Anubis In Rome

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Anubis In Rome

It was night time.

And the Egyptian jackal- headed god Anubis was walking the streets of Rome.

He was here because he had heard that the ancient Egyptian deity Osiris was now living here and he hoped to speak to him.

Anubis’ jackal head was a metallic cyborg looking jackal head.

He was stopped on the streets of Rome by some science-fiction loving nerd who still lived in his parents’ basement (as original Star Trek TV series star William Shatner once observed about all science-fiction loving nerds) who asked him for his autograph.

Anubis signed a piece of paper for the man and the science-fiction loving nerd expressed surprise that he looked so much like the Anubis depicted in the movie Stargate with his metallic cyborg looking jackal head.

Anubis walked on.

He had never seen the movie Stargate.

The reason he had a metallic cyborg looking jackal head was because a couple of weeks ago he had made the mistake of visiting Libya where he had been captured by ISIS (the Islamist terrorist group not the ancient Egyptian goddess) who thought he was a Coptic Christian and beheaded his original flesh-and-blood jackal head.

What low intelligence these ISIS supporters must have, Anubis thought at the time.

Mistaking him an ancient Egyptian deity for a Coptic Christian.

Since he was a super vampiric super immortal, the act of beheading him did not kill him.

Instead he took his severed head and flew to London (much to the discomfort of flight attendants and his fellow passengers) and then clandestinely met Dr. Cadbury Rocher who was the chief research scientist for the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set aka the ancient Egyptian god of storms, the desert, chaos and war.

The meeting was clandestine because Anubis didn’t want Dr. Rocher’s boss Set to know about it.

Anubis’ severed head had deteriorated somewhat by the time it reached Dr. Rocher.

So Dr. Rocher put it in a special chemical solution for preservation until he had figured out a way it could be repaired.

In the meantime, Dr. Rocher gave Anubis a metallic cyborg looking jackal head as a replacement.

Dr. Rocher had obviously seen the movie Stargate, Anubis thought to himself as he walked the streets of Rome in search of Osiris.

His metallic cyborg eyes weren’t as good as his natural jackal eyes Anubis thought to himself as he bumped into a street lamp and asked it, “Excuse me but are you Osiris by any chance?”.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Tuesday February 24th

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