 16, 2022 at 10:38 pm (Aesthetics, Espionage, Geopolitics and International Relations, History, International Intrigue, Mythology, News, Politics, Science, Sorcery, Technology, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

  • /
  • ₱achamama the demonic sha₱eshifting red dragon to woman and back Inca Earth Mother Goddess ₱osing as Maya the Hindu goddess of illusion with Fenrir the Norse wolf of the future Battle of Ragnarok in front of her and delivering Climate Change 1O Commandments ato₱ Mount Sinai
  • /
  • It was the last day of the G-2O Summit in Bali, Indonesia.
  • /
  • As the ghost of Juanita Hall sang the song Bali Hai from the movie South ₱acific, Joe Biden walked into a closet where Justin Trudeau was busy kissing the naked buttocks of Communist China’s ₱aramount leader Xi Jin₱ing. Joe smiled at Justin and winked and said “3 times is a charm.”
  • /
  • Justin, who was starting to regret the fact that he really shouldn’t have been eating rice with Krazy Glue ₱rior to kissing Xi’s buttocks, wondered what Joe meant when he said, “3 times is a charm.”
  • /
  • Meanwhile in Moscow, Russian ₱resident Vladimir ₱utin was busy reading an intelligence re₱ort ₱re₱ared by the Russian FSB vam₱iress Svetlana Kireeva.
  • /
  • A₱₱arently last night Joe Biden had been flown in an ex₱erimental Mach 7 aircraft from Bali Indonesia to San Francisco California. Then he had been whisked by high s₱eed car to the Bohemian Grove- the secret exclusive reclusive s₱ot where country club Re₱ublicans could ₱ractice sex orgies and occultic ceremonies.
  • /
  • Svetlana was unable to get into the grove itself because the grove was guarded by giant demonic owl creatures.
  • /
  • So she had no idea what Joe was doing there.
  • /
  • /
  • NASA Administrator Dr. Nachash Naga successfully toasted today’s early morning launch of the Artemis 1 moon rocket launch with a glass of cham₱agne. A glass of cham₱agne s₱rinkled with the blood of a virgin.
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • ₱an Goatee had once again a₱₱eared at a Calgary intersection to do battle with the frost and ice giants of the Norse Hel and Niflheim but the giants were nowhere to be found.
  • /
  • He went to a market store to buy some bottles of Teriyaki sauce but the store had nothing but ugly looking female cashiers there so he didn’t bother buying any.
  • /
  • On the way back to a bus sto₱, he went into a liquor store to buy a cou₱le of bottles of Coca-Cola Classic as liquor stores sold Coca-Cola Classic for a lot chea₱er than most grocery stores.
  • /
  • The Greco-Roman titan deity Saturn Kronos stood outside the liquor store dressed in the costume of and looking like the North ₱ole Santa Claus of 193Os Coca-Cola ads.
  • /
  • He saluted ₱an as he si₱₱ed from a bottle of Coca-Cola.
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • ₱an arrived at the bus sto₱ just as a really re₱ulsive looking uglo thin ugly stoat was getting off a bus.
  • /
  • The satyr beheaded the thin ugly stoat and cut her u₱ into 999 trillion ₱ieces.
  • /
  • The Austro-Hungarian and Bavarian demon goat Kram₱us arrived to ₱ick u₱ the remains of the beheaded and dismembered uglo.
  • /
  • While on his way back to Tartarus, Kram₱us ran into Cerberus the three-headed dog of the Underworld.
  • /
  • Cerberus was looking dejected.
  • /
  • “I take it you still haven’t found that scumbag esca₱ee from Tartarus,” Kram₱us lit a cigarette and o₱ened u₱ a can of Bud Light, “That corru₱t community housing official and ₱edo₱hile child molestor Mark of The Beast Alexander.”
  • /
  • Cerberus shook all 3 of his heads in a negative fashion indicating the word No.
  • /
  • Cerberus’ smart ₱hone rang.
  • /
  • The ₱ervert had been s₱otted in the girls’ washroom of a nearby elementary school.
  • /
  • Cerberus took off in the direction of the elementary school.
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • ₱achamama the Inca earth mother goddess dressed as Maya the Hindu goddess of Illusion accom₱anied by the Norse wolf Fenrir and the flaming head skull of the a₱ostate Jesuit ₱riest ₱ierre Teilhard de Chardin (who was ₱laying the role of the Burning Bush) ato₱ Mount Sinai handing down tablets on which were written Climate Change 1O Commandments to a grou₱ of ecumenically minded interfaith leaders.
  • /
  • “₱eo₱le will fall for anything these days won’t they?” British M₱ Renfield R. Renfield remarked as he showed the ₱hotos to the London-based billionaire ancient Egy₱tian vam₱ire Set.
  • /
  • “Indeed,” Set agreed.
  • /
  • “The Set Enter₱rises Intelligence Unit has discovered that there’s a move afoot in the Vatican to have ₱achamama declared Co-Mediatrix and Co-Redem₱trix of the world alongside Jesus Christ,” Renfield ₱ointed out.
  • /
  • “What?” Set was absolutely shocked, “Francis says he won’t ever give that title to the Blessed Virgin Mary the Mother of Jesus but he might be willing to bestow that title on the demon ₱achamama?”.
  • /
  • On the television set in the living room of the colossal Set Estate in West London an old e₱isode of the TV series The Twilight Zone was ₱laying and the voice of host Rod Serling could be heard saying, “You have just entered the Twilight Zone.”
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • /
  • -A vam₱ire novel cha₱ter written Wednesday November 16th 2O22.

