Campfire Tales: A Poem

July 9, 2014 at 7:06 pm (Horror, Mystery/horror, Poetry) (, , , , , , )

Campfire Tales: A Poem

The camp leader sat by the fire
underneath stars that inspire
and feeling so inspired
and young campers not tired
told a tale to fright
in darkness of night
of the creature that rose from the sea
with arms like the trunk of a tree
and beheaded people sleeping on the beach
as well as others within his reach.
“Behead?” gulped Jimmy as he chewed on a leaf,
“Does this guy think he’s a Middle East Caliph?”.
The creature moves with stealth
and beheads those in perfect health
He’s a frightful thing to see
this half-beast half-tree
a genetically modified experiment gone wrong
he beheads while singing a song
“Off with your head
the sand your bed
it will roll into the sea
fresh food for me.”
Then the camp leader said “time for bed”,
each camper felt for his head
and finding it still in place
lay down- their hearts a-race
each roar of the waves
each crash of the surf
did not make for much mirth
they all waited with baited breath
hoping the next would not bring sudden death
in the form of the beast from the sea
with arms like the trunk of a tree
waiting to behead the “likes of you and me”.

-A narrative poem
written by Christopher
Wednesday July 9th

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