Julius Caesar On The Ides of March: A Poem

March 15, 2017 at 4:23 pm (History, News, Poetry) (, , , , , , , )

Julius Caesar ventured out on the Ides of March
only to discover his toga was loaded with starch
Calpurnia had overdone herself
with premonitions off the shelf
from a soothsayer warning
to dreams before morning
The Ides of March for Caesar did not bare well
but Caesar told them all to go to Hell
or the equivalent Latin expression
but Cassius suffered not indigestion
with his lean and hungry look
from underneath toga a knife he took
and Brutus did deliver the final blow
Caesar’s toga was bloodied from head to toe
at the feet of Pompey’s statue Caesar fell
and his blood flowed like water from gushing well.

Great Caesar had fallen and could not get up
Blood and betrayal was in his final cup
it was a cup he was forced to drink
for from Ides of March he would not shrink
He had gone forth steadfast
to a moment to be his last

Sometimes it’s wise to listen to one’s wife
One could then live an extended life.

-A poem written by Christopher
March 15th 2017
The Ides of March

Calpurnia warned her husband Julius not to go out on the Ides of March

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