Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of

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Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of

Walking through the large prairie museum
There was an authentic old steam train 
He went and climbed aboard 
And sat in one of the carriages 
Imagining he was travelling somewhere

Imagine his shock when the engine smoked,
The bell rang
And the conductor cried “All aboard”
And the train started moving

Not out of the museum 
On to the surrounding prairie
Instead the train travelled through the Swiss Alps
The man walked through the train 
And standing on the platform on one of the carriages 
was a beautiful dark haired woman 
Wearing a warrior’s breasted arm plate 
And a pleated black skirt 
And playing a cello 

The woman jumped off the train 
And the man was pushed 
And the man found himself in a dark wintry forest with falling snow 
And there was the same woman wearing a long flowing white dress
And blowing snow flowed through her long waving hair 
And she was still playing the cello

Soon the man found himself in an Italian Renaissance palace drawing room 
And on a lounge chair
(The same sort of chair on which Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister Pauline Borghese in the sculpture Venus Victrix by Antonio Canova had posed nude)
sat the same long haired woman
Now wearing a long elegant flowing red evening dress gown 
And still playing the cello
Behind her was a statue of the Greek goddess Aphrodite appearing to the right of the lounge chair
And appearing to the left 
was a dresser table
On which stood a statue of Saint Michael the Archangel triumphing over the Devil
And to the right of that statue 
also on the dresser was a human skull

The man soon found himself on a sunny sandy beach
And the same woman approached him
Now she was wearing a beautiful elegant yellow dress on which on the front was emblazoned a beautiful gorgeous looking fiery red Phoenix
The woman did not have her cello with her 
She approached the man
And then the Phoenix came alive 
And flew up from the front of her dress
And flew into the sky 
And thence into the distant horizon
Then the cello appeared in her hands 
And she once again began playing

Now the man found himself under water 
In a underwater palace
And there was the woman
in a white dress swimming 

But she had no cello with her

Then the man found himself in the arm chair of the fireplace room
In the house in which he lived

Shakespeare had once said, We are such stuff as dreams are made of 
Recalling that, the man mused that at least he was made of unique and unusual stuff.

-A poem and short story 
written by Christopher
Monday January 13th

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Vladimir Putin’s Dream

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After a late evening spent in his office reading Donald Trump’s tweets and laughing his head off, Russian President Vladimir Putin was starting to feel tired.

He decided to lay down on the couch in his office and snooze for a while.

He dreamed he was walking through a small museum on the outskirts of Moscow.

In the center of the museum was a huge golden samovar.

Putin approached the samovar.

The soft gentle melodious voice of an unseen woman called from above the samovar, “Come and drink, Vladimir.”

Putin noticed some classically decorated tea cups and saucers on a table to the right of the samovar.

He picked up a cup and saucer and went over to the samovar and poured himself some tea from the tap.

He then went back to the table and put some honey as well as a slice of lemon in his tea.

He then drank,

And fell asleep in his dream.

Whereupon he dreamed a dream within his dream.

In the dream, he was standing on the banks of the Little Bighorn River in Montana.

He was approached by the great Lakota Sioux chief and holy man Sitting Bull.

Sitting Bull was carrying a pipe.

He handed the pipe to Putin and beckoned him to smoke from it.

Putin did so.

The smoke was soothing and pleasant.

Suddenly a huge crying eagle came down from the sky and Sitting Bull vanished.

Startled, Putin continued to smoke the pipe and then suddenly fell to the ground.

He then dreamed a dream within a dream within a dream.

In the dream, Putin dreamed that he was back in 19th Century Russia.

He was walking along a beach on the Black Sea when he suddenly noticed a beautiful young Russian girl walking and dancing in the surf along the shore.

Russian Girl Walking Along Black Sea Beach

She was surrounded by happy cheerful seagulls.

Suddenly a screeching eagle came down from the sky and scattered the seagulls.

The girl herself vanished into the sea.

Putin then woke up from his three layers of dreams.

And sat up on the couch.

The Russian leader rubbed his forehead.

