Whose Secret Weapon?

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Whose Secret Weapon?

Russian President Vladimir Putin was in his office in Moscow getting a briefing on the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

“Mr. President,” the head of the Russian FSB spoke, “the illegal rogue government in Kiev has a new secret weapon that’s been attacking our troops… I mean… our allies.”

“Secret weapon?” Putin perked up his ears.

“Yes, a werewolf, believe it or not,” the FSB head grimaced, “Fortunately our side has a few silver bullets in our arsenal to protect against American witchcraft. We’ve fired but sadly have missed the mark.”

. . .

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was in his office in Kiev getting a briefing on how the ceasefire was holding up in eastern Ukraine.

“Mr. President,” the Minister of Defence spoke, “Russian troops posing as volunteers have a new secret weapon that’s been attacking our troops- a werewolf.”

“A werewolf?” Poroshenko dropped a perogie off his fork.

“Yes,” the Minister of Defence took a sip of tea in an effort to show the cabinet that he had not been drinking anything stronger, “Fortunately our side have a few silver bullets in our arsenal to protect against Siberian shamanic witchcraft. We’ve fired but sadly have missed the mark.”

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Tuesday February 17th

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Renfield Meets Diablos Nocturna In London

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Renfield Meets Diablos Nocturna In London

Renfield R. Renfield had gone to a fish and chips shop in central London to meet with an MI-6 agent called Diablos Nocturna who had contacted him and requested the meeting.

“You!” Renfield R. Renfield recognized the man as soon as he saw him.

For he had known the man prior to his becoming the MI-6 agent whose code name was Diablos Nocturna.

“Hello Renfield,” the man smiled at him.

“So you work for MI-6 now?” Renfield said as he picked up a menu.

“That’s right,” Diablos replied.

Later after both men had finished their fish and chips, they got down to discussing business.

They discussed the recent shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine and the efforts by pro-Russian rebels in the region to sabotage a proper international investigation into the incident.

“Anyways,” Diablos Nocturna now spoke in the coded parlance of the language of international espionage, “certain parties have decided that it would probably be in the best interests of the world community at large if Russian President Vladimir Putin were to make a sudden and unexpected (for him!) departure from the world stage.”

“From the world stage?” Renfield perked up his ears.

“More specifically from this particular plane of existence,” Diablos added for clarification.

“Oh,” Renfield smiled as he was starting to get the drift of the conversation.

He was starting to feel like the Nicolas Cage character in the 2008 film Bangkok Dangerous.

Although of course Renfield would not be subject to the sudden pangs of conscience that the Nicolas Cage character was.

A fact of which MI-6’s Diablos Nocturna was aware.

“Anyhow there would be a great deal of money in it for you if you could help bring about Mr. Putin’s sudden and unexpected departure from the world stage and this plane of existence,” Diablos went on.

“How much money are we talking about?” Renfield sipped his tea.

Diablos Nocturna wrote the amount on a napkin and handed it to him.

Renfield swallowed his tea in one gulp as he gazed at the amount.

“All right I’ll do it,” Renfield dabbed his lips with another napkin and then put the napkin with the monetary figure written on it into his wallet.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Sunday July 20th

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