Renfield Discusses Lukashenko and U.S. Democratic Party Convention

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British MP Renfield R. Renfield was having a video conversation via Skype with his friend Amadeus Emanon who was currently in Australia.

Behind Renfield and a little to the left was a London police bobby who was struggling in an Egyptian mummy style plastic bondage suit (that Renfield had borrowed from world famous London dominatrix Sherrielock Holmes).

The bobby had made the mistake of asking Renfield why he wasn’t wearing a mandatory face mask (like the rest of the UK’s slave population) and was about to write him a ticket for it.

Now the bobby’s most pressing concern was how to get out of the Egyptian mummy style plastic bondage suit.

“I’m starting to think that maybe I shouldn’t have hired the Countess Draculina to beat the Hell out of Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko,” Renfield ate a tuna fish sandwich.

“Why’s that?” Amadeus ate his teriyaki fried rice.

“Well a friend of mine who’s a writer of romance novels commented on the blog of a friend of mine who’s a geopolitical analyst that maybe Lukashenko enjoyed being beaten up by Countess Draculina,” Renfield sipped his sage tea, “I never considered that possibility.”

“Your London bobby friend doesn’t seem to be enjoying that bondage suit he’s wrapped up in,” Amadeus pointed.

“No, he doesn’t,” Renfield briefly glanced over at the bobby before adding a little gin to his sage tea, “You know what the really interesting thing is that back in the 1990s and early 2000s, the Western news media used to refer to Aleksandr Lukashenko as Eastern Europe’s last Stalinist style leader and dictator. Then in the 2010s, they stopped doing that. And now as Lukashenko stands on the precipice of being overthrown by his own people, there’s no mention in the Western news media of how Lukashenko is Eastern Europe’s last Stalinist totalitarian leader.”

“I wonder why that is,” Amadeus started eating his lime sherbet dessert.

“I suspect it’s because the Western news media has become so infected by the virus of Cultural Marxism that they’ve come down with a bad case of Neo-Stalinist pneumonia themselves and are too stupid to realize it,” Renfield answered.

“Wow,” Amadeus opened up his fortune cookie.

“There’s a Belarusian state TV presenter Tatyana Borodkina who hosted the morning show Breakfast For 3 where she would prepare breakfast recipes helped out by her two daughters. But last week she announced her resignation from the program on Facebook because she could “no longer smile out from the TV screen” after this blatantly rigged election. She has since had to flee the country along with her children after receiving threats,” Renfield noted.

Belarusian TV presenter Tatyana Borodkina with her two daughters

“That’s very sad,” Amadeus put down his fortune cookie message that told him to beware of elderly Australian drag queens who wanted to be called Uncle as you sat on his knee.

“Apparently after posting her feelings on social media, an old acquaintance showed up at the popular STV presenter’s door and threatened her. He told Tatyana that Belarus was a wonderful country to live in and asked what she thought she was doing. He told Tatyana that he was warning her nicely but that other people would be coming to her house tomorrow. She then received anonymous threatening messages on her phone that night. So the next day, she packed up and fled to Kiev Ukraine with her children,” Renfield explained.

“That’s awful,” Amadeus put aside the 1000 Year Old Egg that the restaurant proprieter Mr. Inn Lu had brought him.

“It’s rather interesting that the way Lukashenko’s Stalinist state thugs are threatening opponents is being conducted in much the same manner as the anarcho-Marxist thugs and hooligans of Antifa and BLM are threatening and intimidating anyone they fancy disagrees with them. Prior to the death of George Floyd, most people thought that BLM stands for Black Lives Matter. Now after the death of George Floyd, the intelligent observer now notes that BLM really stands for Burn Loot Murder as they riot and vandalize and commit acts of arson and murder people in what the mainstream U.S. media unashamedly call “peaceful protests”. The combination of severely acute Cultural Marxist virus infection and subsequent Neo-Stalinist pneumonia on the part of the U.S. news media has produced a condition that most forensic coroners call “rigor mortis of the brain”. Sadly there is no known cure.”

“Awful,” Amadeus started to sip his chocolate milkshake.

