The Phoenix Bird and The Beautiful Garden

June 11, 2011 at 5:44 pm (Poetry) (, )

At the dawn of humanity
a lovely garden
and the Phoenix bird flew
from tree to tree.
No animal lovelier than the phoenix bird
with its multicoloured feathers.
Man and woman
in the garden.
They were entranced with the phoenix
and its lovely multicoloured plumage.
One day the woman by the babbling brook
noticed the fair beautiful bird
sitting in a tree.
She approached.
The bird chirped.
The woman seemed hesitant.
The bird chirped again.
The woman reached out to the bird
and the bird flew away.
She grabbed a fruit from the branch the bird sat on.
She ate some of the fruit.
And gave some to the man to eat.

A huge storm descended upon the garden.
The man turned ashen white.
The woman wept.
And the Phoenix lost its beautiful
multicoloured feathers
and its beautiful multicoloured plumage
and all its wings
and all its talons
and its beak
and its lovely song
and its harmonious chirp.

And the bare naked bird
stripped of its colour
and its feathers
and its plumage
and its talons
and its beak
and its lovely song
and its harmonious chirp
could fly and soar no longer.

Instead it slithered in the grass
while crawling on its belly
and waved its tongue at passers-by.
And the descendants of the once great and beautiful bird
some grew fangs
that dripped with poisonous venom
that lashed out at any that came near
the creature could not but remember its former glory
and brooding in the dark holes of the earth
its heart became poisoned
and went through its entire body
so the fangs became poisoned.

And the poison grew over the entire earth.

As for the garden,
the man and woman were sent away from the garden
never to return
so that the poison would not destroy
the beautiful garden.

-A poem written by Christopher Van Helsing
Saturday evening June 11th 2011.

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