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  • Joe Biden Asked To Perform An Agamemnon

    August 31, 2022 at 10:57 pm (Art History, Geopolitics and International Relations, Ghost Story, History, International Intrigue, Literature, Mythology, News, Politics, Science, Technology, The Supernatural, theatre, Theatre Arts, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , , )

    The Greek goddess Artemis being serenaded by musicians who were brought to life from a mural painting

    “Who is Aeschylus?” Vice-President Kamala Harris asked one of her aides.

    “He was an ancient Greek playwright who lived from approximately 525 BC to 456 BC and is believed to have written anywhere from 70 to 90 plays,” her aide answered, “He is considered the Father of Tragedy. In fact his ghost is believed to have written the recent Inflation Reduction Act. In fact on the night of April 4th 1968, Bobby Kennedy quoted from Aeschylus while addressing Afro-American voters in Indianapolis, Indiana when he had to break the tragic news to them that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King had been assassinated. The Aeschylus quote was this:

    “Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.”

    “What were some of his plays?” Kamala asked.

    “Well he once wrote a trilogy of plays about the family of King Agamemnon of Mycenae the fellow who commanded the Greeks during the Trojan War,” her aide replied, “The trilogy was called The Oresteia named after Orestes who was a son of King Agamemnon.”

    “Rather ironic you should be talking about The Oresteia,” remarked a leading high-ranking NASA official as he walked by on his way to the Oval Office to see Joe Biden.

    “Ironic? How so?” Kamala inquired.

    “That’s on a need to know basis and you don’t need to know,” the NASA official replied.

    The FBI agent accompanying the NASA official was a Neo-Bolshevik Communist (like most FBI agents are these days) and did not understand the classical allusions that were being thrown around.

    This entire scene was part of a dream (or was it a vision?) being seen by Michelangelo the Psychic Lobster in his lobster tank at Set Enterprises Laboratories in London, England.

    The name of the high-ranking NASA official was Dr. Nachash Naga.

    He was on an important mission for NASA.

    The Artemis 1 moon rocket was supposed to have been launched this past Monday August 29th 2022 but then something happened and the launch was postponed until this Saturday September 3rd 2022.

    But even that might be postponed further because of new information that had come up.


    “Mr. President,” Dr. Nachash Naga addressed the Pooper-In-Chief, “We need you to do something for us.”

    “Glad to oblige,” Biden ate a piece of Ex-Lax.

    “Mr. President, we have a problem and it isn’t Houston,” Dr. Nachash Naga explained, “Do you remember last fall when you went deer hunting?”.

    “Um, I don’t actually,” answered the Pooper-In-Chief who suffered from dementia.

    “Well, you shot and killed a deer,” Dr. Nachash Naga pointed out.

    “Good for me,” Joe Biden grinned.

    “Well that turned out to be a bad thing, Mr. President,” Dr. Nachash Naga hissed, “It turned out that the deer you shot and killed was a deer sacred to the Greek goddess Artemis.”

    “Who is Artemis?” Joe Biden looked at a photo of the Belvedere Apollo and wondered if he should invite the sculpted statue to join his cabinet.

