Low Low Tide On English Bay

March 18, 2013 at 8:47 pm (Poetry) (, , , , , )

The lowest low tide I’ve ever seen on English Bay

The water was way way out today.

Rocks I’ve never seen before because covered by waves

stood jutting out on the sands like cathedral naves.

A black Saint Bernard dog came panting along the beach

chasing starS(fish) he could reach.

A young pretty woman in a ballet dress-

quite a sight on this cold day I must confess-

did pirouettes in the sand

performing Swan Lake by the sea-

it was all so grand.

She ran and petted the Saint Bernard dog

then danced away where others might jog.

A surreal spectacle on a March day

it’s quite the place- this English Bay!



-A poem written by Christopher

 Monday March 18th 2013

 based on what he observed this day

 at English Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia


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