City Before The Storm

June 8, 2014 at 5:32 pm (Poetry) (, , , , )

City Before The Storm

Look out
sunny day
clouds in distance
Like every day this week
Think nothing of it
Head out
Walk along street
Touch of breeze comes out of nowhere
Brushes face
Gives hint of what is to come
Strange sensation
but think nothing of it
Clouds continue to build
but despite clouds
Air still feels hot
Stifling hot in fact
Who turned up the thermostat in the sky?
One wonders
breeze becomes stronger
Rushes through fountains in front of buildings
Never noticed that before
Fountains make strange noise
when a powerful breeze
blows through the rushing water
A foreboding hissing sound
signaling the chaos that is to come
Clouds become darker
Wind starts to pick up
Humidity becomes unbearable
The city waits
and waits
Waits for that momentary silence that is to come
That momentary silence that stops the wind
That stops the clouds
That stops the hissing of the fountains
That momentary silence that stops the city…
just before…
the storm hits.

-A poem written by Christopher
inspired by today’s weather
in the City of Vancouver
Sunday June 8th 2014.

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