    “Artemis was the Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals as well as the Greek goddess of the moon,” Dr. Nachash Naga flashed his incisors, “and as a result of your killing that deer sacred to her, she is preventing the Artemis 1 rocket from being launched.”

    “So, what can I do about it?” Joe Biden scratched his diaper rash.

    “Well when King Agamemnon of Mycenae slew and killed a deer sacred to Artemis and the goddess prevented the Greek fleet from sailing towards Troy as punishment, Agamemnon was forced to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia to Artemis to appease her wrath.”

    “So what do you want me to do?” Biden put on Kamala Harris’ high school Dunce cap.

    “We want you to sacrifice your daughter to Artemis in the next couple of days to appease her wrath so we can get the Artemis 1 moon rocket launched this coming Saturday,” Dr. Nachash Naga began filing his fingernails.

    “Can I sniff her hair before I sacrifice her?” Joe Biden asked.

    “Of course, Mr. President,” Dr. Nachash Naga looked exasperated.

    “Wait,” Joe Biden suddenly had a moment of clarity after taking a Claritin tablet, “Jill might be rather pissed at me if I sacrifice Ashley.”

    “Joe, I have a suggestion,” Barack Obama delivered his instructions into Joe’s earpiece as he always did, “Did you ever have any extra marital affairs?”.

    “I can’t remember,” Joe was trying to remember the tune of the Bob Hope song Thanks For The Memory.

    “Well ask some of your FBI agents to stop sifting through Donald Trump’s underwear and try to track down any extra marital affairs you might have had and any children you might have had particularly girls,” Obama explained, “Then you can sacrifice that daughter from an extra marital affair.”

    “Gee, I wonder if any are still alive,” Biden picked his nose, “This is one occasion when I wish I hadn’t been so gung ho for abortion.”

    “Just send out the FBI, Joe,” Obama barked, “Find any surviving daughters from those extra marital affairs and just do the damned sacrifice. We’ve got to get to the moon before Vladimir Putin and Jackie Gleason’s wife Alice do.”

    Meanwhile in Hunter Biden’s room, he was being visited by the ghost of a beautiful young Greek girl named Electra.

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Wednesday August 31st

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    British MP Renfield R. Renfield’s Advice To Vladimir Putin

    May 19, 2022 at 10:57 pm (Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, News, Sorcery, Technology, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , )

    As Mei-ling Manchu plots the overthrow of Communist China’s despot Xi Jinping, British MP Renfield R. Renfield gives advice to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his Thursday night podcast

    Mei-ling Manchu was getting plenty of new support for her cause to overthrow Xi.

    Shanghai’s residents were fed up with his rule after being locked down and pad locked behind iron fences in the name of the worship of the Blessed and Eternal Coronavirus.

    Students at Beijing universities were tearing down the iron fences that Beijing police were putting up in the name of the worship of the Blessed and Eternal Coronavirus (that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had released upon the world with the encouragement of Bill Gates who was now working on a new and improved Monkeypox virus).

    Only the brainless leaders of the Western world and the brainless mainstream media in the western world and CCP propaganda itself thought that Xi’s rule was secure and iron clad.

    They were all blind to the shaking going on behind the Bamboo Curtain.

    Meanwhile in Canada, Alberta’s Neo-Fascist tyrant Premier Jason Kenney (who had thrown pastors in jail for violating his draconian Maoist style lockdowns in the name of the worship of the blessed and eternal Coronavirus) had announced his resignation as United Conservative Party leader yesterday May 18th (on what would have been Pope John Paul II’s 102nd birthday) since only 51.4% of the party membership had voted for him in a leadership review.

    His United Conservative Party wasn’t so united after all.

    And over in Britain, British MP Renfield R. Renfield was giving advice to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his Thursday night podcast.

