Badlands Passion Play

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Badlands Passion Play

Across from the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, a band was setting up.

Speakers, drums, plug-ins for electrical guitars.

They would be performing a concert here in the Red Deer River Badlands of Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.

Not far from the bandstand, a skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex was being dug up.

The paleontologist in charge of the dig decided to call it a day.

He left in his motor vehicle and headed for downtown Drumheller.

The leading singer for the band The Gathering Moss walked over to the T-Rex dig site.

Nick Jaguar had a shooter drink called Zombie Apocalypse in his hand.

His guitarist and co-singer O’ Keefe Lionhart bumped into him.

Jaguar spilled the Zombie Apocalypse all over the t-Rex bones.

One of the concert goers an ex-voodoo high priest turned Pentecostal preacher warned, “Dem bones, dem bones going to rise again.”

Despite singing a southern gospel song inspired by verses in the Book of Ezekiel, both Nick Jaguar and O’ Keefe Lionhart ignored the warnings and walked up to the stage.

The Gathering Moss played their old songs to the delight of the geriatric crowd wanting to rekindle their lost youth.

“What a bunch of dinosaurs,” said the young sound man in his mid-20s.

The sound man was eaten by the T-Tex who had just risen from the dead.

“See, I told you, dem bones would rise again,” the Pentecostal preacher remarked to his wife.

The T-Rex looked at the geriatric crowd swaying with their artificial hips and artificial knee caps and decided to head for greener pastures.

The foot steps of the giant T-Rex caused a minor earthquake in the valley and stones were sent rolling down the hills crushing the Gathering Moss and their fans.

The T-Rex got his foot caught in a giant T-Rex trap that an eccentric farmer had left out in the Badlands.

He died in the evening’s intense hail storm that followed from the heat of the day.

But he died “unmourned and unloved”.

There was little sympathy for the devil among the Gathering Moss fans.

-A short story written by Christopher
who succumbed to a bout of insanity
after the intensely hot temperatures
of this day
Saturday July 13th 

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Jack O’ Hare Meets The Mermaid of The Red Deer: A Poem

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A huge silvery white moon rose in majestic glory
above the sky, above the clouds and above the canyon
its luminous giant white disc
causing dazzling lights
and mysterious shadows
to fall on top of the skyclad Badlands cutbank hills
that formed like magic mountains
in the canyon of the Dry Island Buffalo Jump
through which the magical enchanted Red Deer River flowed
in this majestic spot
near the town of Huxley, Alberta

The lantern in the sky
acted like a theatrical magic lantern
from years gone by
in its dazzling array of
flickering lights
shapeshifting shadows
that sparkled and danced
on the Badlands hills
like fairies and gnomes
engaged in a tug of war
to see which magical creatures would come out
on top.

On this enchanted evening
five days before Halloween
when pure magic was in the air
on riverbank rocks sat
the noble Jack O’ Hare.

A wild hare jack rabbit
and explorer of Canada’s west
He’d been there, done that
never settled for 2nd best

“Greetings, Jack,” the mermaid of the Red Deer
raised her head above the glistening moonlit waters.
“Greetings, fair mermaid,” Jack raised his bunny ears
in greeting.

“All is well?” The mermaid asked.
“All is well,” Jack answered,
“and all will be well.”
“Glad to hear it,” the mermaid smiled
as starlight danced in her eyes.

The mermaid disappeared under the waves of the river
swimming south to Drumheller
the hub of the Red Deer River Badlands
and birthplace of Jack’s friend.

The mermaid swam to impart
the blessings of this night down there
And birds sang gently in the trees,
All is well, all will be well.

And Jack hopped up the river bank
and continued his trek under
the midnight moonlit sky
as the birds continued to sing
their cheerful lullaby.

-A Jack O’Hare poem
written by Christopher
Friday October 26th

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Wilkie The Cat In Drumheller: A Poem

August 6, 2016 at 12:48 pm (Comedy, Entertainment, Humour, Poetry) (, , , , , )

Drumheller, Alberta was the dinosaur capital of the world
Here T-Rex’s mighty bones had been unfurled
Wilkie the Cat was on his smart phone
boasting to Mitzi he’d find a T-bone
and he wasn’t talking about beef steak
but some carnivorous prehistoric rake

In the Badlands, Wilkie stood
dressed somewhat like Robin Hood
Why was he dressed in Lincoln green?
So he’d stand out against the scene
of white, gray and brownish cutbanks
which formed geological table ranks

Each layer told a story
sometimes somewhat gory
of Triceratops battling T-Rex
and horns coming out like bloodied specs
which T-Rexes found pains in the necks
But Wilkie would go home without a bone
although exploits he embellished to his audience’s groan.

-A poem written by Christopher
Sunday, July 31st 2016.

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Haiku About The Alberta Badlands City of Drumheller

July 31, 2015 at 5:41 pm (Poetry) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Haiku About The Alberta Badlands City of Drumheller

Drumheller Badlands
T-Rex by bridge sees archfoe
Christ on the far hills

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