He was really going to have to find someone with the wisdom of the Hebrew Biblical Prophet Daniel to interpret his dream.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday May 10th

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The Tricks Dreams Play: A Poem

April 16, 2015 at 6:21 pm (Life, Poetry) (, )

The Tricks Dreams Play: A Poem

Stay soft gentle night
sway breeze in moonlight
water reflects on ocean calm
scent of jasmine a soothing balm
the stars rise and bid hello
fishes jump from seas below
a union of land, sea and sky
images of paradise by and by
I rush towards the open sea
hoping to catch a glimpse of thee
you stand there in silhouette
you whose face I’ll ne’er forget
you step out from the waves and shadows
I run towards that’s how it goes
and I awaken in bed sheets and clothes
O deceptive sleep! What pain you’ve wrought!
For one brief moment, hope and joy I’ve got
then I awaken and it’s all for nought.

-A poem written by Christopher
Thursday April 16th 2015.

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The Rabbi’s Dream

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The Rabbi’s Dream

Rabbi Jacob lay in bed in his Jerusalem apartment.

He had had an interesting conversation with a member of his synagogue congregation that day.

Rabbi Jacob did not know that the man was the mysterious and elusive Mossad figure that was known only as the Controller of the Golem.

For there were very few people in Israel that knew the identity of the Controller of the Golem.

But now Rabbi Jacob slept.

And he dreamed.

. . .

In the dream, Rabbi Jacob saw the huge plane on the ground.

Armed men were forcing the crew and the passengers off the plane.

Men were talking.

Rabbi Jacob did not understand their tongue.

But it was as if God gave him the power to understand their language…

“It was able to escape radar detection everywhere,” a man smiled, “a few blips here and there on a few radar screens but not much.”

“Well,” said the man dressed in a General’s uniform, “work on it. Where this plane is now going with Allah’s chosen martyrs on board, we must have absolute zero radar detection.”

“And seeing as how this plane belongs to a nation made up of fellow believers in Allah and his Prophet, ” said the man dressed in a lab coat befitting a scientist (which he was), “the world will blame the Great Satan and the little Satan for this action.”

“And especially the target we’re going to hit and destroy using this plane,” the General smiled, “the world will really blame the Great Satan and the little Satan for it.”

. . .

Rabbi Jacob gathered that what he saw in the dream happened several days past.

Now his dream shifted to the future to a few days hence…

The huge Boeing 777-200 ER flew straight towards the world’s most famous golden dome… the Dome of the Rock… on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. . .

Rabbi Jacob caught the name on the side of the plane before it hit the Dome…

… Malaysia…

The force of the plane’s hitting totally obliterated the Dome.

It also brought down the walls of the nearby al-Aqsa mosque as well killing believers at prayer.

The Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque were no more…

And a certain group of Jewish believers took hold of the Temple Mount after the destruction and demanded that with the Dome and the Mosque now gone…

… that Solomon’s Temple be re-built…

… such an action would lead the entire Muslim world to war against Israel…

… which is what the General on the ground in Rabbi Jacob’s dream had in mind all along…

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday March 19th

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Renfield Sings of Being A Highwayman

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The following is an excerpt from the vampire novel I’m currently writing:


Renfield R. Renfield was having a dream where he was the director, writer and star of a West London musical.


In the musical, Renfield played an 18th Century English highwayman- one of those colourful masked bandits who rode on horseback and held up stagecoaches with a gun.


Renfield was having great fun singing this song which he wrote entitled I Am A Highwayman:


I am a highwayman

I am a highwayman

I go behind a tree

instead of go to the can

because I am a highwayman.

I ride upon a horse

but not side saddle of course

because I am a highwayman

so catch me if you can.

The open road is where I ride

the countryside is where I hide

because I am a highwayman

I sweat because I don’t use Ban

or any deodorant

save spice of the Orient

so smell me as I tan

because I am a highwayman.

I’m dashing

not trashing

I kiss the ladies fair

and pull the old men’s hair

as I rob the stagecoach

of this diamond broach

and many a splendid thing

including this golden ring

so smile as I sing 

and say with a zing

that I am a highwayman

now catch me if you can.

I’m riding to the hills

but not for the thrills

because I am a highwayman

running from the King’s law while I can

because if I’m caught

it’s the hangman’s knot

and I’m left to rot

food for a vulture’s pot.

This fair head is all I’ve got

so I’ll flee this spot

and wish you not

Godspeed till

my horse is hot to trot.









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