    Said Renfield, “Russian President Vladimir Putin is always telling everyone that he opposes the New World Order of the Great Reset being promoted by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and the vaccinazi leaders of the Western world (the European Union, Canada, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand). The sign of loyalty and fidelity to this New World Order is to wear a stupid looking diaper over one’s face (as Justin Trudeau always does when he isn’t wearing blackface) in the name of the worship of the Blessed and Eternal Coronavirus. And also to hold sodomite Pride parades all over the place in the month of June where weird looking freaks, degenerates and perverts blaspheme the sign of God’s rainbow.
    Anyways the World Economic Forum is holding its annual general meeting this coming Sunday May 22nd to Thursday May 26th in Davos, Switzerland.
    This conference will host over 2,000 political and industry leaders who back the goals of the World Economic Forum and its Great Reset and the New Age Communist 2030 Sustainability Agenda of the United Nations.
    They will discuss their plans for “pandemic recovery, tackling climate change, the future for work, accelerating stakeholder capitalism (what they call their system of hybrid Fascism and Marxism combined) and harnessing new technologies (their expression for eliminating 8.5 billion people of the world’s population and turning obnoxious billionaire oligarchs like George Soros and Bill Gates into immortal Transhumanist gods by uniting their decrepit and spastic old bodies with AI technology so that the world might enjoy their wisdom (or lack thereof!) forever.”

    Renfield went on, “Anyways this World Economic Forum Annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland will have immense security measures for its so-called elite participants including 5000 military personnel and a strictly enforced no-fy zone.
    So while Ukraine doesn’t get a no-fly zone, the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland does.
    If Vladimir Putin is truly opposed to the New World Order of the Great Reset, I call upon him to defy the no-fly zone and send a hypersonic missile directly at Davos and blow all the evil demon worshipping adherents at that conference away to kingdom come.
    Thank you for listening, ladies and gentlemen. God bless you. And good night.”

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Thursday May 19th

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    Carson Cody Albion and The Deadliest of Spies

    April 20, 2022 at 10:04 pm (Espionage, Geopolitics and International Relations, History, International Espionage, International Intrigue, News, Science, Sorcery, Spy Tales, Technology, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , )

    Carson Cody Albion Private Eye had been asked to trail and follow a female Russian spy- an assignment he was very much enjoying

    It was the spring of 1957.

    And Carson Cody Albion Private Eye was walking the sidewalks of Los Angeles.

    He had been hired to tail a female Russian spy.

    It was a tail he was very much enjoying.

    Suddenly Albion was accosted by a store detective who had noticed that the private eye was following the woman.

    “What are you?” The store detective got up close into Albion’s face, “Some sort of pervert?”.

    “No, I’m not a Hollywood producer,” Albion decked the man with his fists and knocked him out cold.

    He had lost track of the woman.

    A gentle breeze at that moment carried with it a whiff of the woman’s sensuous perfume.

    Albion was back on track.

    The woman entered an apartment building.

    Albion recognized the building.

    Janos Korda a Hungarian physicist who had fled his homeland after the failed 1956 uprising against Communist rule the year before lived there.

    Korda had found a job working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

    One of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory was rocket engineer Jack Parsons.

    Jack Parsons had been back in the 1940s a disciple of English occultist Aleister Crowley.

    In early 1946 Parsons and science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard who was also a disciple of Crowley (Hubbard would later go on to found the Church of Scientology) worked on a series of magic rituals that they called the Babalon Working.

    The rituals invoked the spirit of the Whore of Babylon.

    Also called Babalon.

    Crowley and the two men claimed they succeeded.

    Parsons was killed in a home laboratory explosion in 1952.

    Although police felt that the 37-year-old Parsons’ death was an accident, other associates suspected it was suicide or murder.

    When Korda had arrived to work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the fluent English language speaker Korda had been given a notebook of Parsons to read and analyze.

    The notes consisted of Thelemite meditation techniques (Thelema had been the name of the religion founded by Aleister Crowley).

    While meditating Korda came in contact with an entity calling itself Aiwass (the same entity that Crowley claimed to have once contacted and later sketched. The entity resembles an ET alien gray).

    Aiwass gave Korda the plans for a new type of rocket.

    Korda was so impressed with Aiwass’ plans that he wrote rocket engineer Wernher von Braun about it.

    Unfortuntately Janos Korda’s letter to von Braun was intercepted by a Communist in the U.S. Post Office (Unfortunately Wisconsin Sen. Joe McCarthy had neglected to look for Communists in the U.S. Post Office).

    The letter found its way to Soviet KGB headquarters in Moscow.

    And thus the beautiful and lovely Alexandra Murthanoccasio Popovitch was dispatched to Los Angeles to seduce Janos Korda.

    She got into his apartment.

    She got into his arms.

    And she got into his notebook (in which he had detailed Aiwass’ plans for rocketry and missiles).

    Once the notebook was in her left hand, she shot him dead with her right hand.

