The Seven Seas: A Poem

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The Seven Seas: A Poem

Snow filled streets glistened
in the fall of snowflakes against the backdrop of glittering neon
when the city’s downtown still had neon lights
when the city’s downtown still had a soul
before it became one concrete corpse devoid of soul
and devoid of neon lights

And there as one walked down Jasper Avenue
in the midst of the cold and the falling snow
one suddenly felt a surge of warmth
when confronted by the sign
that was suspended many meters above the snow covered sidewalk
the giant sign of a sailing ship sailing into a beautiful and dazzling sunset
in that magical meridian
where the setting sun merges with the rising sun
where dusk and dawn embrace
where Hespera and Eos momentarily touch
And below the sailing ship
these dazzling words The Seven Seas

One entered the restaurant
and at the front was a typical cafe diner
but one asked to go into the dining room
and one was led down a hallway
that became a little darker with each step
beyond the small smiling statue of Buddha that one rubbed for luck on the way out
beyond the small fountain and goldfish pool that resembled a Hawaiian volcanic mountain where a waterfall cascaded down into a stream (that was the goldfish pool)
until one came to a room
which one entered through a door of authentic Polynesian style beads
that bore on its ceiling the twilight and stars of a South Seas enchanted evening
and the mural on the wall was a life-sized gigantic photo of a sunny Waikiki beach with golden sands and surging tide of crystal clear blue turquoise water
So one stared at the mural as if one was looking out from the porch of an open air Waikiki beach restaurant
and then as one looked at the ceiling
one was gazing at the tropical starry heavens through the same open air Waikiki beach restaurant
The best of day
And the best of night
like the sign outside the restaurant
where the sailing ship sailed into that magical region where setting sun and rising sun merge
where dusk and dawn have embraced
where Hespera and Eos have momentarily touched
The best of day
The best of night
The best of times
minus the worst of times
where only the best of times remain

That Chinese restaurant in downtown Edmonton
where my parents often took me to dine as a kid
Looking up at the ceiling
and looking at the mural
I somehow realized I was in a special place
and those dining experiences were special times
moments to be treasured

When Edmonton lost its soul in the oil boom years
and traded a birthright of beauty and atmosphere for a pottage of fools’ black gold
The Seven Seas was torn down

I felt like a part of me died the day The Seven Seas was torn down
for a part of me had

Ian Tyson once wrote and sang a song about Alberta called Four Strong Winds
The song began
Four strong winds that blow lonely
Seven seas that run high

And those four strong winds blew even lonelier
The day The Seven Seas disappeared

-A poem written by Christopher
Monday February 29th 2016

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Children’s Joy On The Beach

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Once more it is the ending of another day

and the sun is again setting on English Bay.

A little girl splashes her feet in the waves

this moment in life- no doubt among her faves

her little brother kicks his feet in the sand

full of joy and fun and life playfully grand

They dance and sing and hold hands

among the sea water and shining sands

the sky above is a sparkling shade of blue

a promising sign of all things new

a seagull lands on the beach

just within the little girl’s reach

she runs up to say, “Hello.”

But gull says “I’ve gotta go”

and away he flies into the crimson gold sunset sky

not once turning around to say good-bye.

The girl waves so long to her shy new friend

and her dance in the waves soon begins again.

The children’s mother stands up and looks at her watch

for the sun has slipped below the horizon far more than a notch.

She goes to her children and motions them to come

they run to her and both of them hug their mom.

Yes, the sun has finally laid down and gone to sleep in the west

it’s time for them to go home and have their own time to rest.




-A poem written by Christopher

 Friday night July 12th 2013

 based on what he observed this evening

 at English Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia

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