Prologue To The Fallen: Book II of The Gothic Exorcist Chronicles By Sherry Valerie Hilles

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This is the Prologue to volume II of a series of novels that my friend and fellow writer Sherry is writing. It is a prologue to a book called The Fallen which is Volume II of The Julia Domain Gothic Exorcist Chronicles written by Sherrie de Valeria Hilles.




      More than six hundred years ago, members of a secret society known as the Order of the Knights escaped from the Holy Land. The Zionists had orders to terminate all of them. Something terrible had happened, and something new was coming up. They went separate ways taking with them ancient documents, writings, and various other artifacts that contained vast knowledge and power of the past. However, not all the treasures were moved. Some were left in tunnels under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Fearless and well-trained assassins of the Zionist Order hunted down the knights. There was only one thing they could do, and that was to run and hide. Fourteen of the knights went to France. One went his own way to an unknown destination. He had made a pack with the Sovereign Grand Master to keep a bond of secrecy. It…

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The Mysterious Drip

October 19, 2011 at 9:19 pm (Horror, Mystery, Mystery/horror, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , )

Drip, drip, drip.


What was that dripping sound coming from the hotel room above him?


Ever since he had returned back to his hotel room, he had heard that dripping sound.


He phoned the desk downstairs.


No answer.


Hm, maybe he should walk down to the desk in person.


No, he’ll just walk up to the hotel floor above him and knock on the door of the room above him.


When he walked up to the floor above him, he noticed the door of the room directly above him was open.


He walked into the room.


There impaled on the ceiling with coat hangers was an elderly couple who dripped blood on to the floor.


The man picked up the phone in the room and once again tried phoning the desk.


Still no answer.


The man ran downstairs to the main floor.


He approached the desk, peered over it and noticed the hotel clerk had been torn to shreds on the floor.


The man went into shock.


A previous guest who was unregistered had already checked out of the hotel (without paying) half an hour before.


The Were-Zomb-ire.


To be continued.

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