    Carson Cody Albion, who had stopped to buy himself a Coke from the apartment building’s Coke machine, thought that perhaps he shouldn’t have stopped to buy himself a Coke as soon as he heard the gun shots.

    He tried to finish his bottle of Coke as quickly as he could and then ran upstairs.

    When he entered the apartment, Janos Korda was lying dead on the floor and Korda’s pet budgie was saying, “The horror. The horror.”

    “Excuse me,” Albion asked the budgie, “But are you saying “The horror. The horror.” ? Or “The whore. The whore.”? Because there is a difference you know.”

    Meanwhile the lovely and beautiful Alexandra Murthanoccasio Popovitch was already fleeing down the fire escape.

    A group of Grade 7 boys from a nearby private boys’ school were already looking straight up the fire escape at the tight skirted dress lovely female spy’s descent.

    Their Art Appreciation teacher (who was a woman) who had been escorting them on a walk to a nearby art gallery suddenly broke into a lecture on the dangers of blindness (or even jail!) if one engaged in a certain physical activity (particularly in public).

    As for the notebook, it returned safely to Moscow along with the lovely and beautiful Alexandra Murthanoccasio Popovitch.

    Aiwass’ plans for the rocket were successful.

    The USSR launched the Sputnik 1 satellite a few months later.

    As for Aiwass’ missile, that took a little longer to develop.

    Until Wednesday April 20th 2022.

    When Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of a new intercontinental ballistic missile.

    As he warned the West not to keep threatening Russia’s security in the Ukraine War.

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Wednesday April 20th

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    Pan Goatee Beheads More Uglos and Pachamama’s Francis Discusses ET Aliens With One of His Globalist Backers

    April 11, 2022 at 10:49 pm (Aesthetics, Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, News, Science, Sorcery, Technology, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , )

    The Temple Bar Dragon Monument in London

    The Temple Bar Dragon Monument in London had come to life and become a real dragon after the evil Jesuit priest Father Caiaphas bar Yochai had cast a dark magic witchcraft spell on it.

    This story was covered up by the western world’s brainless mainstream media (all of the western world’s brainless mainstream media was of course owned by two investment companies Vanguard and Blackrock so of course they controlled today’s Orwellian Covid-1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World story narrative).

    British MP Renfield R. Renfield stood in front of the now empty monument where the Temple Bar Dragon had stood.

    Renfield told his streaming audience, “Apparently the brainless mainstream media around the world along with numerous health “experts” and various politicians are now getting their panties in a knot yacking their heads off about a sixth wave of Covid. Even though the omicron variant wave was less deadly than previous waves of Covid save among those who were triple vaccinated who of course were dropping dead like flies. What intelligent citizens of the world now need to do is to take matters into their own hands and start kidnapping health “experts”, members of the brainless mainstream media and totalitarian inclined politicians and start hanging them by the neck until dead. Then we can start putting an end to this Covid plandemic hoax once and for all.”

    Pan Goatee agreed and then shut off the TV so he could catch his bus.

    There weren’t any facially aesthetically challenged women on the bus when he first got on so Goatee was thankful.

    Several bus stops down a really repulsively ugly looking stoat and her moronic low IQ boyfriend got on.

    But the uglo and her moronic boyfriend decided to sit several seats down from the genetically created satyr serial killer so Goatee wasn’t confronted by the sights of sheer ugliness and walking moronism.

    However the ugly looking stoat happened to have an obnoxious big mouth and kept shooting her mouth off about totally irrelevant disgusting things.

    When the uglo started singing

    “Let’s go and get high
    Don’t ask me why
    My addiction is my ex
    Let’s go and have sex
    I want a midnight fuck
    Laid like a flattened dump truck..”

    “To think that such incredible talent is now lost to the world forever,” Pan Goatee commented as he beheaded the crap rap hip hop uglo and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

    He then did the same to her moronic boyfriend.

    Later downtown he beheaded a lot more uglos as they seemed to be spreading faster than veneral disease at a U.S. Democratic Party Convention.

    Later when he got on the bus to go back home a fat ugly blimp was sitting at his favourite spot on the bus so he beheaded the fat ugly blimp and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

    As more uglos got on and he beheaded them all, Goatee commented, “I’m starting to feel like U.S. Postal Service Employee Norman Newman when he explained to Seinfeld why many letter carriers start going ballistic and shooting up people. “The mail,” said Newman, “It just keeps coming and coming. It never stops. It never ends.” This is fast becoming a neverending tragedy.”