“I want you to look at an ad Joe Biden is currently running at the U.S. Democratic Virtual Presidential Convention,” Renfield put the video on the screen.

The ad concludes with the words “In Joe Biden’s America, this is your new normal… forced testing, forced masking, forced unemployment, forced vaccinations.”

Amadeus was shocked, “This is the ad that Joe Biden’s team is putting out? As if all that was something positive and worth voting for?”.

“I was informed there was an ad that the Joe Biden Campaign Team had put out that Donald Trump could also use and show on TV for his own advantage,” Renfield explained, “I assume this is the ad unless there’s a worse one than this one out there. I think Biden’s campaign team has spent too much time down in Joe’s basement inhaling smoke from Uncle Joe’s pot smoking desert cactus plant.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday August 17th

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Countess Draculina Beats Up Alexander Lukashenko

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Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko sat at his desk completely baffled.

People were actually protesting against his benevolent and beneficent rule with which he had been governing the country for the past 26 years.

Since 1994 he had been Belarus’ “Great and Beloved Leader” (his own humble description of himself).

Last Sunday he had been re-elected in a “landslide victory”.

His own handpicked Central Election Commission said he had won with 80.1% of the vote while his closest opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaya had won a mere 10.12% of the vote.

Yet his opponent Miss Tikhanovskaya had the nerve to accuse him of cheating and rigging the results.

How dare she?

Why the ghost of the late Chicago Democratic Party Mayor Richard J. Daley had been released from Tartarus in the realm of Hades at Lukashenko’s request to oversee the distribution and counting of ballots.

Were they going to accuse a leading U.S. Democratic Party politician like Mayor Daley of vote fraud and rigging elections?

His opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaya had fled to Lithuania this past Monday after having been detained for several hours for daring to dispute the election results.

Why to top it all off, he President Lukashenko had to pay his riot police overtime for tear gassing and cracking the heads of protestors for protesting and disputing the election results.

He had also had to pay his security forces overtime for arresting, detaining and torturing protestors (and other people who just happened to be on the street at that time).

This had been a bad week for him, Lukashenko thought as he emptied a bottle of vodka all by himself, in what should have been an otherwise celebratory occasion.

The Belarussian President turned on the television.

His satellite television dish picked up RTE which was Ireland’s national public television and radio broadcaster.

“Yesterday a cow was seen emerging from the sea at County Donegal’s Bunbeg Beach,” the RTE announcer noted as video of the incident was played in the background, “We sent our reporter Guinness O’ Murphy to investigate”.

Guinness O’ Murphy appeared with a glass of Guinness hanging from one ear and a glass of Murphy’s hanging from the other.

Said Guinness O’ Murphy, “I talked to Yaldabaoth the famous Irish leprechaun who explained the mystery of why the cow emerged from the sea.”

“Daisy was stoned out of her mind, she was,” Yaldabaoth noted as he calmly smoked his wee pipe, “She had stolen a marijuana smoking cactus plant from the estate of the U-2 singer Bono yesterday and spent three hours inhaling the smoke that the wee cactus exhaled. When she finished, she jumped into the sea. I followed her but ever since I froze my arse off swimming across the Bering Strait from Siberia to Alaska, my swimming skills are not what they used to be. She emerged from the sea startling a whole bunch of bystanders and onlookers here on Donegal’s Bunbeg Beach. So Donegal has now gone from the Fighting Prince of Donegal to the Swimming Cow of Donegal. Disney should really make a movie about this.”

“How weird can you get,” Lukashenko thought to himself as he turned off the TV and turned on his smart phone GPS app so he could find his way back to his bedroom.

Lukashenko’s GPS app led him to the Presidential Palace’s crypt instead of his bedroom and standing outside the crypt was the vampiress Countess Draculina who was the daughter of Count Dracula:

“Who are you and what are you doing?” Lukashenko demanded to know.

“I’m Countess Draculina and I’m here to beat you up,” Draculina answered.

She then beat the living daylights out of Lukashenko.

And as night fell over Lukashenko, she flew out into the night.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Sunday August 16th

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