Michelangelo’s Prophetic Vision of The Middle East

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Michelangelo’s Prophetic Vision of The Middle East

Renfield R. Renfield still feeling blue over his loss of leadership of the British Transhumanist Techno-Progressive Anti-Bio Conservative Party decided to go down to the Set Enterprises lab to see what chaos he could unleash on the world down there.

He realized he hadn’t seen what Michelangelo the genetically created psychic lobster had been up to for quite a while.

Michelangelo (a special genetic creation of Set Enterprises’ resident mad scientist Dr. Cadbury Rocher) had the ability to enter people’s dreams and see what they were dreaming.

He also had the ability to pick up radio transmissions from the future on his lobster antennae.

Renfield decided to see what the future held.

He hooked up Michelangelo’s lobster antennae to a computer that had the ability to track and interpret what the lobster was seeing and hearing.

Renfield then threw a pair of dice on a poster showing Albert Einstein after he had stuck his finger in a light socket while discussing the space/time continuum.

Michelangelo’s antennae started to sizzle and crackle and discharge electricity.

“I think he’s picked up something,” Renfield remarked to Amadeus Emanon who had come into the lab to see what Renfield was doing.

Renfield put up the volume on the computer loudspeaker to see what radio transmission from the future was coming in on Michelangelo’s antennae.

It turned out to be a news story from the very near future.

Radio news announcer: And so the entire countries of Iraq and Syria have now fallen under the control of ISIS. ISIS militants are now crossing the border into the neighbouring countries of Lebanon and Jordan…

… Meanwhile in Washington D.C., U.S. President Barack Obama told an interviewer that he still does not believe that the United States is losing the war against ISIS…

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Sunday May 24th


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