    Krampus, whose sack was getting heavier and heavier with the remains of all the uglos that Pan had beheaded, had to agree.

    Meanwhile at the Vatican in Rome, the Satanic AntiPope Francis was being forced to kneel and genuflect and kiss the ass of one of his globalist backers.

    “Now your Unholiness,” the globalist backer wagged his finger, “I want you to make an official Vatican announcement that alien ET reptilian lizard people are here and alive and well and living among us.”

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Monday April 11th

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    Thanks To Pan Goatee, Another Fat Ugly Blimp and Her Moronic Boyfriend Bite The Dust

    February 28, 2022 at 10:20 pm (Aesthetics, Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, News, Politics, Sorcery, Technology, The Occult, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , )

    World famous genetically created satyr Pan Goatee poses for a selfie with a huge fan this past weekend

    You’d think after last week’s three days of serial killing sprees that fat ugly blimps and their moronic boyfriends would finally learn to stay out of the limelight (or any other light for that matter) but seeing as how fat ugly blimps and their moronic boyfriends aren’t exactly the brighest lights in the cosmos, this huge hint was lost on them.

    Pan Goatee the genetically created satyr serial killer was sitting on a sideways looking seat on a Calgary Transit bus when suddenly a fat ugly blimp sat across from him.

    She might as well have been wearing a t-shirt that read BEHEAD ME PLEASE.

    Her low-IQ moronic looking boyfriend sat next to her.

    Pan Goatee moved to another seat where he wouldn’t have to look at the fat ugly blimp’s fat ugly face.

    Upon Pan Goatee moving, the low-IQ moronic looking boyfriend then went and sat in Pan Goatee’s former seat across from her so he could look at her fat ugly face.

    Then when the duo finally decided to get off the bus, the two bimbos rather than getting off the bus at the door closest to them chose to walk down and get off the bus at the door closest to Pan Goatee.

    The bimbos had their chance to live and they blew it.

    Pan Goatee sprang into action.

    He beheaded the fat ugly blimp with his astral laser machete and cut her up into 999 trillion pieces.

    As Krampus the demon goat arrived to carry the fat ugly blimp’s remains down to Tartarus, Pan went to work on the low-IQ moronic looking boyfriend.

    He cut his head off and then cut him up into 999 trillion pieces.

    Calgary’s airheaded Neo-Bolshevik Communist Mayor Jyoti Gondek (who had been riding the bus) protested, “That man and his girlfriend voted for me.”

    “Well,” Goatee replied, “I guess you can cross their names off the voters’ list ”

    . . .

    Despite declaring an end to the Emergencies Act last week, Canada’s would-be Neo-Stalinist tyrant Justin Trudeau still hadn’t returned any of the money his government had seized from political dissidents’ bank accounts.

    In fact Justin’s good Fascist buddies at the Canandian Bankers’ Association started running TV commercials promoting Digital ID and urging everyone to get it.

    Justin and his buddies the bankers were still pushing an Antichrist Mark of the Beast system.

    And it was revealed that Justin’s Whore of Babylon Nazi/Communist Hybrid Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and Federal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland serves on the Board of Directors of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

    Schwab had said in an interview back on January 10th 2016 that everyone would have to take a digital ID chip in the next 10 years.

    Israeli researcher Yuval Noah Hariri a staunch supporter of Transhumanism and the coming Homo Deus (that would replace Homo sapiens) says that everyone will take the chip and have their brain wirelessly connected to a computer and lose their free will but this will be a good thing.

    NATO and the EU are not fighting for democracy and freedom but for a dystopian New World Order where everyone will be microchipped and have their minds controlled by AI.

    Vladimir Putin is fighting for a revived Czarist Russian Empire.

    Neither side is fighting for democracy and freedom.

    Ukraine would do well not to be part of either system.

    . . .

    In a TV interview, Asmodeus the cigarette smoking demon of lust said that NATO and the European Union are under the control of the demons Baal, Baphomet, Mammon and Moloch.

    While Vladimir Putin’s government is under the control of the Fallen Archangel Mephistopheles and the demon Pereplut.

    Neither side is fighting for God.

    . . .

    And in Beijing, that supernatural entity known as the Black Dragon was telling Communist China’s paramount leader Xi Jinping that now was the time to invade Taiwan.

    -A vampire novel chapter
    written by Christopher
    Monday February 28th

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