The Giant Rat of Sumatra

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The Giant Rat of Sumatra

Back in late January and early February of 2010, I started writing a Sherlock Holmes novella called The Giant Rat of Sumatra.

I managed to write 13 chapters to it.

Then in mid-February of 2010, my dad started to come down with an illness that the doctors later diagnosed as cancer.

He died in June of 2010.

The next few years saw me dealing with legal battles over my father’s Estate and dealing with incompetent lawyers and even more incompetent Estate executors.

So I never got around to finishing it- my novella.

A couple of days ago, I decided to go back and read those novella chapters I had written.

One thing that struck me as I went back to reading what I had written 5 years ago was the shear contempt with which I regarded lawyers- a contempt that struck me as being quite prophetic in lieu of what was to happen to me over the course of the next 4 years.

I had indeed quite an ensemble of memorable characters in those chapters- in addition to Conan Doyle’s legendary detective figure of Sherlock Holmes, I had veterinarian Fred Clegg (modeled on my great-grandfather), Captain Heelander, Vittoria Donna Gina, Hemlock The Magician, Magus Steinenfrank and even Darwin the Sumatran orangutan and Krakatoa the Sumatran tiger.

Within the next few weeks, I’m going to see if I can’t finally finish this novella.

In the meantime for readers here who never read my early chapters, here are the links to those chapters of my novella The Giant Rat of Sumatra- a story for which I think the world is now prepared:

Links Giant Rat of Sumatra

The Giant Rat of Sumatra Links

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