Christmas Day 2013

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Christmas Day 2013

It’s Christmas Day 2013
Gotta get out of bed
Eat one’s cereal
No that’s Rebecca Black’s crazy song
gotta open one’s Christmas presents
Rush grab the wrapped Christmas presents under the tree
Milk and cookies beside tree are gone
Santa must have ate them
Empty beer bottle as well
Santa must drink
Dad already up
With potato chips and dip and beer
Watching the first of 5 NBA Basketball games that will be played today
Mom up making the last of Christmas dinner
Everything must be eaten before Noon
Gotta rush downtown to the cineplex to see all the blockbuster movies opening today
Little boy and little girl will see movie about the making of Mary Poppins
Book-loving nerd big brother will see new movie based on life of Nelson Mandela
Game loving and Play Station loving big brother will see action flick about fire-breathing dragons and sorcery
Mom will see whatever romance movie is playing today
Big sister will meet up with girl friends and see whatever high school romance movie is playing today
Dad will stay home and watch all the NBA games playing today
So turkey and stuffing and mashed potato and gravy and dessert all wolfed down
And washed down with either fruit punch or egg nog
Then off to the movies for most of the family
Return home
Have some of the leftover turkey
Play with all the games and toys opened this morning
Then off to bed
Mom puts blankets over little boy
and kisses him good-night.
“Mommy, I have a question,” the little boy says.
“What’s that dear?” Mom asks.
“I overheard someone at school last week say that Christmas is actually the celebration of someone’s birthday. I didn’t catch the name…”

The little boy looked at her with his big questioning eyes,
“Mommy, whose birthday is it we’re supposed to be celebrating today?”.

-A poem written by Christopher
Wednesday, December 25th
Christmas Day 2013.

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