Sherrielock Holmes

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Sherrielock Holmes

It was the autumn of 1893.

And London dominatrix Sherrielock Holmes (the virtually unknown twin sister of Sherlock Holmes whose existence was vigourously denied by the Holmes family) had been entertaining a client in her London apartments.

“Well,” said her client, “it’s good thing I’m giving a speech in the House of Commons this afternoon. That means I’ll be standing. I don’t think I’ll be able to sit today.”

Her client exited the apartment and she could hear her client’s London bobby bodyguard say, “The street seems to be clear of any reporters, Mr. Prime Minister. I think it’s safe to enter your carriage.”

Sherrielock returned to her own thoughts as she put away the cane and wooden paddle.

She was thinking of a young man she had met in Paris that summer.


A promising young physics and chemistry student at the Sorbonne.

The man was a genius.

He claimed to have in his possession the notebooks of the legendary Faust- the Renaissance alchemist whose tale and exploits had been made famous by England’s Christopher Marlowe and Germany’s Goethe.

He was also studying the work of the monk geneticist Gregor Johann Mendel.

He also had hopes of discovering the secret of immortality..

How Sherrielock longed to be immortal.

And to be immortal without being confined to the nocturnal existence of vampires and vampiresses.

. . .

Sherrielock Holmes walked through London’s Chinatown taking in the vibrant sights and unique aromas.

She wondered to herself if she went into one of the district’s nefarious opium dens if she’d spot her twin brother there- partaking of that strange vaporous dragon because he hadn’t any interesting cases lately.

She noticed a vendor with a stall and sign that said Ling Po’s Marvelous Mushrooms.

“So, Mr. Ling Po,” she smiled at the vendor, “what’s your most wonderful mushroom?”.

“That would be the Lingzhi Supernatural Mushroom, Missy,” the old vendor replied with a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh, a supernatural mushroom,” Sherrie smiled as she threw back her long dark hair.

“Yes, it’s said to eat it under certain conditions that it will grant one immortality,” Ling Po smiled.

“Oh well, then I shall buy some and eat it,” Sherrielock opened her purse.

“Wait, Missy,” Ling Po held up his hand.

“What is it?” Sherrie asked.

“The form of immortality the Lingzhi Supernatural Mushroom will give you may not be the immortality you desire,” warned Ling Po.

“No?” Sherrie looked quizzical.

“The warriors of the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang were promised immortality by the Chinese sorceress Wu Xian should they eat the Lingzhi Supernatural Mushroom boiled with a thousand year old egg,” Ling Po stated, “and in a sense they were granted immortality after they ate this strange brew. They turned to stone.”

“Turned to stone?” Sherrie struggled to get her coiled snake hairpin out of her hair.

“Yes, they became terracotta sculptures who were buried as funerary art when the Emperor Qin Shi Huang was buried circa 210-209 BC,” Ling Po explained, “and whether the request of the Emperor’s No. 1 wife was followed and Qin was buried face downwards so “he could see where he’s going” (his No. 1 wife’s words), I’m not sure. Nevertheless the Emperor’s stoned Terracotta Army was buried with him.”

“And has this tomb ever been found?” Sherrie asked as she raided her hair desperately searching for her hairpin.

“No,” Ling Po shook his head sadly, “There are rumours that the tomb is located in the Lintong District of Shaanxi Province in China but so far it has not been found.”

“I see,” Sherrie finally found her coiled snake hairpin, “nevertheless I’ll take the Linghzi Supernatural Mushroom. But I promise I won’t eat it boiled with a thousand year old egg.”

. . .

Sherrie walked through the streets of London vigourously clutching her bag of Linghzi Supernatural Mushrooms.

She was certain her handsome young French physicist chemist boyfriend could find a scientific way by which the Linghzi Supernatural Mushroom could be consumed that would grant one immortality without turning one to stone.

Her Louis.

Her handsome brave intelligent young Louis.

When she visited Paris the next time, she should really convince Louis to return with her to London to live.

Her Louis.



Scientific prodigy.

Genius extraordinaire.

Her Louis.

Monsieur Louis Rocher.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Saturday November 21st

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