The John William Waterhouse Painting

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An oil painting by John William Waterhouse (April 6th 1849- February 10th 1917)

Dashwood Forrest the famous London art curator was sitting in his art gallery The Dashwood Forrest Art Gallery waiting for any customers to walk in through the door.

It was a Saturday night.

A Saturday night in mid-June.

Dashwood Forrest’s art gallery was generally busy on a Saturday night in autumn or winter but rarely on a Saturday night in spring or summer.

The sole exception was during the years of the plandemic of 2020-2021 when his art gallery was pretty well closed all year long.

Forrest was thus surprised when he saw someone walk through his door.

Unbeknownst to Forrest, the man was on the run from Special Branch of the Metropolitian London Police.

The man had stolen a top secret document.

A secret agreement signed between George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Pope Francis and the 2 leading religious authorities in Islam.

The man thought he’d drop into The Dashwood Forrest Art Gallery in hopes he could escape his Special Branch pursuers.

“Good evening,” Forrest stood up from his desk.

“Good evening,” said the man, “I’d… uh… like to look at some paintings.”

“Certainly,” Forrest smiled, “We have some very good originals along this wall here.”

“What an absolutely lovely painting,” the man walked over to one and looked at it intensely.

“That’s a reproduction not an original,” Forrest explained, “It’s a reproduction of an oil painting by the British Pre-Raphaelite painter John William Waterhouse whose art works were known for their depictions of women from both ancient Greek mythology and Arthurian Legend.”

Forrest added, “And none of the women who served as models for the subjects in Waterhouse’s paintings would have been beheaded by Pan Goatee had he lived back in the day.”

“What is the name of this particular Waterhouse painting?” The man asked, “I notice there’s no name in the description.”

“Just a minute,” Forrest went over to his desk and his gallery catalogue, “I’ll look and see.”

“What a beautiful woman,” the man looked at the subject of the painting.

Suddenly the man looked through the gallery window and noticed the operatives of Special Branch approaching the gallery.

“Oh God,” the man prayed, “let me into the picture.”

Forrest returned, “I can’t seem to find the name..”

Dashwood stopped speaking.

The man had disappeared.

Special Branch walked through the door.

“Excuse me,” said the head honcho as he flashed his badge, “Has anyone been in the gallery tonight?”.

“Well there was a gentleman who was here who was inquiring about this reproduction of a John William Waterhouse painting but he seems to have disappeared,” Forrest answered.

“That’s one John William Waterhouse painting I don’t seem to recognize,” said a female Special Branch operative who had been an Art History major at Cambridge.

Forrest looked at the painting and gasped.

For the man who had been standing and talking to Forrest in the gallery minutes earlier was there.

In the painting.

Talking to the beautiful woman in the picture.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Saturday June 18th

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