Mountains Blue: A Poem

June 5, 2016 at 7:01 pm (History, Nature, Poetry) (, , )

Mountains Blue: A Poem

Mountains blue
lakes so green
a national park so clean
This is Banff
jewel of the Alberta Rockies
Not far Lake Louise
where British singer Vera Lynn
The songstress of World War II
longed to dance on its silvery banks
And not far from that
Castle Mountain
once called Eisenhower
after World War II
It stands a solid rock
much like that great general
There is Tunnel Mountain
and Mount Rundle
and Cascade Mountain
whose majestic beauty
cascades in view
down the street
of Banff Avenue
There is Banff Hot Springs
and gondola rides
In winter, Banff is
post card Christmas village
come alive
There is Lake Minnewanka
a glacial lake at park’s east end
There is Moraine Lake
and the Valley of the Ten Peaks
south of Lake Louise
whose beauty graces $20 bills
in this Land of the Maple Leaf
Mountains blue
lakes so green
Banff one of Mother Nature’s jewels
waiting to be seen
-A poem written by Christopher
Sunday June 5th 2016


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