Renfield’s Video For The Ice Bucket Challenge

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Renfield’s Video For The Ice Bucket Challenge

Renfield R. Renfield decided to make his own video for the ice bucket challenge and post it to YouTube.

For the video, Renfield wore the mask, hat and cape of the Spanish Mexican freedom fighter Zorro.

He also wore a t-shirt that said KEEP CALM AND DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD OVER ISIS.

Sitting next to the standing and dashing looking Zorro like Renfield was a British born and raised fighter for ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham).

The ISIS fighter had been seized and captured by a U.S. Navy SEALS Commando unit in Iraq.

He was then handed over to Renfield to do with as he pleased.

Renfield had been privately commissioned by the U.S. government to prepare a video in response to the James Foley beheading video posted by ISIS.

The ISIS fighter was dressed in a clown suit and tied to a chair.

His face was still clearly visible.

Although the man was dressed like a clown, his face had not been made to look like a clown.

Instead Renfield had left the face clearly visible for the man’s ISIS compatriots to recognize as the video was shown across the globe.

So the ISIS fighter was dressed in a clown suit and tied to a chair.

The man’s hands and feet were attached to wires that in turn were attached to a high-voltage electric battery.

Next to the man was a bucket of ice.

“Here’s my answer to the ice bucket challenge,” Renfield grinned.

He then poured the bucket of ice and water over the ISIS fighter’s head.

He then placed the bucket at the man’s feet.

The ISIS fighter found the whole thing to be quite a shocking experience and after convulsing in massive paroxysms, he quite literally kicked the bucket.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Tuesday August 26th

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